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  1. 2424 PARTAGAS LUSI BUP JUL 2017 El Pres called the JUN/JUL BUP 2017 "some of the hottest Luistiainias of all time" I smoked a couple when I got these last July and liked them. First one since(year later) now 2 points better. First third, Baking spices up front then earthy soil rubber tire goodness. Construction great , little south of medium body. it pays to listen to the man.
  2. EOT MAR 2017 PICADORES with some stuff to stay hydrated cuz it’s a little warm this evening
  3. Thx Pres , stuff like this makes foh so great. Much appreciated you taking the time.
  4. I'm superstitious..i wouldn't vote on this if you paid me. a discontinued marca would instantly become my favorite, resulting in anger, frustration, resentment followed by irrational purchases of the filthy tobacco sausages that are no longer being made. lol
  5. The smart answer is to keep Marvel, but I'm keeping BOND and his weapons, cars, planes, helicopters, rockets, lasers, ships AND Ursula Andress, Caroline Munroe, Barbara Bach, Britt Ekland, Daniela Bianchi, Jill St. John, Jane Seymore, Carole Bouquet, Kristina Wayborn, Tanya Roberts, Famke Janssen, Teri Hatcher, Sophie Marceau........................
  6. TPO NOV 2018 HdM RIO SECO. A smoke these right now cigar. Awesome.
  7. 2424 UBM OCT 2017 MEDIO SIGLO PSP. While some current COHIBAS are a disappointment to me, these are not. Last year these were kinda bread and honeycomb, nice, now it’s all baking spice and cedar with a very pleasant oily mouthfeel, 2 points better . Wants to be smoked very slowly. First inch took me 40 minutes. Wish I had more, lots more.
  8. 2017 SIGLO V and next RAG JAN 2019 LA TROVA Like @SigmundChurchill says “I’m pondering my situation for the next 7 days” Today at home but tomorrow ....GONE

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