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  1. Ian Fleming's character James Bond in a MAN. Jane Bond???? I didn't know I wanted that. Now that I think about it, nope I don't want that. Not even a little bit. Bond worked with soviet super spy "Triple X" Mrs Ringo Starr(Barbara Bach) in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. I'll go for a whole bunch more of that hotness.
  2. 2424 RIO SECO ROTT. No dry box no sandbox no nothing.
  3. The P2's are UTL OCT 2018   They put real he-man tobacco in these.  Damn.  Lol

  4. 2424 Lusi BUP JUL 2017 I’m old school. A DC is the big boy. These are how Partagas shows off. Flagship. First third all brewed coffee, the nose is an earthy mushroom good time. I’m counting on last 2/3 only getting better.
  5. I was just minding my own business, enjoying a cigar with a little liquid refreshment at the LCDH Conde de Villanueva and a couple guys walk in with these blue shirts. I asked " hey are you two on FoH? Larry who hosted the Rob group in L.A. In February and Gino the Amicigar host. That would be a huge yes. Lol
  6. To borrow a line from @SigmundChurchill ... contemplating my situation for the next 7 days

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