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  1. Time to see what these are all about …. Hotel National LCDH background
  2. No 2 LGR MAY 2018 last one .. it will be frying my fingers in about an hour and a half then I will stab it with my PD and hit it till it gets my lip too
  3. PE first Partagas factory store closes(pictured here, my pic) and now I hear LCDH Conde Villanueva is closed. I’m sick.
  4. He will regret hitting send on that one, unless he’s unable to determine that his friends don’t know shit about cc’s
  5. Send me a couple boxes I promise I’ll figure it out
  6. Every now and then I pile some up and leave them on the dining room table for my wife to see. I love hearing her say “ you need some more cigars don’t you “

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