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  1. Four days? Oh there's no problem. Check back in a few weeks!
  2. Love it - next time I'm in Jacksonville I'm coming to visit @Riverstyx!!
  3. Definitely a failure from many angles. Boeing, the airlines, the pilots, etc. There is something to be said in the differences of training and learning in every country.
  4. I was shocked that I only got one wrong this week (that NEVER happens) and it was the Browns game (I bought into the hype). I can only hope I continue the hot streak! (reality says otherwise tho) - part of my downfall is that I will ALWAYS pick my Bills PM incoming @bayala
  5. This - so much this. I am not a vaper but the media sucks. These recent issues have all been from what is mentioned. Kids wanting THC - sourcing it from wherever they can find it (made in some dude's basement) and the oil based / vs the PG/VG is huge and a BIG NO NO. Idiots really - both the kids smoking the shit and the media for not caring enough to differentiate. It's a click-bait world we live in
  6. 1. How your team will go this season. - The Buffalo Bills - I'm hoping for a wildcard spot but it entirely depends on our revamped O-Line and 2nd year QB showing progress (neither were in effect Sunday and we still managed a win against the Jets) 2. Superbowl Champions - With the AB trade - the Patriots have to be it if everyone stays healthy 3. The team which which will be the dark horse.....the most improved. - oof - this is tough - I don't think it'll be the Browns, it *could* be the Raiders - but losing AB hurts. 4. First coach to be fired. - I dont re
  7. Spent basically July and August travelling for work or with the family and therefore my diet when to utter shit. Back on the wagon this week (same with the gym). Time to get in shape in time to hide under many layers during the winter!!
  8. Big Ben has to show up early and often for them to have any shot. He can't be a slow starter.
  9. @akpreacher I'm glad you popped on and mentioned Willy - I was going to do the same! You can find him on Instagram and if you message him you can order from him!

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