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  1. Welcome @Hadroxity from Western NY!
  2. I *LOVE* the wireless tags. I have a setup similar to @chris12381 Two tags right now. Instead of IFTTT I'm running home assistant and it tracks temp / humidity. If the temp gets too high (rare) it'll kick on an outlet and the wineador turns on to cool things off. If the humidity difference between top / bottom of the wineador exceeds 4% then it kicks on another outlet which is connected to a pair of PC fans in the bottom of the wineador to move humidity around. I also have a "card" in home assistant that shows me temp / humidity from anywhere and I can manually control the fans or wineador remotely from it so I can flip outlets on/off if I so wish.
  3. As I neared 40 I decided skinny fat was longer for me. I try to eat a bit better just simply in a calories in / out tracking perspective (not necessarily *better* just more portion control). Some days are good, some not so much! As for workouts - I started out with VSHRED - 6 days a week 45-60 minutes. Loved it - dropped 15lbs and gained some muscle. Ran through it twice. Then switched to Athlean-X for a change of pace. Did that once. Back to VSHRED again. Then a few months back realized that I needed a bit more time so i wanted to do something just four days a week. Right now its Monday (back/biceps) / Tuesday (chest / triceps) / Thursday(legs / calves) / Friday (shoulders / forearms). I throw a little cardio in 2-3 days a week (usually 15 minutes of something HIIT) and I do some abs generally each of those four days. I'm making progress on muscle building - I usually work out alone so I'm not going max on my reps for safety sake and I'm not trying to look like Arnold anyways - just be more healthy!
  4. I prefer Craig over Connery just slightly so. I don't hate Moore either though.
  5. agreed - like it or not its how the game is played and if you want to be successful you have to accept it and employ it.
  6. re: drawers you can also check out John at cigar-coolers dot com. He only takes five commissions a month and can tell you exactly what month your order will be worked in (and it will be completed that month). during that month he sends a weekly update on progress. I find his communication is far better and the lead times are usually better than forrests (mainly because you actually know when your stuff is being worked) i also think you need to stop watching daily. check back in a week. let everything acclimate.
  7. I'll dabble (hopefully successfully) in most everything - electrical and plumbing as well. Although when it comes to electrical I keep it to the very simple easy stuff. I know my limits.
  8. great review! i too am interested in watering my cigars. time to experiment!
  9. Do you just keep a hygro in there or do you have some other way to watch your humidity?
  10. you'll find its far easier than you're probably making it in your head if you're not worried about temps (most people's houses are fine temp-wise) then just toss your boxes and bovedas in and go
  11. Love it - I'll be watching this for updates!
  12. I started with a small tupperware container, then a larger one, and then a larger one. Now I have a NewAir 281E and three tupperware containers. My wife is none to pleased. Yet more cigars are incoming
  13. Watching this tournament and seeing Tiger stay in the mix during the early rounds even with his horrible short putting made me wonder if we wouldn't see his fifth green jacket. And then Sunday rolled in. Molinari wasn't walking away with it (and he kept having to escape trouble), Tiger plodded along, we saw a variety of big names at the top of the leaderboard. Then comes along #12 - it ruined a LOT of days. Tiger takes advantage and the rest is history. What an amazing week.

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