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  1. Kaptain Karl

    Thank god for power outages

    Where do you live? I live in healdsburg and work in Santa Rosa...love it out here! That was smart for them to cut the power. I'm a big ocean fishermen and am pretty on top of the wind forecast...and saw 3-4 days prior to the fires that we were gonna be having 60kt gusts where the fires started. I was telling people after the fires that they should cut power when we get the rare, strong easternly winds. Glad they listened to me!! 😂
  2. How much age do BPC's typically need? I have a box of 2 year olds that are smoking pretty well, would love for them to be my go to stick!
  3. Great information!! I’m a mortgage lender, we’re going through our own recession right now, and our business will most likely skyrocket during the next recession (rates are spiking right now, and should drop like they traditionally do during a recession so we tend to pick up a ton of refinances during a deflationary interest rate period) so I was hoping prices would dip while I have some extra income 😁😁😁
  4. As a newbie to CC's, I've learned how much prices have gone up in the past few years during this VERY strong economy. But, inevitability we will hit a recession here in the next few years. And since cigars are a luxury item, I could see demand for cigars (just like wine from where I live) plummet. Will HSA drop prices during a global recession to keep moving product?
  5. Kaptain Karl

    How old were you?

    24 Years old, the weekend I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. I had a Cameroon Rocky Patel at the local B&M. I had no idea RP was trash at the time, and a few months later of smoking weekly I decided I love smoking cigars! And the rest, you can say, is history.
  6. Bought a used Shimano Stella 8000 with a secondary market 16000 spool, a 4-6 PE Japanese popping rod, and an assortment of poppers to use for fishing in Puerto Vallarta. The year after, we bought a 27ft World Cat so our trips to PV have dropped considerably. I havnt even caught a yellowfin on the damn thing...would anyone want to take it off my hands? 😆
  7. Kaptain Karl

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Dodgers suck!!! Couldnt help it haha. Congrats! We up here know sooner or later you dodgers will get a WS with all that insane talent you have! Look forward to when the Giants arent getting continually whipped...think it'll be a few years until we'll be back to putting up a good rivalry again!
  8. Kaptain Karl

    Full bodied smokes?

    Honestly, if you're looking for brute strength and body, CC's probably wont deliver. La Flor Dominicana, Padron, or some powerhouse Nicaraguan smokes with a maduro leaf would be a better bet. Smoked a El gueguense maduro last week that would fit the bill for what you've asked for. I find almost all CC's to be mild-medium strength, medium body with exceptionally full flavor, which is why I like them so much more than NC's. Some NC smokers I know who love full strength, full body NC's have a hard time making the jump to CC's because they want that nicotine and pepper kick.
  9. Kaptain Karl

    How Has Your Collection Grown?

    I have a funny story. I was a very serious baseball player and played Division 1 baseball, and yet never touched a tobacco product. When my career came to a premature end, I moved out to North Carolina to work for one of the most influential leaders of the mortgage industry. This guy smoked a Diamond Crown #4 every day, like clock work. Wanting to spend as much time with him as I could, I hung out with him in the cigar shop, and on Sunday's after church on his back porch, smoking cigars and soaking in his wisdom. About 2 months of smoking 2-3 cigars a week, I realized I LOVED cigars. However, my purchasing skills were basically limited to smoking what my buddy at the local B&M recommended. When I moved back home to the Bay Area, I purchased my first humidor and began stocking up. I then found a local shop here in Santa Rosa, which has an amazing NC selection, then got ruined by high end NC's. I was very content with my NC's until got my hands on some decent Cubans, and was blown away by a few of them. I then met a local businessman who's Cuban collection is un-freaking real. I was able to score some solid aged CC's from him, and was hooked. While researching Cuban brands, I came across FoH time after time reading reviews. I signed up, found 24:24, and have ordered 8 boxes so far and have been nothing short of thrilled!
  10. Kaptain Karl

    Upmann Connoisseur 1 vs A

    The Connie A is richer, and more complex. My last connie 1 I got cream, nuts and cake. Connie A I got cream, nuts, spice, stone fruit, anise and cake. I LOVE the connie 1 and I will smoke more of them than Connie A's due to the connie A being $5 more expensive per stick, but the Connie A is the better stick.
  11. Really dont see any reason to smoke a B when the A is not only freaking fantastic, but cheaper and a better RG. Wish they'd drop production on the B and raise production on Sir Winstons.
  12. I've been crushing a box of may meg 17's that has been absolutely fantastic...quickly becoming my go-to stick.
  13. Nice! I've 'smashed' in the area that I believe is tunneling with good success, but this looks more comprehensive. I'll definitely give it a try!
  14. Kaptain Karl

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2016 bpc while watching playoff baseball on the porch. Just love the richness in flavor coming off this cigar. I swear I get a creamy, sweet coffee Frappuccino like flavor off these...just lovely
  15. Kaptain Karl

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Love the rothschild, which one did you like the best?

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