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  1. I will! I have 2 espy’s in my humidor that are waiting for special occasions this year so I’m thinking I’ll wait until next year to try one.
  2. Oooo nice! I grabbed 15 of those...I'll keep about 6. The first espy I had was probably the best cigar I've ever had!
  3. Very interested to see the sizes. Hopefully there’s a few under 48 ring gauge.
  4. Feel the same way about the ring gauge! I just smoked the first of a clearance box and damn, it’s just one hell of a blend! Ridiculous rich flavor. PC will always be my go to size but I’ll always have a box of these on hand
  5. MOE oct 14. Started off harsh due to construction then settled in and it’s rich and decadent. El prez’s flavor descriptions are spot on. Lovely stick and glad I have a box!
  6. Probably too young. Some smoke great fresh, some need rest. I’m resting a 50 cab of rass until next year as the 5 I had weren’t great yet, yet I’ve had plenty of 6mo-1 year old cigars this year that have been fantastic.
  7. not sure if you guys have enough liquor there!!! And I completely agree about coronas. Perfect sized vitola imo. I seem to gravitate towards that 42 ring gauge more than anything else.
  8. Holy crap he is huge! My mini dachshund is all of 8 pounds
  9. Either a MSU dic 18 QdO Coronas claro or a '17 Siglo III. The Siglo was an ugly specimen but it had a delicious cream/honey interplay that I am now lusting after. The QdO is just an explosion of citrus and honey that morphs into rich cake. I also had a 2007 Trini LE that was very good, but I was running off very little sleep (binge salmon fishing 3 days in a row), battling an ulcer and just trying to stay awake so I didnt get full enjoyment out of it!
  10. Oh no! Every one I've had so far has been amazing from the same box, sure I'm inline for a dud soon.
  11. I’ve had enough cohibas to say that if you like the flavor profile, it’s worth it. Some of the honey/citrus/cream flavors I’ve gotten have been unbelievable for me. They’ll probably never be an every day cigar but I’d certainly like to always have a few boxes of my favorite vitolas on hand.
  12. new QdO's dont really need rest! My dic 18 QdO box is unreal...all 93-94 pointers.
  13. Ha I'm with you there. Figure I'm at least 5 years out and a few commission checks deep on FOH auctions where I can be pulling out random boxes I've forgotten about.
  14. Grabbed this jul ‘17 siglo III from a recent box pass and it didn’t disappoint! It began with the hay/grassiness and morphed into rich honeyed cream heaven in the last 2/3rds. The wrapper was a discolored Colorado wrapper but it didn’t seem to affect the flavor much. A 92 pointer for me and will definitely pick up a box in the next year!

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