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  1. Outside around here. I'm in wine country and often get to smoke at my parents vineyard or friends wineries. Something about a view and a CC!
  2. Kaptain Karl

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I have smoked 2 from the same box code...they are already FANTASTIC! Amazing rich blend of savory and date sweetness. Cant wait to see what these do over the next few years.
  3. Kaptain Karl

    Hey there from San Francisco

    Wingtip is an amazing place for a cigar! I’m up in wine country, if I was closer I’d love to make it down!
  4. Kaptain Karl

    New Habanos releases pics

    This is precisely why I repeatedly call thick ring gauge cigars ‘dildos’ on every forum of media. Program enough minds to think of that NSFW toy while they’re smoking that vulgarly thick smoke and soon they’ll be reaching for lonsdales and petit Coronas to get that image out of their mind.
  5. Kaptain Karl

    VDRC: Partagas 898 Dic 17

    Great review! I have a a box of april '18's that are already bloody brilliant...just insane flavor intensity, especially with the date sweetness. One of the best cigars I've had!
  6. I have not sampled an outstanding amount of younger cigars, but some fresh ones that have smoked GREAT for me are: Cohiba Esplendidos Connie 1 RyJ Petit Royales LGC no 4
  7. Kaptain Karl

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The first of a 3 pack I won thanks to our gracious host a few months back! This Cohiba Esplendido is an absolute orgy of graham cracker, honey and citrus. One of the top 3 cigars I’ve ever had. Easy 97.
  8. Kaptain Karl

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thank you for doing mini reviews in this thread! It makes this thread even more of a delight to read!
  9. Kaptain Karl

    FOH Mould Study

    That's characteristic of Connecticut broadleaf wrappers
  10. That's awesome! Do you guys get much fishing done on the Great Barrier Reef? It's one of my bucket list trips to come down and fish with Nomad! The jigging and popping opportunities down there are just unreal!
  11. Amen to that! College football has a degree of atmosphere, entertainment, and history/tradition that the NFL cant replicate. It's special!
  12. I've seen those fish you guys have down there and thought the same thing! These are White Sea Bass! They're actually part of the Croaker family. They're typically caught in northern Baja, Mexico and the Southern Californian bight...however later in the year we get some inconsistent runs of the bigger 30-60lb class fish when we get squid spawns along the coast. There is absolutely ZERO chance they'll be showing up in April unfortunately...
  13. Ah! Winning this will be tough...only thing we have around then is salmon, and since its so early in the season anything over 15lbs is a stud fish! Too bad this isnt over memorial day weekend when I'll be in Cow Town (Puerto Vallarta). Stacking fish and smoking cigars are 2 of the best things this planet has to offer! Heres some past studs I’ve gotten here north of San Francisco in years past!
  14. Kaptain Karl

    Super Bowl Fakes

    My boss is there right now smoking his usual Diamond Crown #4
  15. Funadores montecristo especiale #2 sir Winston Every day smokes: HU Connie 1 BPC Monte 4 LGC no 4 BBF

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