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  1. Great review man! That citrus flavor is one of my favorite flavors in a cigar, I'm really excited that these have it in spades! I'm sure a little more time will bring out some of the cake flavors I've gotten with my 18 box as well.
  2. A friend of mine ordered a 50 cab of Lusitania’s from a contact he has in Cuba. This is the 50 cab he received 🤦🏼‍♂️ If it was a 25 dress box I may have been fooled!
  3. Couldn’t pass up some Siglo III’s with how good they’ve been! These will sit down for 18-24 months before I visit them!
  4. RAT ENE 20 PdSP. Look at that perfect construction! that’s my 95 year old grandfather in the background. Just awesome to still have him around.
  5. I believe it’s the old LGR or la Corona code! Everything I’ve had from that code has been stellar. That’s the sun just playing tricks! It’s actually a dark wrapper.
  6. RAT JUN 20 Monte 2. Not super complex but tons of chocolate and some citrus twang. This has some serious nicotine to it. This is my second cigar of the week from the ‘20 stock to give me a big nicotine hit. This is surprising as most of the recent production has been pretty mild. While this is great young, I don’t see how this wouldn’t age brilliantly for 20 years. I’m loving these right now. This 2020 was far better than the 2015’s I have. Construction on all of these have been perfect too. If you havnt bought any of the 2020 Monte 2’s yet, I highly suggest you do! I’d give this a 92 or an A- on the FOH (not the CA) scale!
  7. I think I'll have to move to a 3rd coolidor this year! The plan is to load up before I combine finances with the lady when we get married this fall and she realizes how much I spend on CC's 🤣😂
  8. VERY good coloniales from my garage smoking office earlier today.
  9. 100% agree. 4 robusto sized cigars from a single marca is ridiculous. It’s one they didn’t really ever need to release IMO. Ideally they’d release a laguito no 1 and no 2 in the Connoisseur line, but a man can only dream, right? Or this is the shorter vitola HUSW we were just talking about, which would also explain why we havnt seen any HUSW boxes yet?
  10. Ahh I know that these will just be spectacular! Just not ready for prime time yet. I'm going to let them hit that 2 year mark before trying again.
  11. This is the ugliest cigar from a pretty stunning box. Instead of the typical colorado punch hue, this box is oily colorado maduro. It's been about 75 days since these arrived, and I hoped they are already smoking as brilliantly as the Partagas Luistania from the christmas sampler did! 1/3: Lots of complexity, great smoke production, but noticeably dry mouthfeel. Predominately milk chocolate with sweet cedar, twang (at times close to juicy fruit but not quite there), toffee, sour cream and salted roasted peanuts showing themselves at different times. 2/3: Burn issues really begin here. Knots emerge which require attention and relights. Chocolate milk, nuts, cream, coca-cola and twang show themselves. Also an extreme clear mint/menthol flavor pops in a number of times, which is the first time I remember picking this flavor up so clearly. The complexity is high and flavors are easily distinguishable. Mouthfeel is still very dry. The knots continue, but are not severe and do not result in tunneling, so I imagine time will really help the uneven burn. 3/3. The wrapper got slightly fireproof, so the flavors became hit and miss. The same base flavors remain but unfortunately the burn issues just made things a bit difficult. This cigar has immense potential. The complexity and flavor intensity is already there. However the dry mouthfeel, extremely potent nicotine punch in the last third and burn issues lead me to believe these should rest for another year before I try another. It is very easily to see this being a 95+ point cigar in 3-5 years. For now, this is a WAIT.
  12. Will do! My back was in amazing shape pre-Covid. But gyms being shut down here since July killed my typical routine and now my hips and abductors are super tight and my core is weak so I’m not surprised this happened at all!
  13. I jacked up my back yesterday at the gym and got gnarly back spasms to taking it easy today and checking on the OER JUL 20 PDC. I may post a review since these haven't been around for awhile!

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