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  1. A very young but very tasty TUA JUL 20 Monte 2! Has a lot of that funkiness to it, similar to that in a Pinot that turns it from a good to a great bottle. I probably shouldn’t touch this box for another 6 months as I think the funkiness, which I am really enjoying, will morph into something special.
  2. I havnt gotten them from any other HdM! They’re the darkest wrappers I’ve seen on a HdM. I’m definitely thinking it has something to do with it
  3. 2019 Epicure no 1's have produced berry and stone fruit in spades for me!
  4. I generally try to avoid anything over 50. If I know it's a stellar smoke I'll go over, but personally a large RG detracts from my enjoyment. It's probably unfair, but it's my personal preference!
  5. QdO Corona Claros are an orange creamsicle. @Bijan is on point with his comment.
  6. Hard pass. I’ll just snag another box of RAT La Punta if I need more SCdLH in my life!
  7. CCW is awesome!!!! I use it almost every day. If he writes a book I’ll certainly buy it!
  8. How’s it smoking? I have half a cab left I haven't touched in a year. Just haven't been motivated to try again.
  9. 30 days off the truck and she’s not ready. Darker wrappers with far more oil than my other box of Coloniales and it’s showing. Definitely needs more time before the stars come together!
  10. First CORO purchase and they show up as PSP El Laguito 🤩🤩🤩
  11. ESL ABR 19 Mag 50. Like most of this box it has subpar construction, but at times has exceptional flavor. If the construction was adequate this box would be filled with mid 90’s point sticks.

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