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  1. Not a symptom of omicron luckily!! Glad to hear you both are doing better, enjoy that summer weather for us northerners!
  2. Really good BSM JUL 20 Famosos. some extra rest did the trick!
  3. Great review man! I have a box from a few months after this code I'm keeping my hands off of, glad to see the extra time made a big difference!
  4. Drop your credit score by 50 points due to maxing out all your credit cards at the CZAR.
  5. And not #1. An average 6 is tastier than any NC on the market, by a long long mile.
  6. I have a feeling they will with some good down time! I've had good luck with some '19/20 boxes that werent firing off immediately that just needed an extra year or so.
  7. Congrats on the move Mike!!! Now it's time to get serious about the boat! 😁
  8. I'm bummed it didnt smoke well for you! I only had 2 from this box so far and I wasnt sure if it was my poor monte palette that didnt like em.
  9. PL Robusto from a few days ago and Punch Punch tonight. The second time I’ve had a PL Robusto and they just havnt done it for me yet. Also this box of UMR DIC 19 Punch Punch hasn’t smoked well for the past year, and to my surprise the extra rest seems to have made a big difference!
  10. Punch Royal Selection no 12. PUT MAY 07 from a trade with @philipl Thank you for the opportunity to get my hands on such great, aged tobacco! Phenomenal so far! Very unlike anything I’ve smoked recently.
  11. Coloniales after a great day here at Northstar!
  12. Celebrating a New Year and the end of trying one the right way!
  13. I have the same factory code from October, some I’ve smoked have been 90+, the other half weren’t ready. I bet these will improve around the 2 year mark!

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