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  1. “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” Winston Churchill 😁
  2. 1. Smoking a cigar a day😁 2. Eliminating social media 3. Hired an amazing performance Psychologist 4. Eliminating politics 5. near daily Meditation/expressing gratitude as much as humanly possible 6. Sleeping more (started this recently...my health recovered far faster once I slept more) 7. Eliminating stress (found some things through the psychologist that I was doing to myself that caused me a tremendous amount of internal anxiety) 8. Read hard cover books instead of kindle/put my phone away at 730 every night and never bring it into my bedroom 9. D
  3. Why does this have to be so freaking good 😭😭😭 This Esmeralda has had a very unique, delicious apple pie flavor that's amazing!
  4. Oh god I've gone so far the rabbit hole since this post!
  5. I 100% support the holiday but the execution of it and allowing it to mess with the mortgage process was a very dumb oversight. IMO drop the politics…no need to drag them into this. The holiday is warranted and worthy. How they dropped it on those of us in the mortgage industry certainly is a frustrating.
  6. 100% agree with you! Dark wrappers on HdM's seem to bring out a very different and extremely impressive flavor profile. Other than HdM I try to avoid too dark of wrappers!
  7. GEL JUL 20 Monte 1. Dry boxed this for a few days and it’s the best Monte I’ve had in awhile. The light wrapper is bringing tons of twang, nuts and biscuit. I’m wondering if Montecristo benefits from dry boxing most of the marcas?
  8. ROTT MAR MAR 20 Sig II. The first ROTT cigar I’ve smoked in awhile! Lots of lemon grass and some creaminess. Very smooth through the retro. The box definitely arrived wet so I’ll let these sit for another 60 days. One thing I've found with Sig II's is they have incredible smoking time for PC's. This one lasted almost 90 minutes.
  9. MAR MAR 20 Siglo II’s. Definitely clearance grade wrappers, but pungent aroma.
  10. Yes, yes you should have! I bought 4 in the beginning of the year 😁
  11. CC’s are like one night stands. Some perplexing, some with poor construction and defects, some not properly loved for, then some that are utterly spectacular 😁
  12. I know a thing or two about that! I'm up in Sonoma Wine Country!
  13. Smoke one and let us know!! I've smoked 2 from my UPO OCT 20 (25) box, they were surprisingly not far away from being ready! I think another 6-12 months they'll be ready to rock!
  14. BSM JUL 20 Famosos. One of the first BSM sticks I’ve had with crap construction…never really had a chance to get going.

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