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  1. Where’d you find em?!?! I’m DYING for another 3 boxes. I have a MSU dic 18 that’s been unreal from the get go.
  2. This confirms that I need to stock up on another box or two of churchills while the quality is this high!
  3. Had just a phenomenal TRU Jul 19 sir Winnie yesterday. 95 pointer. Extremely rich, started with lots of orange, spice and shortbread, then settled into a sweet, creamy shortbread with cinnamon. Just phenomenal, this box is going to be worth every penny!
  4. I have a box of these and almost everyone has been sensational!
  5. Clearance Churchill’s and hq Punch Punch. I’m extremely impressed with the wrappers on the Churchill’s, they look better than hq/psp wrappers I’ve gotten in other boxes!
  6. How’d you get ahold of these? These are big time on my want list!
  7. 3 years old and already showing some caramel. First one in the cab so far. Freaking fantastic cigar! 93 pointer easy.
  8. That’s an amazing story!! Makes me so happy hearing stories like that. Cheers!!
  9. Today is a surprisingly emotional day for me. It’s the 75th anniversary of my grandfathers liberation from Nazi concentration camps. He was a mischling, his father a Czech jew from the Sudetenland and mother an Austrian catholic. From 14-18 years old he was subjected to slave labor in coal mines and working on various other Nazi projects. He sabotaged a pipeline he was working on, and was sent to dachau. Luckily, the allies were advancing too rapidly, and he was sent back to a gestapo camp, from which the Gestapo took him on a train to the west with the rest of the prisoners who had western connections to escape the wrath of the soviets. He escaped his new camp, and when he woke up on the 5th of May, where he was staying was occupied by American soldiers. So this stick and so much else is for this great man who overcame so much to live and die a successful and proud American.
  10. I have a box of these that are dripping with oil. Just look spectacular! I've had some 2018's that have been okay to great, but not near the quality of the TRU Jul box.
  11. Hopefully there’ll be light wrapper QdO Coronas by then 🤣🤣🤣
  12. These are worth the hype! Celebrating as I’m submitting an offer on basically a dream fishing boat for my family and I. We’re shaping up to have an incredible fishing season up here so I’m out of my mind excited!
  13. Nice!! I have a 6er of these sitting down after the flight in from Australia. All I want from these are honey, citrus and cream!

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