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  1. Glad to see we'll have a constant supply of the punch 898's for a few months!
  2. I think I’ll light one up soon and then not touch the box for a few years. I have 6 more Winnie’s loose in my humidor to hold me over! I’m just so jazzed about the wrapped quality. These were purchased blind and they are definitely HQ/psp grade. They deserve to be aged!
  3. These finally got in. Holy hell...these look perfect! Incredible sheen!
  4. We had an incredibly strange weather pattern this year off the west coast on the ocean so things are definitely whacky right now.
  5. Holy mother mary and joseph...my poor bank account.
  6. I so want in on a box of those while the quality is there!
  7. Had a clearance ‘18 la fuerza on Saturday with coffee that was stunning. Really thinking they tweaked the blend for the better!
  8. Another stunning May 18 UEB Monte 4. The lighter wrapper psp Monte is just sublime. Better than the box of 2014 psp dark wrapper Monte 1’s I have. This one is all citrus, chocolate and biscuit. The entire box have all been 92-93 pointers...probably my top 3 favorite boxes out of 30 I have going right now.
  9. If you’re looking for strength CC’s aren’t it. It’s actually the reason why I like CC’s so much.
  10. I had the same thing yesterday, not impressed with the box so far!
  11. Yup man I’m feeling lucky right now!!!! Could be so much worse
  12. Smoked a spectacular la fuerza this morning after missing a disaster. I was going to run 30 miles offshore for tuna this morning. I put 400lbs of shaved ice on the boat last night, and got to the boat this morning with it half way sunk. If I woulda iced in the morning, I would have sunk offshore. Counting my blessings I’m not floating in the cold pacific right now!
  13. I didnt know that rule, that's awesome!!! I havnt been to La Paz but I've always wanted to go! We tend to go to PV more (surprisingly the fishing is better there) but I love southern baja. Just something special about the desert mountains going straight into that bright blue water, its spectacular! Unfortunately it's a lot of work on the horizon for me, but I would LOVE to get down there soon! Check out a place down there called Tailhunter in La Paz. It's a bar/restaurant, and they run a great fishing charter operation. There's some VERY cool fishing just a bit south at punta arena/la ventana. Probably the best roosterfish fishing anywhere there!
  14. Punch punch REG sept 18. This cigar is doing everything it can to be spectacular, yet multiple leaf knots and a fireproof wrapper is stopping this from being an out of this world flavor bomb. This box has been very hit and miss with construction so far, which sucks as these all could be panty droppers.

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