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  1. I don’t think I’ve had a sub 90 point cigar from this legendary May 18 UEB box. Sad to be down to 3 more!
  2. I’m very limited on what I can drink (no beer and no sugar) so I’m focusing more on whisky’s this year. I’ve found scotch’s with a little peat and some citrus notes pair extremely well with CC’s and the Cuban twang commonly found with CC’s. Sherried scotches come off a little too rich but do work with fruity or desert-esque cigars. My go to has been Kilkerran 12 since it’s relatively cheap, delicious and pairs gorgeously with most CC’s.
  3. Good flavors but construction is a bit haywire. I may need to let this box sleep through the winter.
  4. I’ve had my share of those this summer! Hold strong through the storm!
  5. The first box of CC's I really burned through were those BRE 17 sticks with just over a year on them. That box was magical!
  6. Funny how a $25 NC (don carlos personal reserve) with years of age on it can’t hold a candle to a simple BCJ in terms of flavor.
  7. This construction is tripping me out!! Solid cigar, but hard to beat Arturo Fuente for construction!
  8. California can be such a pain in the ass, but then we get to experience this
  9. What type of fishing is on the menu? It’s a dream of mine to fish the GBR!
  10. Our new to us boat my dad, uncle and I bought this year! Went from a 26’ to a 32’ catamaran and couldn’t be happier, she is a beast!
  11. I have a box with same exact box code. I've smoked 2 so far and they've been sensational! Extremely rich and complex. Completely agree with the 95 point rating.
  12. My local shop is a TAA dealer and always have them in stock. I could ship a box for you if you want!
  13. 2019 siglo III. The first third was solid but lacking in flavor intensity. The second third exploded in intensity and is pretty spectacular. Citrus/lemon grass and mocha.

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