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  1. Started the weekend with a UEB OCT 19 Partagas Lusitania that was the best cigar I’ve had in a long time, fantastically rich and complex. Then followed it up with a ‘19 BPC that wasn’t far behind the Lusi.
  2. Just wait until you start stacking multiple coolers filled with boxes!
  3. Hahaha it kinda looks like that but luckily she hasn’t put together how bad my purchasing debauchery was😂😂😂 I just had to cool it down, bought like 1500 cigars in under a year.
  4. Monte 1 last night and a really good Connie 1 from the “dreaded” late ‘18 BRE code this morning. IMO all these needed was some extra rest, this is a shortbread bomb!
  5. Thank you for the review! I have a box with basically the same code. I'll let it rest for another year before trying another. The only one I had from my box was clearly too young but had a ton of potential.
  6. MAR MAR 20 Sig II. 90 days in. IMO needs another 6 months to really shine, but lovely glimpses of hay, citrus, almond and honey.
  7. PSD4 at my folks spot with my 95 year old gpa in the background!
  8. Really good ‘20 Sig III to start off the morning!
  9. Nice RAT MAY 20 PLMC. Coffee, cream, nuts and a little caramel.

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