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  1. I appreciate the review!! I’ll make sure to wait longer on my Jun 20 box.
  2. HU2 GEM OCT 20. Unfortunately the first fireproof wrapper I’ve had in the 19-21 production.
  3. BRO Jun 19. Not even close to what I was expecting. Has a berry cola flavor.
  4. My 2019’s have had a big improvement in year 3. Too bad I smoked half the box to get there 😂😂. They were actually great fresh then took 2 years to open back up to greatness.
  5. A step in the right direction would be regime change and the liberalization of the oppressed Cuban people.
  6. BBF + Old Fashioned=heaven. One of my favorite drink and cigar parings.
  7. Now that I finally sent @Chas.Alpha his care package I can finally smoke these again 😂
  8. I'm not confident this move is going to work out all that well for HSA. There will be a mad rush initially, but they're going to have to sustain demand year in and year out. I just dont see it happening.
  9. I think we’re all assuming this price hike is going to work. We’re all assuming Cuba is going to somehow absorb a massive amount of their cigar work force leaving during the pandemic. We’re assuming that a globe wide high interest rate recession isn’t going to squash consumption at these prices. I’m not sharing in the optimism that this CC world with HSA and state ran production is going to continue. Im sure there’ll be an initial surge on Cohiba, but I don’t see this sustaining itself over the next 5 years. Frankly at this pace I hope it all crashes and El Prez is able to buy quality product off the island and blend Cuban tobacco with Hamlet and sell to us 🥰
  10. 2011 BPC yesterday and 2019 Sir Winnie this morning. These SW’s have been just good for awhile, first one that’s been superb!
  11. Wishing I went deep on Esmeraldas! I only have 12 left. Now I wish I woulda got even more Coloniales when they were $230 a box last year
  12. It’s interesting to see how this plays out. Cuba isn’t in good shape. They’re production chain is completely screwed, they’re going to be left with tons of raw materiel and not enough workers to make it. Wouldn’t surprise me if El Prez is making nudies with Cuban tobacco in 5 years.
  13. It's funny when people ask me 'when should I buy a house?' The answer has been the same since 2012: NOW. I doubt it'll get any better. The CC industry is in shambles right now. Wouldnt surprise me if there's some DRASTIC changes within the next 5 years due to all the rollers, blenders, etc moving out of Cuba since the pandemic.
  14. Yup I think that was the last of them for a year until they came back out in 2021 codes. Maybe there were a few but I never saw em on 24:24. Im smoking a ‘21 now and it’s fantastic!
  15. It was a bummer they disappeared for a year. I don’t think there was any (or very few) with a 20 box code.
  16. Yeah they’re insane! I was paying $230 for boxes a year ago that are going for $330-340. Trinidad did become one of my favorites so I may need to find some cash hidden in the mattress to load up a bit more on em before their prices go up even more.
  17. Haha! That was so much fun. And I couldn’t of timed that better. My purchasing spree is definitely over and I’m super happy with where I’m at! I’m at a little under 1800 right now. I’ve cut down from 7-9 a week to 4-5 a week, now I’ll toss in a weekly trip to my local B&M for a NC (it’s a great place and this is a great excuse to hang out there more).
  18. GEM JUN 21 Connie 1. This is one of the richest cigars I’ve had in awhile. Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic cigar!
  19. China just has to ruin everything don’t they? Unfortunately this is going to truly become a rich man’s game. It’ll be much harder for the regular guy to accumulate a great collection over the years.
  20. Doing surprisingly good actually! So happy I loaded up before prices went stupid. In an ideal world though: 25 or 50 cab of Lusi’s Esmeralda and Media Luna It’ll probably be a year or so until I need to start replacing boxes that are getting low.

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