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  1. Mink lake Maynooth Lake St Peter Ontario Canada
  2. How long is acceptable for cigars to be in the mail before having to worrying about the condition of those cigars?
  3. So odd I was certain #2 was the Coro and #5 tasted more like the D4 lol. Ah well I'm happy with 2 out of 5. Thanks for putting this on, was lots of fun!
  4. I have a feeling there were a few in the same boat. I think the reveal should have been done by now but maybe delayed to accomodate a few stragglers lol More fun if everyone gets their guesses in so I'm fine to accomodate a delay
  5. great review thanks, but man I had a great experience with #2 cigar. I was either really lucky or I have a special taste for dog rockets I guess haha.
  6. I consider myself a lucky one as my #2 was quite enjoyable. Hay barnyard citrus mild medium. Excellent cigar as was the first one.
  7. I am so torn with this cigar. mine has a slight box press as others have mentioned which doesn't seem to coincide with the flavours I am tasting. I've smoke three petit corona that were box pressed and this has a different profile to me. Cream and nuts with a pleasant rich flavour that lingers. Excellent cigar that I'm certain to guess wrong. Is it possible a tightly packed bundle could create a mild box press look?
  8. Just re read the rules and realized I needed to use my $25 voucher already.... Is that correct? Am I too late to claim my discount?
  9. Not sure what I'm smoking today but if any of you guys know could you fill me in lol
  10. Damn good cigar despite some tight draw caused by a plug just south of the band. Tons of flavour that I don't have to search for. Though the flavours come easy I find myself smoking it fast as I do search for clues as to what it is. I'm getting alot of the above mentioned sweet cream and a little harshness followed by a very smooth savory second third. The flavours are unlike any of the 4 marcas I have tried in the pyramid format so I'm really in trouble lol. I find myself even more confused as people comment that there are 5 possibilities where I count at least 6 ??? clearly I'm missing
  11. Ship to PO boxes? Is that an issue, good or bad idea or does it even matter at all??? lol

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