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  1. I’m interested for sure. Depending on the rules and qualifications for sticks. Would be my first box pass. Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.
  2. ?? Liquid swords just turned 25 yo last year. . Supreme clientele 21 yo the other day. Both classics.
  3. Smoking a loosely rolled Bolivar Royal Corona. Listening to Jays vs Yankees on the deck tonight. A nice cool evening in Ontario and sending the kids back to school tomorrow!!! We will see for how long....
  4. Smoking a BRC single. Bit of a wind tunnel and velvet like wrapper. But honestly. Enjoying every bit of it so far. Watching the Raptors Game 1. Not enjoying the game as much ?
  5. I love Florida. Canadian here but my sister is married American. She used to live in Miami and loved to visit. She’s in Manhattan now. A little different temperature range....
  6. 5 days at the cottage. Nice little vacation with COVID still happening. Much needed relief and some great sticks.

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