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  1. Very interesting. There are 1404 pages in this document with some seizures going as far back as 2017 and only 13 cases of cigars being seized by US customs. I am assuming this covers both people carrying product with them as well as incoming cargo/mail shipments? I would say the odds are pretty good you are not going to have an issue.
  2. Hocus Pocus by Focus has been one of my favorite instrumentals for many years. To see it used in the movie Baby Driver took it to a whole new level.
  3. Right now I am sitting at 12-13 years. I definitely need to bomb and smoke more and buy less. It's too hard to go without those life affirming emails though that tell me "You have yourself a box"
  4. I have heard this song probably a couple hundred times so I knew the "get these mutts away from me" part of this instantly. I did not realize the line before that was "Mr, beerbelly, beerbelly" though. Guess I need to look up the lyrics now.
  5. From yesterday, a VR Famosos thanks to our host and 24:24 And now a Monte 4
  6. Not sure of the date or factory code on this one but it sure is tasty

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