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  1. Yes, of course I smoked both of them. The Monte Carlo last night and the petit Edmundo was from the night before. Both were quite enjoyable!!
  2. Easy peasy on this one. I grew up with Star Wars. I saw the original when I was in high school and went to The Empire Strikes Back on the first date with my wife (we just celebrated 37 years). I have NEVER read a Harry Potter book or watched a Harry Potter movie, ever. Guess which one I chose.
  3. RyJ petit Churchill and some Twins baseball
  4. Awful small Huevos. Maybe I’ll have to call him Percy?
  5. My first 2 sensor push hygrometers @$49 each. Bullet proof and enough data in the app to satisfy my inner nerd. I have since purchased more.
  6. Saw these two little round things in the ash of my Partagas Mille Fleurs today (circled in red) and was wondering what they were. Seeds? Beetle eggs? Something else? Any input would be appreciated.
  7. The last one I smoked from this box was a tent peg. Let’s hope this one is better
  8. The first movie I remember seeing at the movie theater was Doctor Dolittle at age 5. Being the seasoned citizen that I am, it was the Rex Harrison version from 1967 (not the later Eddie Murphy movie with the same name). I distinctly remember him riding the large moth at the end of the movie while the curtains in the theater closed to cover up the screen. This was probably a little more "age appropriate" than some of the other experiences that have been relayed.

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