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  3. I live on the frozen tundra of Minnesota and frequently order cigars online that sit in my mailbox for hours in adverse conditions. Whether it is subzero temperatures in the Winter (-20*F) or scorching heat in the summer (95-100*F), my solution is to let them sit at room temperature for 24 hours, label them with the date received and then transfer them to my coolidor. Because temperature affects the humidity level in the cigars, I will give them at least a month to acclimate to the correct humidity before smoking. (Thus the reason for the date marking). Remember, Many people are in the habit of deep freezing their cigars for several days to avoid beetle outbreaks which causes no long-term harm if done properly. Having your cigars sit for a couple of hours in your mailbox close to the freezing point should be no cause for concern.
  4. Just sent you a PM @GP
  5. I use 3x 48 quart Igloo marine coolers. I use a combination of Bovedas and crystal kitty litter for my humidification and the Sensor Push hygrometer system to monitor everything. I prefer the marine (white) coolers because they have less "plastic" smell to them when new so they were easier to get prepped and ready for my cigars. I could probably have gone with a larger cooler but I added coolers as my collection expanded over the course of a couple of years rather than jumping in with both feet and "going big" right away. The side benefit of having 3 smaller coolers vs.1 big one is that they are easier to move around. Plus, I think it may be easier to find things since I have them organized into NC, CC and singles. As far as brand, I don't think it matters much as long as they have a good seal which most of them do. I would say however that going with something high end like a Yeti would probably just be a waste of money since the standard Coleman and Igloo coolers do a great job at a much lower cost. The crystal kitty litter does a great job and IMO works just as well as beads but at a much cheaper cost. Let me know if you would like some more information on setting up the kitty litter. I put together a primer a couple of years ago (for another forum) that explains how to dial in the humidity level you want to use. The Sensor Push system helps me to monitor everything and sends a really nice readout to an app on my phone which tracks the temperature and humidity levels in all 3 coolers and gives me awesome information with graphs and historical data to satisfy my inner nerd.
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