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  1. The last time I was in Louisville I spent some time at a place called "The Office" in Floyd's Knob Indiana. It's about 15-20 minutes away but if you've got a rental car it's worth the trip. They've got a good selection in the humidor and the owner is knowledgeable and friendly.
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    El Principe TOS - May 16
  3. Most of the Marriott and Hilton resort properties that I have stayed at in Orlando over the past 10 years have rooms available with screened balconies. Technically you are not supposed to smoke on them but in 20+ stays I have never had an issue with someone complaining. You could also look at booking an Air BnB if you don’t need to stay in the heart of the action. Many of the residential homes in Orlando have a screened in swimming pool/patio area in the backyard which is an ideal spot for a relaxing smoke after a long day at the “happiest place on earth”
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    RG panatelas extra
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    PL Montecarlo
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    Punch punch REG - FEB 18
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    Petite #2 EML - ABR 14
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    Johnny-O salamone
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    RG Panatelas extra TOR - SEP 16
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    ERDM Demi Tasse
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    Party short

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