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  1. I watched the first episode of “Get Back” tonight on Disney Plus tonight with a couple of great cigars. I can’t describe how awesome this was! Can’t wait to see episode 2 tomorrow. I’m hooked for sure!!
  2. Here are some from the past week or so Royal Robusto- TOR ABR 17 LFDC Petit Corona La Palina Kill Bill
  3. Been slowing way down due to cold weather lately but took a short trip today so I had the opportunity to get a couple of smokes in while on the road. I did also have the chance to smoke a CoRo last week, just before thanksgiving, when the temperature warmed up to a balmy 53* F Otherwise my opportunities to smoke have been few and far between lately.
  4. The Dalia is the only one of the Goldie series that is really anywhere close so I think you can assume it is that one. Maybe they are including the extra length of the pigtail in the stated length measurement in which case the overall length would come to 6-3/4? As far as the ring gauge I'm guessing there has been some shrinkage with 5 years of age.
  5. In Colorado at Red Rocks to see the Black Crowes tonight
  6. The caption reads "Uniquely searched Super Bowl LV foods, by state" so I'm speculating that these are recipes people googled, not what the majority of people actually prepared. How else would you explain Chia seed coconut milk dessert for Montana, Keto egg bites for Wyoming or Labneh for Nebraska? Guessing maybe ONE person googled those recipes in each of those states.

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