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  1. I just want to go to Sweden, meet the family and show off the new baby thats due in a month. With some luck we can travel there next year without quarantine.
  2. Enjoying the sunshine with a propios. So far, a so good
  3. Puntilla nov 18. Stronger then I remember. Almost like a sweet boli taste so far.
  4. I just watched Lawrence and Nick on the Sautter channel. Lawrence was angry because there will only be 6000 boxes made, apparently. Can this really be true?
  5. Some recent smokes. The Trinidad was great, from 18 I think. The montes were so so.
  6. Punch DC from 2019. Fantastic, its as if it is from 2010. Boli Libertafor from 2015, I think. Also a great cigar. Very mild for a bolivar.
  7. Judging by how often I use the perfect draw, 10-20 %.
  8. Plugged. Perfect draw to the rescue but the cigar exploded 5 minutes in.
  9. RG Perla 2013. First cigar in eight weeks, more or less. Great for a short break while work7ng on the new house.
  10. Some firsts for me. Bolivar corona gigantes and a LGC LCDH.

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