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  1. I was at a talk that with owner of Casdagli cigars. He claimed he had bought and received a container of cuban filler that he was using for a cigar coming out next year. He also talked about his familys special connection with cuba that made the claim credible. That guy had some awesome stories.
  2. I see that the San Cristobal El Morro is on the Fugus list. Does it come in any other format than 25 count box? I dont think so. Is the El Morro is discontinued?
  3. I pulled out😉 Great light smoke and thankfully the burn didnt suffer
  4. A year in the humidor was not enough, all wood and amonia.
  5. To quote Dangerfield " that was a rough one I tell you". Ugly thick wrapper with veins, bumps and bruises. I do not know the box code but the box I bought at the same time was TEO nov 17. I got cohiba flavors in the beginng, sweet grass but it did not last long. Over all dominated by dark cocoa bean and dark coffe. There was an underlaying burnt caramel flavor througout. The power picked up half way through along with the harshness of youth. Great cigar but I think I will wait a year before I smoke another.
  6. Another first for me, at a great little shop in central Stockholm with decent selection and a small lounge open for all costumers. Quite a strong and bold smoke and yes I droped the ash all over my self.
  7. NC for a change, great cigar but I just prefer cubans
  8. Some recent aged smokes and the first time I tried any of these cigars. Monte no. 1 2006. Great creamy, smooth and slight chocolate flavour. Partagas shorts 2014. Wow, what a cigar, I am buying a 50 cab. This is the perfect short smoke. VR Don Alejandro 2007. My first DC and it was beautiful but the draw tightend in the last third.
  9. CoRo MEL AUG 17. My go to smoke of late. Great construction, burn and draw. So far the flavour is classic cohiba but a little thin.
  10. MEL OCT 16. I really enjoyed this cigar. Smooth and woody flavours over all. It picked up in strength half way through, good burn and solid ash. Some youth at the end. This was the third from this box and to me they are getting better.
  11. Maybe this will be the cigars that turns around the anejados-line? I have my doubts.

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