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  1. Maybe this will be the cigars that turns around the anejados-line? I have my doubts.
  2. Oh dear.... From halfwheel. I can't wait for the review 😁 ROMEO Y JULIETA CHURCHILLS AÑEJADOS ARRIVING IN SWITZERLAND NEXT WEEK A new addition to Habanos S.A.’s Añejados collection of aged cigars is set to make its Swiss debut next week. According to an announcement by Intertabak AG, the distributor of Habanos S.A. products in Switzerland, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Añejados A/T will make arrive at La Casa del Habano stores in the country on June 19. It will then be released to Habanos Specialist shops on June 26. As the name implies, the cigar comes in the Churchill vitola, which measures 7 x 47. Intertabak AG says that the cigars have been aged in the original tubes and boxes for at least 10 years prior to being released. The cigars also wear the secondary Añejados band that has graced the previous release in the series, which debuted in 2014. That group includes: Romeo y Julieta Pirámides — 2014 Montecristo Churchills — 2014 Partagás Corona Gorda — 2015 Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No.4 — 2015 H. Upmann Robustos — 2016 They come in 25-count boxes and are priced at 835 Swiss Francs per box, approximately $839.70. This is the first time that the Añejados series has used a cigar that is also a regular production release. The H. Upmann Robusto is available as part of the Travel Humidor series. Habanos S.A. has not yet responded to an email seeking additional details about the release.
  3. In case anyone has not seen this wonderful article. Please delete if there is already has bern posted.
  4. I think you have to look at the life cycle of the art form. Film as a art form is old and done. When films were at their peak the most popular films were also the greatest works of art. The Wizard of Oz is a great example. When the art form grows old it divides into popular entertainment for the masses and artsy elitist pieces for the critics. Think super hearo movies vs last year’s best film Moonlight. So, the Oscars are irrelevant and a waste of time.
  5. I have two, for about a year now and they do the job but I find that there are major bluetooth connectivity issues. In the end it always works but it takes time, the app craches and sometimes I even have to restart the phone. Maybe it is my old Samsung 6...
  6. I saved a CoRo yesterday, thank you PerfectDraw!
  7. I cannot find any reviews of the de Rico Seco here on the forum, has anyone tried it? Maybe a link if I missed the thread?
  8. I just got back from two weeks in Cuba, with the lady. Fantastic people but insane country and I feel sorry for the people who live there, the island it’s like a big prison. Anyway, we did a Havana tour with Jorge, he was fantastic. He even got Alex to leave some custom puntillas for me at the LCDH (do not go on a Sunday), and he adapted the tour, so the lady also could enjoy it. I think he was a little surprised I did not drink and smoke at every stop and that I did not buy more cigars. Apparently, his last customer from FOH spent 3000 CUC on cigars and was rather drunk. I am glad, whoever it was, you set the bar for us mere mortals.
  9. Great review! For how long time would you age Vigias? I also have not had a Trini and I have a few 2018 noxes my self, and I do not know how long time down they need.
  10. Not that I’m an expert but here goes. 1. Let’s say one liter holds 25 robustos. Seven liters would equal seven 60-gram bovedas. That said, I would go for ten, just to be sure and it won’t hurt the cigars as I understand it. 2 and 3. If you cannot control the temperature then lower RH is a good idea. For long term you want to be in low 60is and as before, the more bovedas the higher the likelihood of stable RH What RH? it’s up to you and your preference. As for venting gas, I asked the same thing and El Presidente basically said it does not matter and that some members age stock in vacuum seals. 4. This I do not know, but there is a rather funny tread on the subject. It derailed in a hilarious way. Hope someone with more knowledge answers.
  11. I thought cedar might be overpowering but seems like no one really knows. Guess i will have to take my chances and I will at least get a nice box 😉
  12. Hello everyone, I’m think of buying a three cigar gift pack of Siglo VIs. I’m worried the cedar might have ruined the cigars, does anyone have one or know that is the case?

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