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  1. Growing up here in Alabama, you couldn't go to a field party without making sure you had a few of these on hand for the ladies. I had a red stain in the floorboard of my passenger seat forever because my girlfriend enjoy it a little too much one night.
  2. For the sports enthusiasts and for Sopranos fans?
  3. taylorgov2

    Box of the day

    Sweet! My favorite marca by a country mile too!
  4. I agree with Fuzz, definitely strip it before doing anything else. Could very easily be a lead-based paint as well since it wasn't banned until the very late 70s I believe.
  5. Por Larranaga Picadores EOT FEB 17 QDO No. 50 SMA SEP 18 Montecristo No. 2 SMA JUN 18 H Upmann Royal Robusto BRE MAR 18
  6. taylorgov2

    Partagas Chicos Storage

    I don't put mine in the humidor for the simple fact I'm running out of room so I put my Chicos and CoShos in an acrylic airtight jar, throw a 65 rh Boveda in there and store it in my bar cabinet. I've had the same Boveda in there for over a year and I would say it could last another year as well. The jar I bought holds close to 100 or so and fits nicely in a cabinet. Here's the one I got off Amazon but you can find them just about anywhere probably and in all different sizes. https://www.amazon.com/Prestige-Group-AJ25-Acrylic-Humidifier/dp/B00J21X9IS/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=acrylic+jar&qid=1556137695&s=gateway&sr=8-10
  7. Note to self, get the Mystery Box again! This was a great deal!
  8. In my experience, a month is not too long typically (depending on the conditions) since cigars are pretty resilient. I've had my fair share of dried-out cigars (usually gifts) and I usually just put the box of cigars in a cooler by itself so it's not having to compete with a 1000+ other cigars in my humidor for moisture along with 1 or 2 Boveda packs (65 or 69 rh) for about 30 days and then reassess the situation.
  9. taylorgov2

    Baby names help

    Winnie or Winn for short
  10. I bought one as well. Have they done this before?
  11. That's impressive! I'd be willing to bet I paid less for my 2,400 sq. foot house in Alabama than the cost of everything shown in this pic. Damn! One thing I love about Alabama.
  12. taylorgov2

    El Blunto

    Are they made by Gurkha? Look at those beautiful labels and glass tubos! Class in glass. 😍😍
  13. I'd probably start questioning my source if I could consistently buy CCEs from them for under $300 a box...

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