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  1. You need to remove the name of the vendor from your original post immediately. That's one of the "commandments" of the forum. You should really read up on forum rules and introduce yourself before making a first post as well.
  2. Thank you so much, always enjoy these every week! I knew 8 years of college would eventually pay off. Thanks again, cheers!
  3. On the Way Up In Your Estimation 👆 1. Punch Short de Punch 2. Any Cohiba Maduro 3. HdM Rio Seco On The Way Down In Your Estimation 👇 1. Partagas P2 2. H. Upmann Connie As 3. QdO 50s
  4. Again, walk away. Nothing about these say authentic to me and on the 0.1% chance they are, they look like they would taste like a foot but it's your money. It would be a HARD pass for me.
  5. Walk away. Plain and simple.
  6. Newbie for me. Was looking forward to the last one. Thanks for stepping up.
  7. Partagas Shorts - UEB FEB 18 Trinidad Vigia - RAG MAR 19 Partagas Serie E No 2 - LMB JUN 19 and UEB ABR 19 (5 packs x 5) Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas - 5 pack form 2008 (Unknown Box Code) FoH Prize from a few months back: Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda Romeo y Julieta Churchill H. Upmann Mag 54 Thank you to the FoH team for your generosity!
  8. I can see Gurkha putting out a dog line in the near future. Just be sure to remove all of the bands before giving to your dog.
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned Black Label Trading Company yet. They're on the fuller side but most of the ones I've had have been excellent. The petite lancero has been my favorite so far. Definitely worth picking up if you're looking for a fuller smoke and in a lonsdale to boot.

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