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  1. taylorgov2

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I've been living in Dothan for about 7 years now and it's my second time living here. It's not that bad, at least it's just a little over an hour from some of the best beaches in the US
  2. Vegas Robaina Unicos - BRE JUL 18 (should have been WOW JUL 18) Monte 4's - BEO JUN 16
  3. Most recent acquisitions. Only one of these I've EVER tried have been the Montecarlos so I'm really looking forward to trying these babies! BOXES: H. Upmann Connie A - BRE AGO 17 Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales - LGR ABR 18 Por Larranaga Montecarlos - LGR NOV 17 SIXERS: Romeo y Julieta Churchills Romeo y Julieta Belicosos Cohiba Robustos Por Larranaga Picadores H. Upmann Connie 1s
  4. My Aunt and Uncle gave me a paper shredder for Christmas when I was 7 for all of my important documents I had to dispose of properly.
  5. taylorgov2

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoyed a nice PLPC at the beach house on Sunday. Now back at home about to light up this Monte 4 that was gifted to me from a friend and hoping for no damage from Hurricane Michael. Everyone around here in the Florida Panhandle and in the path of the storm stay safe.
  6. First ever CCs I tried and I've been hooked ever since. Very nice floral underrated/value 40 min smoke with a hint of spice. I always have a box or 2 of these. Enjoy!
  7. taylorgov2

    Must Pick Up Cuban Cigars in Cuba

    I hope your friend is knowledgeable and has experience with CCs if you're going to ask him to buy you some while he's down there.
  8. Sounds like you've FINALLY come to the right place @MikeinKS. You may have gotten burned on those Behikes but at least you've finally found this great community and can now learn from the vast knowledge that's assembled here. I think I learn something new here almost every day. Welcome and best of luck on your next purchase. I suggest picking up something from the 24:24 here or the online store. Cheers!
  9. taylorgov2


    I have that exact one and it's the cutter I use most often (past 2 years). It is built solid with nice weight to it, still in excellent condition and sharp as ever but it comes with a Lifetime Warranty as well.
  10. My initial thought was this post must have been a butt text 🤨
  11. 2 of my most recent gems I've acquired from a Buy/Sell/Trade around my neck of the woods. The first is a commercial 4000 count humidor that came with 2 humidifiers as well. I managed to talk the guy all the way down to $25 for all of it! The other is a 1200 count electronic humidor with temp and humidity control for $100. Now I just have to fill them up! My wife doesn't quite share my same enthusiasm. Sometimes you just get lucky! What are some of the best deals you've been lucky enough to find that were just too good to pass up? Cigar related or otherwise.
  12. Cocoahiba No. 2 or perhaps a Belicocoa. You can charge more if named Cocoahiba...
  13. Stay safe over there @stogieluver, you never know with these type storms (rain, storm surge, tornadoes). My brother and sister live in Fairhope in that area as well. I'm just a few hours east of you in Dothan, Alabama.
  14. I carry 2 boxes when going to a gathering with friends and acquaintenses. My friends whom are experienced and regular cigar smokers that can recognize and appreciate a fine cigar get to choose from the box with a good variety of middle of the road to somewhat higher end CCs, the acquaintenses that I may or may not know and are mainly just wanting to smoke because everyone else is gets to choose from my other box, a mixture of cheap, not necessarily cheerful CCs and Gurkhas. Most migrate towards the Gurkhas because they recognize the name and the label is fancy and pretty so they think it has to be good. It's a win win because my friends get to enjoy a good CC and the others get to feel a part of the group while thinking they're getting to try a high end AKA "The Best Cigar Ever Made" (Gurhka), and I can also get rid of all these Gurkhas that have been taking up space in my humidor since my days first starting out smoking cigars so that I can make room for more CCs.
  15. Came home after a couple days at the beach house to find a nice surprise waiting for me. Thanks @cfc1016 and @awkwardPause for this awesome sampler. Never had a custom or a Monte 2 so this is a real treat. Epic Box Pass! Cheers!

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