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  1. Surprised no one has mentioned Black Label Trading Company yet. They're on the fuller side but most of the ones I've had have been excellent. The petite lancero has been my favorite so far. Definitely worth picking up if you're looking for a fuller smoke and in a lonsdale to boot.
  2. Looks like termite damage. Don't smoke this trash.
  3. They have cigar communities of MeWe? You a member of one?
  4. HdM Rio Seco - RUM NOV 18 Monte Media Corona - OBM FEB 17 A few sixers of SLR Regios and Upmann No.2
  5. Sub 44 1. Fundies 2. QdO Coronas Claro 45-50 1. Upmann Mag 46 2. HdM Double Corona  52+ 1. Upmann No. 2 2. HdM Le Hoyo de Rio Seco
  6. taylorgov2


    Diplomatico Reserva is my go-to. I buy 4-5 bottles at a time when I get the chance.
  7. My wife and I were just there on Saturday. My first time in Charleston and immediately had to sniff out a cigar shop. Pretty decent selection and a nice relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Simple and Refreshing Fresca - Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka - Club Soda - Lime Wedge done.
  9. Seems like they are trying to appeal more to a very specific subset of women with these size cigars. Perhaps the basketball player groupies....
  10. I always look forward to your daily smokes. Your normal Monday after work cigars are my 10 year Anniversary smokes.
  11. Sweet! My favorite marca by a country mile too!
  12. I agree with Fuzz, definitely strip it before doing anything else. Could very easily be a lead-based paint as well since it wasn't banned until the very late 70s I believe.

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