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  1. I would have walked out as soon as I saw the box code font. Wouldn't have needed to do any further inspecting. Hard pass
  2. That's a Jericho Hill Lancero by Crowned Heads actually. A good lancero in its own right as well. Love the Tat Black Label Petit Lanceros though, one of my favorite NCs
  3. "Uncle Willy loved to spend. He had no money in the end. But with many a smokes and many a wife. He really did enjoy his life." "Don't open for at least 5 years." "He loved fine cigars and cheap risky women, if it wasn't for the latter, old Ben might still be livin." "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. He lit his cigar but didn't see the bus." "He loved his cigars and he loved his life but forgot to check the mail before his wife." "Here lies Robert, he was a good husband, a wonderful father, but a terrible electrician." "Not a
  4. These look like they could be pretty special. Doubt I'll be able to hold out very long. QdO Coronas Claro - TUA AGO 20
  5. Marvin wasn't fat that was Luther Vandross but both were Top 10 when you turn the lights off
  6. Narrowed it down to 50/50 chance. Just happened to guess correctly this time. Always enjoy these every week. Thank you for your generosity. Very much appreciated.
  7. Not a bad way to start the weekend with a fantastic fall Alabama sunrise.
  8. Pretty nice haul in the last month or so. Cohiba Esplendidos - MAR DIC 19 Cohiba Siglo VI Tubos - MOL SEP 19 Cohiba Siglo IV - MUP MAY 19 Cohiba Robustos - UBM JUL 19 HdM Double Coronas - EGT DIC 19 Trinidad Coloniales - BSM ENE 20 Trinidad Reyes - ARS OCT 19 Sancho Panza Non Plus - ATE MAY 18 Partagas Serie D No. 4 - ABO DIC 17 Montecristo Especial No 2 - UBO OCT 18 Montecristo No 2 - UBM SEP 19 & SMA JUN 18 Juan Lopez No 2 - RUM FEB 19 H. Upmann Mag 46 - ABO DIC 18 Vegueros Centrofinos - UTL MAR 19 And Prize Pack from FoH - Thank you for your generosit
  9. You need to remove the name of the vendor from your original post immediately. That's one of the "commandments" of the forum. You should really read up on forum rules and introduce yourself before making a first post as well.
  10. Thank you so much, always enjoy these every week! I knew 8 years of college would eventually pay off. Thanks again, cheers!
  11. On the Way Up In Your Estimation ? 1. Punch Short de Punch 2. Any Cohiba Maduro 3. HdM Rio Seco On The Way Down In Your Estimation ? 1. Partagas P2 2. H. Upmann Connie As 3. QdO 50s
  12. Again, walk away. Nothing about these say authentic to me and on the 0.1% chance they are, they look like they would taste like a foot but it's your money. It would be a HARD pass for me.
  13. Newbie for me. Was looking forward to the last one. Thanks for stepping up.
  14. Partagas Shorts - UEB FEB 18 Trinidad Vigia - RAG MAR 19 Partagas Serie E No 2 - LMB JUN 19 and UEB ABR 19 (5 packs x 5) Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas - 5 pack form 2008 (Unknown Box Code) FoH Prize from a few months back: Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda Romeo y Julieta Churchill H. Upmann Mag 54 Thank you to the FoH team for your generosity!

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