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  1. JFiz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    double post...
  2. JFiz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cherry popped John
  3. JFiz

    Great Lakes (Lake Ontario) Trout and Salmon

    Nice! I can tell by the look on your face "it's a good day"
  4. Wow, that is unfortunate. @zeebra yours look a little "dusty" too. John
  5. JFiz

    First smoked brisket of 2018!

    Looks great! Nice bark!
  6. JFiz

    Good morning from Texas!

    Welcome from Indiana from another newbie to cubans and FOH. Lots of great information here
  7. JFiz

    My First Order

    I am excitedly awating my first order myself. It made it to the states and is only a couple days away No worries. John
  8. JFiz

    Greets from Indiana

    Thanks Rupe! Nice to see some familiar names here
  9. JFiz

    Solo, Weekend Trips from US?

    Sounds like that could be some real fun! Good luck on your adventure
  10. JFiz

    Newfound love for Cast Iron

    We have been making these quite a bit lately John
  11. JFiz

    Hello from the Hoosier State

    Greetings from westport, IN! Where are you located? John
  12. JFiz

    Greets from Indiana

    Hi Aussie, I used to ride through Bedford a lot. 58 geting there and 450 south was a good ride down towards Leveanworth.
  13. JFiz

    Greets from Indiana

    Thanks for the welcome James! Yes it is LOL
  14. JFiz

    Greets from Indiana

    Thanks @TheMonk!
  15. JFiz

    Greets from Indiana

    Thanks @PrairieSmoke I've been reading a bunch on here. Lot's of great info

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