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  1. Fantastic job, I can well imagine sinking into one of those chairs and firing up a stogie. inspiring stuff!
  2. Right for me....but I wouldn't say no to the left.
  3. Agreed, great review...a wonderful cigar when 'on'. I need to grab a 50 cab myself....soon.
  4. JL2's are giving such great value right now. I'm reaching for them over much more expensive sticks atm.
  5. I've smoked a few Gurkha's over the years, I would never compare them to C.C's though, not ever. They are tastier than cigarettes, so this would be a much fairer comparison.
  6. I find Trinidad to be much more consistent across their range than Cohiba. I enjoy both immensley but would rather a Trinidad if pushed due to the consistency in both construction and blend.
  7. There is definitely a limit to what my taste buds can take, a point of diminishing returns if you like. Usually around the 3 to 4 per day mark. Depending on size.
  8. It was a very interesting and well made programme. Lots of great old footage. I will be watching the 2nd part intently.
  9. Enjoying a particularly juicy Luci, hope everyone is having a smokey weekend!
  10. I only have a few of those bad boys left......being very carefully rationed!
  11. Hope everyone is having a smokey weekend! '16 Fundi, always a treat and quite possibly my favourite of them all.
  12. Fonseca No 1 from our host. Awesome value, floral notes with depth of flavour. Great smoke.

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