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  1. I've had this as the main torch for 3 years and it always works - Vertigo Big Buddha Quad Flame Table Lighter
  2. I didn't intend to conflate tennis and riots. Just noting universal disdain for hypocrisy in C-19 policies
  3. "This decision is a middle finger to them/us. It doesn't pass the pub test and will have ramifications the next time the public is asked to make sacrifices for the greater good." El Prez - this is what happened here in the states when the BLM riots hit the streets in June. Riots for causes a political class agree with and the rules no longer apply.
  4. If someone is ill, they are asked to not come to work until the symptoms are gone. (just like all the other diseases and viruses we deal with every single day). We think it makes sense to protect the elderly and high risk people and have worked with our team from the beginning to accommodate such. Other than that, we're living our lives and understand the inherent risks in life on planet earth. We go out and work hard everyday to serve our customers and provide for our families. What a concept...
  5. Bold question. I've seen plenty of both "sides" in discussions of life matters outside cigars. And i appreciate how intelligent this community is as a whole. That's why i show up almost daily
  6. the morning cigar was a perfect Monty 4. this afternoon we will enjoy a nice Lusi. Merry Christmas to the FOH tribe

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