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  1. from the states to Cabo in MX twice in the last 6 months. longer lines at the immigration checks, need a negative test within 48 hours, you have to mask the entire time you're in the airport/plane - the rest is as usual
  2. very cool. i just ordered mine. Author is giving a 15% discount on his site
  3. he lies and leaves programs in scandals for various lame reasons. He's also 0-4. Losing is what will cost him his job
  4. Well done! is giving me ideas of what I would love to build. Did you find the artwork on Etsy as well?
  5. NC Monty white label. special label aged 10 years. tasted like an ordinary NC. bummer
  6. I'm calling BS on google having good data on this subject
  7. no offense taken and definitely no offense meant. From the very beginning of this fiasco, I have advocated extending grace to all. This is everyone's first rodeo and we're all trying our best to deal with it well.

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