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  1. I love this forum. I learn so much from you good people
  2. I've got 2017 and 18 and they are rich and satisfying
  3. Lusi UEB May 2019 Sir Winston MDL Oct 2018 Monty PE BUP June 2018 Lopez #2 TPO July 2018 Siglo II MEG July 2016
  4. I nub when they're good. I "touch up" more than relight. I dry box and also improve the draw and really cuts down on relight even smoking slow
  5. Golf is fun Jealous douche-bags aren't Play more golf with cool people
  6. Fans of all except I was not a fan of RASS until i had one that was over 12 months. Then i could taste the fruit profile and really enjoyed.
  7. I also started with NC's. I've moved to almost always CC for two reasons - 1) found a source to always get the real deal (hello FOH) and 2) i have learned to smoke the cigar as slowly and as low temp as possible to really enjoy the flavor

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