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  1. over the weekend: Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight Dire Straits 1st Bob Marley - Kaya
  2. we use Teams. i find it easier and more conducive to "business" type of meetings than GoToMeeting or Zoom. If i dont need to share info on a 2 person call, we're using something called a telephone... for group meetings we're trying to keep it to 30 minutes and if it spills longer, no big deal. I was on a 4 hours call with a supplier. It was brutal and i wound up cleaning my desk and organizing things for much of the meeting. All presentations, no interactions. Brutal!
  3. oh, and i started using a weighted blanket a year ago and that also has made a positive impact on the quality of the sleep I get
  4. I have trouble sleeping too. I have been on CPAP for 11 years. I'm in shape, not overweight at all, but the obstruction is there when my body relaxes to sleep so I am grateful for the air blower. Believe me, it sucks to deal with but it beats feeling like warm death from poor sleep. I have found the combo of melatonin and Valerian root and hour before bed, a hot shower and a cold dark room work best for me. I wear a device for fitness called a Whoop. It's the most accurate on the market, especially measuring the quality of the sleep I'm getting. Good info and feedback are vital to knowing
  5. Merry Christmas! I've really enjoyed the community here
  6. I've tried both for the first time in the last 12 months. And i will say my palate is not as refined as many who post reviews here. That being said, both are really excellent cigars. The RyJ has a stronger classic flavor. The SW is elegant and more refined. I'm fortunate to have a nice supply of both, but the SW is special occasion only...
  7. Another TN resident. My son is home from college. we will enjoy Sir Winstons today. blessings on you all
  8. just got my first box of Lusi's a month ago. 3 sticks in, it's my favorite CC

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