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  1. I agree it was a decent cigar but I would not go above and beyond to get my hands on a box. Might need a few more to get a true opinion.
  2. Lucass111

    LGC 109 RE announced

    Whats a good price for these? I found some but they want way more than I feel they worth.
  3. So a day off work and what better way to start the day with a cigar. After looking at my selection I decided to go with something that would start my day not consume half the morning. I choose the connie 1. I was hesitant to grab a smoke from the xmas sampler because they have only been sitting for less than a week but I said what the hell! The cold Indiana winter has set in so I grabbed a chair and sat in front of the "classy" fireplace out in the garage. I didn't want to be completely useless for half the day so I grabbed a water and layed off the booze. Cant drink all day if you don't start in the morning....not today lol. Surprisingly when I grabbed the connie 1 it felt like it was in smoking condition. Not to squishy. It did have a crack down the side but nothing to devastating. The cold draw was perfect! Very light nut flavor. The first third was a bit harsh. I'm going to attribute this to not having enough downtime. It wasn't a big turn off but it was concerning. A bit of spiciness as well. After some time the harshness faded and I began to get some cream. Considering the amount of downtime I wasn't to alarmed at the disappointing start. The second third I was pleasantly surprised. The cream really came though and I got a smooth buttery taste. I would say this was my favorite third of the smoke. It had some great flavor and I loved how the flavors shifted to the mild buttery taste. The last third of the smoke it shifted from a mild buttery taste to a more profound nutty flavor. Not very much spice. Once I got to the crack, the burn had a mind of its own. It actually exploded out a bit, but I was prepared for that. Overall it was a nice smoke. I would say it was almost a medium body smoke. I would be interested in trying that same cigar with many years off age on it to see how it differs. Nothing that made my tongue come out and smack my eyebrows but overall a pleasant way to start the day out right. I would rate it an 89. I think more down time and the rating would have been a bit higher............... 12DCRC
  4. Hey guys I've ordered plenty from 24:24 but was wondering if I made a purchase could I add a FoH travel lighter to my 24:24 purchase?
  5. Lucass111

    12 Days of Christmas Sampler

    Just received my xmas sampler today! Besides my H. Upmann Connoisseur Number 1 having a blowout, I'm assuming during the shipping, they look awesome! Merry Christmas to me. Thanks FOH!
  6. I'll be waiting for them to show up! Please let us know your thoughts after you try one out next week.
  7. A darker wrapper with just enough sheen. I think the darker wrapper gives it more distinction.
  8. I hope not. I'll be working until 6 so I'll be 30 minutes late to the party.
  9. That's what I want to know!
  10. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on some of those Bolivar EL without breaking the bank. keeping my eye out for a box.
  11. So what's the word on the other 2018 LE? I know the Tacos are out but what about the other 2. Any information on them. Availability or price point? Curious about the Bolivars.
  12. Ok so I see a lot of RE and LE out there and wonder to myself....are they worth it? I'm sure they bring big money to the retailers but as a consumer what's your opinion and experiences? I'm trying to decide if I should take a chance on some.
  13. Ok so buying blind is never a situation that we want to find ourselves in, that's why we're here. If you had to buy blind though what would your list of boxes be? Also what are a few that you would never buy blind?
  14. Lucass111


    So do you get to order what you would like to be shipped or do you just say ship me so many master cases and you get what you get?
  15. Is that the 48 plus or just the standard? I got the 48 plus

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