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  1. I'm thinking about doing the same, but not sure I want to blow a chunk of the budget just yet when the auctions are right around the corner.
  2. Lucass111

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Has anyone every seen the siglo VI in 10 box up on 24:24?
  3. Lucass111

    Box of the Day : ERDMCX

    What difference in flavors will the different wrappers present? I want a box but now I'm torn on light or dark. Everyone always raves about dark and oily but I see some say light.
  4. This is my last one from the box. Very glad I picked up a box of 2018. Not sure if the blend was tweaked or not but either way I'm sure they will be similar. The weather is finally nice enough to sit outside so the experience is already up a few notches. Ok, enough rambling I'll get to it. The construction of this particular stick is a bit off. The wrapper seems to be a bit loose. I decided to use a punch cut. It's been my go to lately. The cold draw was tight. Nothing that was to terrible, just not to my liking. The cold draw was filled with hints of cedar. The first third was again filled with that wood/cedar hints. It was very mild. I did get very subtle hints of sweetness but nothing that made my tongue dance around. The first third was very straightforward without much changes. The second third was more of the same. I did catch a bit of white pepper. Not much has really changed from the first third. The last third it seemed like things became quite bland. Not my typical experience with these. I did get some nutty flavor but other than that quite bland. Overall this was a nice smoke. It was not very complex. A lot of the same flavor throughout. I have had many better experiences with the qdo coronas. I would give this one an 85 out of 100. Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  5. I hope I can get my hands on a box sometime in the future. let us know how it is please!
  6. I honestly did not taste any peppery spice. Tons of sweetness.
  7. The Partagas serie D number 4 is always a consistently decent smoke. The second cuban smoke I ever had. The construction is very nice. I decided to use a punch. The draw was perfect. The first third was very woody. I got a bit of cream as well. The second third I got a raisin brand cereal flavor. Very tasty. I was not expecting this to show up. Very sweet. The last third I got some nuttiness. It did get a bit warm in the end. The cigar burned perfectly. I would rate this a 92 out of 100. A very enjoyable smoke.
  8. Was wondering if anyone has got the chance to try one of these? If so what were your thoughts? I was thinking about getting a box if they come back up on the 24:24. Not sure if they will but if they do I'm thinking about jumping on a box.
  9. Lucass111


    How are things coming along? Any fresh news on the auctions?
  10. I can't say for certain but it was extra sweet!
  11. When I hear Hoyo the first thought is a number 2. Its the very first cuban cigar I ever had. Was hooked after 1. My experience with the no 2 have been very consistent. If I'm looking for an easy and mild smoke I go straight for the Hoyo no 2. It's a great cigar for all. The cold draw was more firm than I like. I had to bust out the perfect draw just to be safe. The first third was a sweet cream bomb. It was so delicious. I got cream, cream, and more cream. The second third the cream was still there but the sweetness started to fade. I got a bit of nuttiness showing up. Definitely got some twang in there. The last third had hints of wood and nuts. It got a bit hot on me which affected the flavors but it was still very good. A very consistent smoke. I'm rarely disappointed afterwards when I have a Hoyo no 2. I will give this a 90 out of a 100. It was everything I was expecting.
  12. I was just looking for some of these a few days ago! Would love to get my hands on a dress box or cab. On the look out! Would be great if they came up on 24:24 again.
  13. Lucass111


    I second this Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  14. As the temperature slowly starts to warm up I can hardly wait for long nights on the patio with a smoke. For now I'll stick to a shorty in the garage. I picked the monte no 4 as I wanted something short and sweet. This was the first one out of the box. The construction was very nice. The draw was absolutely perfect. The cold draw was a bit earthy. The first third I got tons of biscuit hints. I didn't get much of anything else. It was very smooth and creamy. I was very surprised by the output of smoke. The burn was excellent. I was expecting more sweetness but to my surprise there wasn't much there. The second third was much more of the same. Some sweetness showed up but not much. It didn't stick around very long either. As strange as this sounds I got a few hints of twizzlers (I may be crazy). The burn got somewhat wonky but eventually evened itself out. The last third got nutty. There was also notes of earthiness. It was probably just getting hot. It wasn't too bad though. Nothing that gave me that burn on the tongue. Overall it was just an ok smoke. Not very memorable. I was expecting more sweetness and chocolate. I did enjoy the biscuit notes but I wanted something more along with it. I would give it an 85 out 100. Hoping for more out of the next No 4. Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  15. Lucass111

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Showing some love to the Quintero 2014
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