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  1. Try one! I know the feeling of having that nice packed dress box intact is hard to give up, but no one knows your palate better than you. ALOT of cigars have been smoking great with less than a year on them these days, what if what if they're amazing today? You have 25 of them! If you really want to smoke one, you should. Hope it's a great one if you decide to smoke it!
  2. try a Florescent blacklight, and not the LED-based ones. The flashlight types are very bright, and can drown out what you're trying to observe sometimes. The Florescent lights reveal the security marks but don't light the entire area bright enough to bleed into everything.
  3. I guess I'm lucky that I find pretty much anything from 2018-20 needs little aging, if at all to be excellent. Had an MSU March 19 Box of RASCCal's last year that was singing with 7 months on them from box date. Boli Corona Jr as well. Pretty much anything 18-20 with a year or close to on it deserves a test drive at the very least if you haven't done so already IMHO!
  4. I always freeze everything from anywhere, even though I do have confidence that Cuba freezes their stock upon export. There's still many stops in the chain of custody before those cigars reach my front door. The transit from Cuba to the distributor, ( seems like many regional HSA distros open boxes to inspect/place health warning stickers before resealing with their own seals IE Tabacalera, H & F) & finally...the retailer. What about the months/years these cigars spend in a warehouse before they are sold? These insects can get into a box at any point in the chain of custody. There
  5. If you enjoyed the Reyes, the Trinidad Coloniales is another powerful Trinidad cigar. A bit larger Corona at 5¼ × 44. Great draw & construction, and a bit more finesse than the Reyes IMHO. Vegas Robaina Famoso is a powerful full-bodied cigar, with lots of sweet spices a la Partagas. Both of these boxes fall into the under $300 category individually. Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas are my favorite representation of the brand IMHO....I'm not much for RASS either honestly. Bolivar Corona Jr's, Partagas Shorts, Magnum 46 comes in a 15 pack Tubos. Any one of those is under $300. Buy so
  6. 1) Trinidad Reyes 2) Partagas Shorts 3) Bolivar Petite Corona 4) H. Upmann Magnum 46 5) Vegas Robaina Unicos 6) Montecristo Serie 1935 Dumas 7) Por Larrañaga Petit Corona
  7. Purchased a couple of Atabey Brujos (Robusto) to see what all the hype was about...Foregoing all the nonsense about them being a "Stealth Cuban"...Not bad, but not a $30 stick either IMHO...Box-wise, my last purchase was a 10 count box of "Hit & Run" Corona Gorda. This cigar is a collaboration between Room 101 & Caldwell. Excellent Boutique smoke, Mild-medium, very floral and bright. A mineral-almost graphite taste...Reminds me a bit of a young QDO 50...I don't buy or smoke much NC these days, but I'm always willing to smoke one that's not trying to murder me with spice.
  8. As odd as it sounds.... I've logged roughly 80-90% of the cigars I've smoked since the end of 2014 on Instagram. I never had a desire to post endless selfies, but the thought of having a shareable photo record and notes regarding the cigars I smoke available to me anytime, anywhere was & is appealing to me. I enjoy occasionally going through the photos, and seeing how my tastes have changed over the last few years. It's also interesting to me to see how Habanos gradually occupied more and more of my smoking rotation, until you'd be hard-pressed to find anything but CC in the lineups. A
  9. Yes, but those serials are outdated typically. So you might see a box with a 2018 box date rocking a 2015-era serial number...even though it checks out in bueno. The serial system isn't perfectly sequential, but it's close enough where certain numbers can be tied to a time period. I dont wanna overstep my boundaries on this forum, with admin's or Rob's blessing, I'd be happy to share some images from a counterfeit band that they received early this year in a private sale.
  10. If the box date was April 15, then the serial number alone would suggest foul play without even running it; especially on a cigar as popular Sig VI. That's a late 18/early 19 - issued serial number.
  11. From a 4-pack of Vegueros Entretiempos purchased Winter 2019. Not sure on box date of the cigars
  12. I burned through a cardboard 15 pack of of ALO Nov 16 HDM Petty Robos last year. Despite some very noticeable color difference between some packs, they were consistently sweet, smooth, and reminded me of some aged Epicure no 2 I had loved. I frantically ordered a cabinet when I burned the last of them. I was excited to see that I was sent an August 2016 cabinet by the merchant, but was disappointed at the lack of sweetness compared to the cardboard packs that made me fall in love with the cigar. Now, I try more to appreciate them for the floral & woody qualities they have. Hoyos seem
  13. THIS! Also, the Cohiba Panatela uses a 26-33 band. Virtually every Exquisitos I've smoked is either a 38-47 band or 48-54 band that's been cut down. They also sometimes cut the part of the band that contains the Alpha-numeric UV code on the Cohiba bands when they do this. Being a person that primary enjoys skinny cigars, I was very surprised initially when I started paying attention to this. Also, found a new logo on the bands from a 2019 box of Montecristo no 4's. They have a slightly different glossy appearance than the previous bands, which I'm pretty sure were made by Vrijdag..
  14. Not in the recent past. It seems to be every other year or so for close to the last decade. They recently changed in November 2019, prior to that, it was May 2017 I believe.
  15. Try the Cohiba Exquisitos (5 in X 33 rg) One of the best sub 38 cigars out. Raphael Gonzalez Panatela Extra (5 in X 37 rg) for a good cheap & cheerful Aside from the Exquisitos listed above, the Cohiba Corona Especiale & Montecristo Especiale no 2 are some of the best Panatelas money can buy. Praying for MDO 4 to get another good production run. I'm sure if it happens, hoarders will be out in full force haha. I'd def snag a few boxes myself.

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