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  1. I had a box of RASCC come from a popular Swiss vendor with live beetles in the bottom layer of cigars. As others have said, just because boxes are frozen at export doesn't mean they can't become infested somewhere else in the chain of custody. If beetles are hatching after cigars are being freeze-treated at home, then that person didn't freeze them for a long enough time, or they are storing treated cigars with un-treated cigars.
  2. Yeah...dont even have to see anything else after seeing the factory code and box date lol. One thing i notice alot of folks don't seem to factor in with serial numbers is that they're typically sequential. Obviously, there's a BUNCH of other factors here at play that there's no need to even run it, but in other cases where there's less obvious signs of foul play, the serial number can be used to approximate the era of production within a few months accuracy typically. A February 2021 box would no doubt begin with "00005". Legit "00003" serials ended in mid 2018. This isnt always perfect,
  3. Id leave the Culebras, as I enjoy all 3 of the other selections. There was quite a few boxes of aged Delicias going around for a while, and i found them to be excellent; very sweet & floral. The Culebras never grabbed my attention enough to warrant throwing down the coin. I think Monte 4 & short de Punch speak for themselves.
  4. Im just happy to see a legit box of CC's getting passed around in the photos, and not photos of players with some God-awful knock off Cohibas hanging out of their mouths. RyJ in a Montesco vitola was a good choice IMHO...Little to no worries of draw issues, approachable to casual & non smokers, and credible enough to not draw much ire (outside of most American market cigar manufacturers) from those that would even pay attention to what was being handed out. I would have went with something similar. Maybe something special tucked aside for cigar enthusiasts on the team.
  5. Try the Small Club Coronas. For me personally, they're the best of the Marca by far, and deliver exactly what others describe the RASS to be. I've had mixed luck at best with various batches of RASS over the years, but I've burned through boxes of RASCC with great results, and even greater enjoyment.
  6. I've seen counterfeit bands that have copied the Vrijdag logo first-hand. They even re-produced the Alpha-numeric UV number (CHBxxxx) and the squares that show up under blacklight. I sent the band to Henk Nota, managing director for Vrijdag Premium Printing, who told me himself that the band was a fake. The only thing I haven't seen copied (yet) is the micro-printed text in the holographic logos that was talked about in this forum last Fall.
  7. As someone who enjoys the Secretos, I can see it. The reality though....It seems like HSA has been holding back production on boxes of the 3 current vitolas in the Maduro 5 line as it is, I can't see another vitola (particularly one that uses such a large wrapper) able to be supported. I've barely seen any Cohiba Maduro hit the sites since Corona started, save for the Tabacalera 10 count Secretos that sold here in April, as well as the random drop of Genios. Virtually NO 10-count boxes from the Magicos, Genios, or Piramides Extra either. Regular CoLa has been so much of a rarity that prett
  8. MSU November 2018 Quai D'Orsay Coronas Claro - Orange Creamsicle in a cigar...They simply do not produce nearly enough of these beautiful Coronas. Runner ups: AMU October 2016 Saint Luis Rey Tesoros ER España 2016 - A bouquet of candied floral notes REG September 2019 Cohiba Corona Especiale - The Epitome of everything I love about Cohiba.
  9. The Panatelas are about the size of those little pencils you get for golf score cards...Don't let their size fool you though...They have alot more flavor & burn way slower than you'd expect from a cigar that size. The prices on them have gone up substantially in the last year and a half. They used to be priced far enough below the Exquisitos to justify getting both cigars if you like Cohiba that much, but now the distance between the pricing of the 2 is so miniscule, it makes no sense not to get the Exquisitos, which I personally think are a far superior cigar.
  10. SOOO much "Cuba being Cuba" hahaha. I have a Quai D'Orsay no 50 10 count box that has the logo stamped upside down on the inside lid hahaha. 🤷‍♂️
  11. There are definitely private Cuban cigar enthusiast groups that allow discussion of sources, but joining any forum/group with folks that have been around the community for a long time will likely get you the info on the merchant in question
  12. Shit...I don't really even care about aged at this point lol...I just wanna see some of these out in the wild with some sort of regularity: Sir Winston LGC MDO 4 Cohiba Piramides Extra in 10-count box CoLa Also hoping to score the new SCDLH Malaysia ER before the flippers do that thing they like to do. Boli RC in Tubos seems to be in short supply (don't know why, but I strongly prefer them in Tubos and without the box press that comes with the dress box version!) VR Short Andorra at a decent price ERDM Petit Cayo at a decent price As far as
  13. I think there was a bit of a frenzy over the last run of SPNP's for a few reasons. The obvious being the discontinued status that others here mentioned. But, I gotta say...I found the 2018/19 productions of the Non Plus to be far superior to the 2016 box where I had my initial experiences with the vitola. I picked up that MOL June 2018 box, and it was one of the best cigars I smoked last year. Like eating salted caramel with your feet in the water at the beach! I was lucky enough to snag a Nov 19 box of Beli's a few months back. Smoked 2-3 of them and found them enjoyable, but I am tryin

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