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  1. A birthday cigar review by myself and Chucko87. Thanks again Rob and it was amazing !!!
  2. Nate Chu

    Video review - Punch 48 LCDH - LGS AGO 2017

    Not all of them obviously 🤦🏿‍♂️. Have you tried the cellar reserves ? They’re preaged starting at 15 years. If not I’d recommend it. Having said that I generally much prefer Cuban cigars.
  3. Thanks guys, just having fun and trying to contribute haha Doing an actual review does wonder for forcing you to think about the cigar rather than it be in the background to whatever you’re doing!
  4. Nate Chu

    Montecristo Leyenda Linea 1935

    Thanks Fugu, the community here seems very cool!

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