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  1. Something light to wet the beak as I finish up some work for the evening.
  2. I put everything in the fridge around 1pm today but am going to throw the Double Grid into the freezer for a few minutes with a cold glass to get the temperatures down. You are correct about the Moon Man. I showed some work buddies (one in Texas and one in MN right now) who both love them. They both said they like the moon man better than the cow. Very excited to try it.
  3. Depends on how the flavors are progressing (or have plateaued) and how hot the cigar gets. I'll nub it and almost burn my fingers if I am still enjoying the flavors but often times if it is too hot in the final third, that'll be it for me. Normally 1/2" to 1" left in the stick. Everyone is different though.
  4. Humbled by today's mail call from @lovethehaze. New Glarus prayers were answered. He was gracious enough to throw in a few unexpected singles I can't wait to try. Thank you so so much brother 🙏🙏.
  5. Elliot, you have some GLU DIC there. Might want to clean yourself off before you infect anyone.
  6. BRE OCT-19 Connie 1 from a 24:24 6er. This stick looks like Leatherface and unfortunately is smoking a bit like it too, but still enjoyable flavors. Side note, there is road paving going on here in our development that's been going on for almost two weeks now... Necessary, but very annoying at the same time.
  7. ULA JUN-15: Boli PC Surrogates Tramp Stamp. Incredible. Black licorice meets molasses. Flawless construction as expected from Tatuaje.
  8. Bolivar PC: ULA JUN-15 (BRW) Opening Remarks: One of the last few from a box I bought back in 2017 on my first trip to Havana. I’ve enjoyed these sticks over the years but have never loved them per say. Aside from a lone Boli 1 Tubo that I have, these are the only Bolivar sticks in my collection, so I decided to pick this one for the review. I enjoy the PC vitolas and slight box pressed nature of this stick. A smooth almost velvety feeling wrapper with minimal veins and a nice toothiness about it. Cold Draw: I prefer a straight cut on my sticks 95% of the time and this was no different. Slightly more restriction than I tend to like but nothing that warranted a second clip. Cold draws yielded notes of dark chocolate, raisins and dry cedar. First Third: After toasting the foot, combustion is decent but still not totally what I enjoy. Notes of cocoa, cedar and dried coffee grounds are predominant at first. A buttered wheat toast flavor comes through for a few puffs. The retro is dried milk chocolate all the way. A bit of hazelnut creeps in for one or two puffs then turns vegetal like dried broccoli for the remainder of the first third. Burn line is razor sharp with beautiful white ash looking like a stack of dimes. Still producing a bit less smoke than to my liking but never needing to overwork the draw for its production is a plus. Second Third: Dried tobacco and hay are better than the vegetal notes from before. Dried coffee grounds make a comeback for a few puffs then turns into dark chocolate and a slight honey like sweetness which persists for most of the second third. Just before the final third a puffs tasting like mint creep in. York Peppermint Patties are what came to mind off the bat. By this time, the cigar has opened up a bit and smoke production has ramped up to a respectable level. Final Third: The burn line is still razor sharp and the white ash is still stacking dimes. The aroma off the smoke is a burning cedar smell which seems very clean to me. Stale milk chocolate come back into the mix for a few puffs and green tea delights my senses on the retrohale. With less than an inch left I start getting fresh ginger notes. The last 5 or so puffs are straight milk chocolate cedar bomb with great combustion. Closing Remarks: Pleasant smoke all around. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as flavors are concerned for me but this stick seemed more pleasant than some of the others I’ve smoked. At just over 5 years of age, they’ve mellowed out from the first few I had in the box and seemed to burn much better. Never a touch up or relight needed and the burn line remained razor sharp from toasting the foot to putting it down at the end. Combustion got better in the second third which was a plus and the overall feeling of the petit corona was a nice smoke for the afternoon. Burn: 5/5 (Razor sharp the entire stick) Construction: 4/5 (Docked a point here for lack of combustion in the first third but overall it was perfect) Flavor: 4/5 (Enjoyable – Mostly chocolate & cedar) Smell: 5/5 (Delicious – Clean burning cedar smoke) Wrapper: 5/5 (Smooth velvet like with no large veins– nice sheen with a slight toothiness) Overall Score: 23/25
  9. Pretty quick turnaround there! Always nice to get a project like that done so fast. Albeit, if you have people who know what there doing on the job, it goes smoothly (for the most part).
  10. @Fuzz good luck with the project! Never easy but its always fun starting with a clean slate. Hopefully it all works out for you and no surprises arise.
  11. Unless someone specifically states that the sticks being sold were kept in that kind of an environment and given the opportunity on BR to say so, how would one know? Also, I know from personal experience with my own collection that the cigars I have aging in these bins are just as well kept and taste as great as any others I have in desktops or my coolidor (can't attest to a cabinet yet as mine hasn't arrived). I think depending on the exterior conditions around the tupperdor and how they're stored interiorly, it makes a difference. I don't sell anything on BR or have a plan to at anytime, as I buy to smoke for personal enjoyment and not to sell, but I guess one could argue that it may make a difference in the final price of the cigars if it truly made a difference in the aging process and overall taste of the cigars, but I have no evidence negatively impacting my personal experience with the aging of sticks in said tupperdors. Personal opinion of course, but its been a proven method for lots of people. I'm sure there's people who don't want their sticks stored in these and I get it, but until there is an option for sellers to put this kind of storage condition under their selling post, no one will probably know
  12. She rolls fantastic smokes! The perfect amount of sweetness, nuts and earthy notes. Always flawless construction on her part. I have about half a bundle of her robustos left and a handful of lanceros/pyramides left. How do her Salomone's stack up to other rollers like Reynaldo or Alex? I'm sure quite different as she's not known for blending fuller bodied smokes. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as that smoke!
  13. I grew up in CT and used to love the summers. Honestly, I think it gets as hot if not hotter on occasions up there in the summertime, but the cool summer/fall nights up there are perfect. I'd rather be hot than cold any day but there are certainly things I miss a lot about the climate up there for both summers and winter. I miss snow (not shoveling/plowing or de-icing), snowboarding and pond hockey. Certainly none of that going on here LOL. As a golfer however, being able to play 365 days of the year (if time and money permitted) is a big benefit for me.

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