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  1. Ray, tip of the cap for your words and prayers to Ricky’s family. My condolences sir.
  2. Cracked a fresh 50 cab this morning. LGR-ENE-18. Smoked beautifully on the course in the stifling hot temps. Thanks to you doc, @SigmundChurchill for this delicious Siglo IV. First one I’ve had and almost wish I didn’t smoke it. Now I might blow more $ than I’d like on smokes 🤣 Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there!! Stay Smokey.
  3. I'm interested in this topic as well, as it's a potential place we're visiting on our honeymoon next year.
  4. GEM-ENE-21 Connie Dos last night thanks to @zigarrenziggy LGR-OCT-19 PLMC this morning
  5. "Son, there's your first problem. Show up drunk next time and I may just listen to you.."
  6. Affirmative. “Your Honor, the counselor’s pants are too baggy, shoes too dusty and that clip on tie is made from a paper napkin.”
  7. Best of luck in your new job! Definitely get another box or 6 of these if you can.
  8. Thanks for sharing! Very cool blog here. My favorite line in your blog post is "The wines and cigars are fully in keeping with these high standards."
  9. Fundies & Esmeralda are excellent. I'd say Topez & Vigia are close in flavor/enjoyment as a close second. for me.
  10. Yeah, I'll need to grab some for sure. They're tasty morsels.
  11. BSM-JUL-20 Coloniales thanks to my favorite resident degenerate attorney, @rcarlson
  12. Looking good @Nino! Congrats on the little trip and what seemed to be a great evening! ☝️ This. Was wondering the exact same thing.. Looks more like a RASSto me...
  13. NO DOUBT!! There was about a half box left of them... I might need to go back and snag the rest. So smooth and delicious. Minimal pepper. Baking spices, some molasses, florals. Pure deliciousness.
  14. They are my favorite NC brand. Certainly ones by them I don't like, but many I do. Construction and flavors are always spot on for the ones I like.

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