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  1. Thanks BigDog! I’ll be posting pics this weekend, got it today. It’s plugged in and cycling for the day/acclimating to my ambient conditions in the house. So far, first thoughts are excellent packaging on shipping, beautiful cabinet, great construction, easy to use and setup. will post pics and give a full rundown in the next couple days. I plan on filling it tomorrow or Saturday.
  2. Thanks B. I think so too. Love the black/grey (as Matt calls it) look. Also, my fiancé didn’t want glass fronts so people could see in and look at all the “messy” boxes. Fine with me, plus Matt made a good point they the glass inserts allow for more temp/humidity fluctuation. Seems more like a piece of furniture vs large humidor cabinet now.
  3. First time jumping on the forum in a few weeks. Funny enough, I just paid Matt for the remainder of my unit and he shipped it out this afternoon. I should have it on Thursday. I thought I was going to receive it about a month ago, but he had some family stuff come up along with both he and his wife contracting pneumonia. Ordered it April 1, 2020 so it was exactly 12 months for completion, despite him saying 8-10 months production time. He's a one man shop, so I didn't push too much. Traded emails about a dozen times over the year and is great about giving you your deposit back
  4. My first real job I could drive myself to in high school was working at a cigar shop owned by a buddies father. This was back in 2006. I'd snuck a couple stolen cigars from my dad before that, but never knew the difference or enjoyed them. My love for cigars blossomed while working at the store. Fast forward to 2016, one of my best friends works for JetBlue and was on the first commercial flight back to Cuba since the embargo. Knowing I love cigars, he brought me back a handful of D4 Tubos and R&J Short Churchills Tubos. I fell in love with cigars all over again. Went down the rabbit
  5. I hope she feels better and made a healthy recovery! Looks like a great time, GV! Hope you and the boys enjoyed.
  6. Thats some funky ass packaging right thur. How did they smoke? Worth the price of packaging?? Agreed, great format. I'm smoking through an AGO-19 box now and would suggest you give them some rest before diving in. Decent flavors, but they definitely need time to develop IMO.
  7. Super busy month or so. First post in a little while. A couple standout smokes.
  8. Word. No doubt... Looks like it was a great time on South Beach! Hope you and the family enjoyed 👍 FANTASTIC combo here. Love the Cabanas and 1792 is one of my favorite bourbons at the moment. Got a couple free bottles from our event and holy sheeyt is it good.. Got a case of Eagle Rare at the same time and I honestly think the 1792 is better. Some would call me crazy, but I know what I like. MZ, love the Dip 2. What website/mobile platform do you watch F1 on? Epi de Luxe = pure class. Very underrated smoke IMO. NICE! Good job Doc, I see you fi
  9. Matt is still working on it. He said it was supposed to ship this week (3/16) but emailed me last week and said it was his kids spring break this week coming up and forgot about it. I'm hoping to have it before end of March. He's been good at emailing me updates and I know he's swamped so I'm trying not to rush it. I'll post pics of everything when it arrives. Hopefully sooner vs later!
  10. Tat Black Cazzie yesterday. These are sooo good. Casa Cuba this AM. Straight cherries. Escogidos RAT-NOV-19. Waxy, floral, roasted hazelnut Closed foot Robusto by Reynaldo from June, 2018. Almonds, cashews, toasted tobacco. Pulling for Westy in today's final round..
  11. Some heavy hitters there, B-Rad! Happy belated birthday!!
  12. Dogsitting for my aunt and uncle. Their pup Mickey, a white golden is a little poorly trained bitch boy who can't be left alone, so my lady and I are living ad their house for a few days. When he's not jumping on your and trying to bite your clothes off, he's actually really cute.. Nice little Friday work setup with some tasty sticks and a good view. They live across the pond from the 18th hole of PGA's Champ course where they'll host the Honda Classic next week. JO Coronas Especiales JAN-20 and my first BBF SGA-MAR-16 both thanks to @NicPac E2 MAR-JUL-20 so fantastic.
  13. Last couple days. Guardian of the Farm - Good not great but got better in the finale third AUG-20 HUCM - Surprisingly good. Need to get a box Espinosa Habano - Fantastic NC that I need to get more of Tat Miami 15th Oscuro - Nice dark chocolate flavors BRE-NOV-18 HUM56 - Excellent vanilla, sugar cane and butter cream Some MAY-20 HdmEE - Excellent toasted almonds and barnyard

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