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  1. Nice! I grabbed a few more of the same last night 👍
  2. 2018 Epi 2 Doble Sies UMR-May-20 EE Yummy 50th FOH Pigtail Robusto
  3. Some from the last few days. AUG-16 Crystal Baller NOV-18 Tainos UEB-JUL-19 Mag 50 Tubo LAS-JUN-14 Romeo Havana VI Cazzie AUG-19 RASS
  4. Spent the last couple days cleaning up our warehouse for work. Enjoyed some NC's. Havana VI Cazadores Avo XO Robusto Lancero custom from Ybor City Coronal Imperial
  5. Thanks for the info. Sadly those prices will never be seen again IMO.
  6. No wonder more people seem to want to start a conversation when I have cigars in my shirt pocket..
  7. Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE and NYD! Enjoyed a low key NYE with the lady and my aunt at our family's cabin in the Adirondacks. Her first time there after us being together for 10 years and my first time being back in over 6 years now. Only a couple sticks smoked on the trip, but had a delicious meal at one of our favorite restaurants. Lobster bisque and crab cake appetizer with a scrumptious "Adirondack Guide Platter" of pan fried trout, roast duck with Lingonberry glaze and a venison chop.
  8. Great review and thanks for posting! One of my top sticks from 2020 was a 2016 Punch DC. Absolutely wonderful stick that left me wanting more.
  9. I wonder if the cases are even higher than what has been reported.. Wishing them all the best for their beautiful island. If things continue on the way they are, anther border closing might be forthcoming.
  10. Would agree with TS on this. HU is a top Marca for me however I've never had much luck with the 54. They've run hot, burned wonky and seemed one dimensional in flavor for me. Also not a huge fan of the massive RG.
  11. In no particular order, CCE, MDO4, Monte Especial No2 and PLMC would my favorites. Wish there were more skinnies out there and I think many other people feel the same way. Far too many big RG sticks being produced nowadays IMO and that's probably a big fault of trying to cater to the US (and other) markets.
  12. This is awesome! Great view with an even better stick! How was this? I'm a big Tat lover and missed the ball on these. I've been very curious as to how these were.

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