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  1. No time to smoke lately, but here are some recent ones. BRE - OCT-19 Connie 1 UEB-AGO-17 Lusi Divinos - First on and pleasantly surprised LGR-AGO-17 PLMC SOR-DIC-19 E2
  2. Heath-O, TAA = Tobacconists' Association of America. Essentially, each year certain brands will put out a one off line of sticks under this licensing of the TAA name as a limited release cigar for that year. Only certain retailers in the US are TAA retailers and carry these yearly cigars. If you get a chance, give the TAA 2020 Tatuaje's a try. Fantastic smokes. Slightly less full bodied than their normal blends in my opinion, more flavorful but still the same excellent construction as always. I bought two boxes of the Nat Sherman Pan America Epicure's recently and smoked the first one last week. I liked it a lot. The TAA's were somewhat one dimensional and very pleasant as an everyday smoke, but the PA's were a little spicier and more complex for such a small stick.
  3. After a couple of weeks on the road working another one of our company's tournaments in South Dakota, I came home to a nice mail call. Avocados not included.. 1x - GEM-MAR-20 Connie 1 1x- SOR-DIC-19 E2 1x- EOS-MAY-19 Non-Plus 2x- EOS-OCT-19 Short de Punch 2x- LGR-OCT-19 PLMC Partial Boxes - AUB-AGO-13 RASCC & UME-SEP-14 JLPC
  4. BRE-OCT-19 Connie 1 for the first stick back home after a couple weeks on the road.
  5. Fantastic smokes! Ripped through a box real quick, another sleeping and two more on the way. A very enjoyable smoke IMO. These Pacificos are smoking marvelously right now. I had one with me this weekend but didn't have the time to smoke something that large.
  6. A little staycation for our 9 year anniversary this weekend. Enjoyed great accommodations, food and drink. Was only able to get one smoke in, but made sure it was a good one. We went over to The Breakers for another bottle of wine after dinner and walked back to our hotel. Enjoyed a delicious MSU-JUL-17 MDO4 which tasted like pure lemon zest and funfetti cake. Got in a quickie Perlas that I dropped and cracked last night when we got home.
  7. Drinking through whatever is in the fridge before heading out of town for a few weeks.
  8. Hate when that happens, I'm sorry to hear it. I have a 2016 JL1 box that I finished recently and was pretty much fireproof throughout the whole box. I have another one stashed away but don't want to dig in for a big. Very frustrating when a stick is like that, but I guess that is one of the risks we take smoking cigars haha. This was my first one and I'm a big Upmann fan in general but this provided excellent flavors, good burn, slightly firm draw but nothing that was annoying. Overall, very pleasant for me but obviously we all have different palates two cigars from the same box could be completely different (for two people or for one person smoking one to the other).
  9. Pitched: LGR-JUN-19 SCdLH Prado. Just cant get into these sticks. Flavors don't do anything for me and this one was plugged no matter what I did. Nubbed: Upmann Mag 50 from late 2019 (I believe) that was absolute heaven.
  10. Feliz Cumpleanos Miguel! I hope you had an excellent day. Looks like you enjoyed some great cigars
  11. Just got these Nat Sherman 2020 TAA's in and figured I'd give one a try ROTT to see if its worth going after another bundle or two. A very pleasant medium bodied smoke. Fresh leather, buttered wheat toast, nutmeg retro. Flawless construction.
  12. A couple more singles arrived today. Mistakenly thought I was buying 2013 HUPC and not HUHC so I was a little annoyed at myself when I looked back in the conversation with the seller but totally saw it was my fault. Ohhhh well.. They're still sticks I enjoy

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