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  1. captaincaveman left Positive feedback   

    Great trade with Steve! Sticks were gorgeous, as promised, packaged well. Came through on a few things that were HTF. Both shipped the same bodyguard....thanks paisan!

    StogieSteve23 was Trading

  2. lovethehaze left Positive feedback   

    Steve is a very generous BOTL, simply sent him so me beers that he had asked about and hit me back with a knockout that wasn't even expected. trade with the utmost trust and a great guy.

    StogieSteve23 was Trading

  3. Lord Verulam left Positive feedback   

    My experience 'trading' and chatting with Steve-O has been great. Offered to send him a few sticks to try and he generously sent some awesome smokes back in return. The smokes are great but always a positive experience to connect with a brother and have some camaraderie! if youre trading with steve, buying, selling, whatever, rest assured you will have a positive experience cheers all!!

    StogieSteve23 was Trading

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