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  1. Best: AC\DC Razor’s Edge tour @ Star Lake Amphitheater (West Virginia) Missed: Guns N Roses/Metallica @ Three Rivers Stadium
  2. Yeah, I knew it was too much but so is everything else I like. Cheers 🥃🥃
  3. I have not seen a bottle of age statement Japanese whisky in a local shop for years. Today they had this (about five bottles) on the shelf so I bit.
  4. I appreciate the kind words but I gave you an Esplendido. We had a few drinks that day 🥃
  5. ‘18-‘19 PSD4 have been my favorites of the recent production. I think the Mag 46s and Mag 50s need more time.
  6. According to my google search, there are two DuPont service centers located in the United Ststes. They are: ART BROWN INTERNATIONAL 20 west 47 street suite 20R New York, NY 10036 Tel. +1 212-921-1144 ARS SALES AND SERVIcE 3450 Asheville Highway HENDERSONVILLE, NC 28791 Tel. 828-693-3212
  7. As a kid I collected Punisher comics (the original series). My wife and I have a modest collection of original oil paintings and sculpture, mostly Pennsylvania artists but some others. And a few old vintage movie posters. Personally, I have a few 1980s-era semi auto pistols (Italian-made Berettas and early Glocks with Austrian proof marks) and some custom pocket knives. I’m not into cars or sports memorabilia.
  8. Every time I think about “the haze” I conjure up memories of a fraternity brother’s dorm room in Ohio. I realize you are talking about hazy IPAs but I can’t get the purple haze out of my head. 😉
  9. They were blowing them out on a while ago. I ended up buying four sets and using three of them. They are kind of cheap but if you put enough wine bottles in the racks, the weight gives them more stability. The height I ended up using provided the best end result. I had about sixteen cases in my basement as a result of six years of bulk Cabernet/merlot/Sauvignon blanc purchasing. The blocks and slats are not fastened together. The horizontal slats just sit in a groove on the end pieces.
  10. It’s the Billy bookcase with all glass doors and some LED lights I rigged up (also from Ikea). We needed a place to put unused glassware and cookbooks anyway. Bottom two rows hold 100-count humidors. I’m happy with the end result. Cheers!
  11. So you are saying the recent blend is more bland than 2005? Just trying to clarify your meaning. I had an 05 mag 45 several years ago that blew me away. The entire cigar was incredible. By contrast, the last recent production mag 46 I sampled (a tubo from a 3-count box that could not have been older than 2017) was extremely bland and one dimensional.
  12. La Palina maduros are very tasty. But I cannot smoke maduros too often, like I did when I first started out. It’s just a change of pace thing now. But done correctly, I do enjoy the flavor.
  13. Well, Drapers, their sister lounge went through some drama a while back. They used to allow BYOB, however there was an incident on their patio, and some walkers-by were offended. Now the entire city of Bethesda does not allow any establishment to BYOB. I’ve never been to the Bethesda location. If I go to Maryland I’m in Annapolis, and there is only a tiny cigar shop there, to my knowledge. But the Bethesda drama appears to be alcohol-related, so hopefully people can still smoke on their patio.

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