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  1. I bought a metal cutter made by Savoy several years ago and it still works great. Comes with a little leather cover too. I think it was around $30
  2. Lusitanias. Kept buying boxes of ten because the 24:24 listings state “you don’t find them like this”. Then the other day I found a dress box of 25 HQ Lusis that I bought months ago and forgot about completely. Now I have another box of ten on the way from the last HQ/PSP listing 🤦🏻‍♂️ If you drink rum and stare at your phone long enough, this is what happens.
  3. Cayman17

    For 2019

    Metal looks more durable
  4. That crotch mahagony is just beautiful
  5. Cayman17

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Great minds think alike ^^^^^^^
  6. But does he know why they call it Royal with cheese?
  7. Cayman17

    Maduro class is in.

    I started out smoking maduros almost exclusively (non-Cuban). They definitely have a distinct flavor profile, like a semi-sweet cinnamon/baking spice. I assumed it had to do with both shade and aging processes. I have not smoked enough Cuban maduros to comment on them. But as far as current non-Cuban cigars go, I think the La Palina maduro line is an excellent representation of what a quality maduro cigar should taste like.
  8. Cayman17

    Skynet T5000 Wineador!

    Pretty sweet!
  9. Lose the ketchup, pour on some relish and onions and get back to me. I don’t smoke multiple cigars back-to-back. I need time and a meal in between, but even the meal can affect taste later on, in my opinion. No mouthwash before a cigar, for me.
  10. Congrats to the winners! 🍻
  11. I forgot about Rick and Morty. I enjoy it almost as much as Archer.
  12. I do watch Archer regularly. Futurerama and Family Guy only if there is nothing else on.
  13. After an exhausting afternoon of furniture assembly, I finally had time for a cigar. For this review, I grabbed a Juan Lopez No. 2 from a clearance box purchased from our host. The cigar looked fantastic and smelled of barnyard, hay and chocolate. The cold draw was pure milk chocolate. The draw was somewhat loose, but it did not affect my enjoyment of this splendid robusto. The first inch brought earthy spice, oak and a sweet taste almost like a sweet barbecue sauce. After that point, it transitioned into a wonderful orange/citrus with a chocolate aftertaste, and smoke production increased dramatically. About halfway through, as I continued to produce large clouds of smoke, the cigar began to taste more nutty than anything else. Very pleasant and relaxing. In the final third, the cigar became tannic and a bit harsh, likely due to its young age. I put it down rather than attempting to nub it.
  14. Roasted sheep’s head maybe. Balut- no
  15. One of my father’s employees split a gross of m-80s with me when I was about 14. They would blow a hole in the yard about twelve inches wide. It was basically dynamite. I don’t think I ever detonated one in the presence of an adult.

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