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  1. Agree on Fundadores. Also young Epicure 2 and young ERDM Choix Supreme
  2. Cayman17

    Kentucky Bourbon Trail Question

    I check out liquor stores in other states for bourbon and scotch when I travel for business. I have yet to find any Weller, Stagg Jr. or other hard to find bottles such as Blanton’s, etc. I was amazed I figured I would find something eventually but no.
  3. Cayman17

    Pairing Recommendations for Havana Club 7

    I actually prefer it as a mixer, as it’s a decent sipper but frankly, in my opinion, I greatly prefer El Dorado 15 if I am drinking it neat. I like 2 ounces HC7 in a rocks glass filled halfway with ice. Lightly squeeze the lime (just a few drops) and lay the lime in the glass. Then top with Coca-Cola. May sound weird but that’s the recipe I came up with after drinking through 3 bottles of HC7 a year ago. You can pair it with anything, but I like Upmann and Trinidad, personally. Goes great with Trini Reyes after work 😁
  4. Upmann Cohiba Trinidad Partagas Hoyo de Monterrey
  5. Cayman17

    bloody instagram!!

    The same thing is happening to me, Ken. To scroll through your photo library, scroll up and down ⬆️⬇️ with your finger, thumb etc. Once you select your pic and hit “next” it will take you to the screen where you can add your comment, tag others, etc.
  6. Cayman17

    None Cubans

    Spicy - Tatuaje Verocu unique - Tatuaje black (I like the petit lancero the best) Not a huge fan of Fuente or Drew Estate not a huge fan of Illusione either, but I do like the line he blended to smoke with champagne. It’s called Epernay
  7. It certainly does make you think you need a box of them around, doesn’t it?
  8. The PSP Monte Edmundo, “rare as rocking horse poo.”
  9. Box on the left is PSP/HQ. Better sheen 😎
  10. Cayman17

    AP Regional Help

    Isn’t the 2014 LGC Paraiso kind of similar to that?
  11. Cayman17

    AP Regional Help

    VR Sublimes
  12. This stick came from a clearance box offered on 24:24 last November. The aroma from the box was all barnyard and chocolate, so I was excited to try it. This was my first experience with the Choix Supreme. The cigar was well constructed and sported a beautiful claro wrapper. Clipped the head and the draw was a bit loose, but not bad. The cigar opened with a bit of peppery spice that quickly receded and was replaced with a wonderful honey/carmel flavor, which appeared at various points as I continued to smoke. There were also nutty and floral notes at times. Unfortunately, this cigar was a bit tannic and there was some harsh, bitter flavors along the way due in part to its youth. However, I could tell that all of the elements in the sale listing- honey, bread, nuts, citrus - are present and this will be a great cigar in time. I give it an 86 now, but I anticipate that the score will climb as years pass.
  13. Cayman17

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Boys are getting big fast 😯

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