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  1. Anyone seen this? I’ve got a few bottles of 2016 put away but no 2017 yet. 2016 is supposed to be more delicate and complex, while 2017 is said to be more dense and powerful. I can only get Churchills and Cockburn 2017 at my local store. Any port drinkers here?
  2. I prefer Siglo I to medio siglo for consistency but a good medio Siglo is tasty. I just think that they need a few years (medio Siglo) for them to shine. My absolute preference if I’m buying cohiba and spending that much cash is Siglo IV, which in my opinion can be smoked fresh.
  3. I’ve been enjoying plantation 5 year lately. $23 per bottle can’t beat it. Saving my el dorado 12
  4. The cabaiguan line is mild compared to the regular red and brown label lines. The black label petit lanceros are excellent milder sticks as well.
  5. I invested in some CAT earth movers and hard hats for the boys during quarantine. They love playing with them. I think I paid about $50 for two dump trucks and two front end loaders.
  6. I’ve smoked three from a box purchased in June 2018. First one was all cardboard, total disappointment. The last two have been pleasant. My tasting notes read as follows: “Light chocolate, cream, touch of spice and wood. I give it an 88.” It’s a good cigar but not worth $400 for a box (what I paid). I looked at four boxes and bought the nicest one they had.
  7. I’ve noticed that I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen boxes labeled as “PE” (premium economy). Is that no longer in use? It seems like the categories are now PSP, HQ, hand picked, clearance or seconds. I think I have one PE cab of PLPC somewhere.
  8. I’ve never had a petit churchill but I’ve had several petit royales and they have been excellent. I bought 2 boxes during a clearance blowout deal in 24:24 a while ago and I am very happy that I did.
  9. I think it’s going to take a few days, maybe even a week, to get the humidity down a few points using heartfelt beads. It’s best to keep the unit closed securely for a prolonged period for them to really work their best. I use them in coolers and it requires patience on my part, I have found over the years.
  10. A man walks into a bar and sees a dog in the corner licking its balls. As he sits down at the bar, he motions towards the dog and says to the bartender, “I wish I could do that.” The bartender replies, “Go ahead, he doesn’t bite.”

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