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  1. Quick recipe when you need one with 2 children running around on Sunday morning: 2 ounces vodka, ten dashes Tabasco, 4 dashes Worcestershire, squeeze lime wedge and drop in bottom of glass. Add ice then top with Tabasco brand original (not spicy) bloody Mary mix. Dash of black pepper on top and throw in a few olives. Done and delicious
  2. Bought a ten count box of Monte 4 in Grand Cayman to smoke on the island in December 2019 and they didn’t have much flavor. Brought about six of them home and haven’t touched them since. On the other hand, every PSD4 I bought in GC, including the one I bought from a lucite plastic display case at a liquor store while I was buying wine for the week, was awesome. I had been avoiding the LGC Caribbean LEs I bought a few years ago (2014 box) because the first one tasted entirely of cardboard, but the last two I smoked were great. Apparently they just needed seven years to come around.
  3. Go Insane was featured in an episode of Miami Vice (Sonny is shooting pool at a party). That’s how you know you’ve made it.
  4. Anyone seen this? I’ve got a few bottles of 2016 put away but no 2017 yet. 2016 is supposed to be more delicate and complex, while 2017 is said to be more dense and powerful. I can only get Churchills and Cockburn 2017 at my local store. Any port drinkers here?
  5. I prefer Siglo I to medio siglo for consistency but a good medio Siglo is tasty. I just think that they need a few years (medio Siglo) for them to shine. My absolute preference if I’m buying cohiba and spending that much cash is Siglo IV, which in my opinion can be smoked fresh.
  6. I’ve been enjoying plantation 5 year lately. $23 per bottle can’t beat it. Saving my el dorado 12
  7. The cabaiguan line is mild compared to the regular red and brown label lines. The black label petit lanceros are excellent milder sticks as well.

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