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  1. I voted for Coke, but I would add that when it comes to their diet counterparts, Diet Pepsi is much more palatable to me than Diet Coke.
  2. Cayman17


    Diplomatico is good for sipping and is within your price range.
  3. Sub 44: 1. Cohiba Corona Especiales 2. Fundadores 45-50 1. Esplendidos 2. RyJ Tacos EL 52+ 1. Upmann no. 2 2. Upmann Mag 54
  4. How are the SC Torreón cigars? Not many people talk about them. They started making them again recently, didn’t they?
  5. Is the Signet that good? Want to try it but keep skipping over it to buy more Oban 14 before it disappears completely
  6. I had thirty minutes on the deck before deeding time so I grabbed a Siglo I from a 24/24 purchase a few months back. This was a PSP grade stick and it was a gorgeous looking example. The draw was perfect and it burned rather evenly with only one touch up. Flavor-wise, it reminded me of a 2017 box of Siglo IV I have downstairs: honey and hay. Not a lot of flavor progression but I was fine with it. I love these flavors and they go very well with bourbon, in my opinion. I look forward to smoking more from this box in the future. Score: 89
  7. I’m going to guess you are deep on Esplendidos as well
  8. Recently acquired multiple boxes of Magnum 46 PSP, Magnum 50 PSP, Magnum 54, Sir Winston, and San Cristobal La Fuerza. Also grabbed a second box of RyJ Tacos on EOFY and a few months before that, an extra box of PSP Punch Regios de Punch from El Pres.

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