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  1. Cayman17

    April 2019 boxes

    I will say that following the birth of twins, there is definitely an increase in the desire to smoke cigars regularly (possibly due to the palpable sense of relief caused by the innate joy of having enough free time to sit and actually smoke a cigar)
  2. Cayman17

    April 2019 boxes

    My twins were born November 2018. Those boxes are coming up regularly now on 24:24. So there is about a 5-6 month time lag.
  3. Cayman17


    Congratulations! 🎉
  4. Kuletto Estate 2015 Zinfandel. Delicious
  5. Quick review for a quick smoke: cocoa is dominant throughout, with flashes of leather, wood and walnuts. This was from an HQ box and they have all been consistently delicious thus far. Score: 92
  6. I can relate but it’s hard to slip in a minuto most nights 🍼🍼
  7. I’d be interested to see how the Punch ELs are smoking, but it’s your choice.
  8. I’m surprised by all the votes for Dave Chapelle. His tv show was funny, but as a stand up comedian, He’s not really in my top ten. Chris Rock’s HBO specials were ten times better than anything Chapelle ever did. “Bring the Pain” is a classic that is hilarious from start to finish. No Jim Gaffigan fans?
  9. Great list. Totally forgot about Tom Segura. Dice was great too, let’s be honest.
  10. Rodney Dangerfield comes to mind
  11. Atlanta has a bunch of cigar lounges, I believe. Always wanted to smoke at the Buckhead. Vegas is great why take it off the list? Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, AZ had a cool smoking bar with inside and outside smoking areas. There is a Top Golf nearby if you dig that.
  12. Cayman17

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bolivar Corona Junior ETP FEB 17 cocoa bomb 💣
  13. Cayman17

    Repurposing old tubes

    This guy on Instagram makes a similar case. His are $149
  14. Next you’re going to tell me that leasing a sports car is a bad investment.

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