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  1. At least $750. That’s what a guy on another forum who no longer smokes wanted for his copy, citing EBay prices.
  2. I would try the Reyes and let the RyJ sit until March 2020.
  3. I’m so glad you said that. I have a few ESL boxes resting. One was even a clearance box.
  4. I bought a “seconds” box of Coloniales last year from 24:24 where cracked feet warnings were expressly given. I think I’ve only seen one that was slightly cracked so far. Like you, I don’t really experience many cracked feet with FOH, if any.
  5. UGO is a good code. I bought a UGO NOV 18 dress box from a trusted source but have yet to pick it up. The pic I received looks good though.
  6. If you google it you will find that is precisely what it is. 41 mm as well.
  7. Agreed. Vacuum sealer and large box of uncut bags from Costco, worth every penny

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