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  1. Used to be pho with beef (pre-children), now it’s pizza delivered from “Mmm mmm pizza” down the road (with children).
  2. Nightcap with RyJ Linea De Oro Nobles gifted by a friend. Not much flavor in the cigar. The rum is incredible
  3. Pre-Easter brunch Bolivar RC tubo on 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
  4. I wish they had shown the walk in humidors a little.
  5. A friend of mine who is big into bourbon helped me with some repairs that helped me sell my old house. I’d like to get him a bottle or two as a thank you gift but Pennsylvania is terrible. I know he’s been looking for a while for Weller full proof, Weller 12 and Stagg jr. I believe he also mentioned trying to find Elmer T Lee and EH Taylor anything but small batch. if anyone can source any of these bottles please let me know. Thanks!
  6. There is a free tram from Bellagio to the city center shopping area which is fun to walk around (at least it was last time I was there). I smoke at casa de montcristo or parasol down at the Wynn. Baccarat bar is cool for people watching.
  7. Boli PC for me. They are consistently satisfying. But I like PCs.
  8. I don’t practice family law, but I have read (as a former appellate law clerk) several appeals from equitable distribution orders where a party challenges the value that the judge placed on his old jet ski, their cabin by the lake, etc. Basically, the judge looks to the valuation presented by the parties and makes a credibility determination. If you have actual receipts, in my opinion the court would be inclined to go with that value unless your wife’s attorneys have a lot of knowledge and actually make an effort to research sales records. I doubt anyone would call an expert witness for cigars.
  9. It took me 12 weeks to get my sense of taste back in 2021. Diagnosed in March, didn’t even try to eat a steak until summer. It was awful. I was eating a beautiful filet when my wife and I turned to each other at the same time and both announced that we could not taste what we were eating. That’s when we knew we had it.
  10. 1. Looks like a solid prediction 2. oops, sorry Pete. I forgot about Illusione. 3. check ✔️
  11. Agreed. He was great on Entourage. RIP Bob
  12. I’m going to a little further and say: 1. My Father or Padron will be number 1 this year 2. Tatuaje will have a cigar in the top ten (usually number 7 or 8) 3. I am guessing one CC will be top 5 this year, possibly 3 in the entire list
  13. About 90 percent of our workforce is remote now. We still have unvaccinated people coming into the office, though. The worst is dealing with daycare and Covid protocols. Two people who work at the center where my boys go have already tested positive for omicron. We had to isolate with them (I got no work done) for seven days which was dumb because they would not tell us anything about the exposure and the boys had zero symptoms. Tired of this sh*t already.
  14. Congrats. I think TUA is a good code. I stocked up on TUA boxes of Boli PC and they all look high quality.
  15. Best wishes and many thanks to the entire FOH team! 🥂 the end of year list was very interesting this year, kudos to Rob for putting that bit of reading together. And thank you the phrase “ball tearer of a cigar”. I hear that now in my head every time I See an upmann Connie 2 being discussed
  16. I went all maduro this year. Had a hunch they would be my favorite
  17. Tatuaje cigars have never been inexpensive. But they have always been quality. If the black label prices are staying stable, that’s good for me. The petit lanceros in the black label blend is are fantastic cigars if you can age them
  18. I have an Elie Bleu flat flame lighter. It’s a beautiful lighter and seems to work okay, but I can’t seem to get used to the flat flame. I find it easier to light cigars with it than to touch them up. If I can find it I’ll post a pic. I’m impressed with E Bleu products. Seems like a quality brand. I also have cutter from them.
  19. This was $150 on Black Friday. I think they are usually $250, though. I was shopping drunk and took the plunge. It’s beautiful and nice and slim. The product description was “robusto” case but as you can see, an Esplendido fits perfectly. Made by Artigiani Del Re. Made in Italy dyed leather. Maybe a splurge piece if you were really good this year?
  20. I always keep Courvoisier VSOP on hand. It’s my go-to. I liked the H by Hine when it was available at my local store but it disappeared long ago. I have no problem with Courvoisier at all and that is where I would encourage others to start. I have had Hennessy before and it’s also quality cognac.

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