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  1. Poisonous snakes. Needless to say, the thread of you missing home was quite alarming!
  2. Usually an anonymous gag gift based on some inside joke. This year, my boss got stuck with an expensive tow job right outside the office due to unpaid tickets. Enter toy tow truck. Everyone gets to have a laugh and it has a personal touch to it. We're not the sort of office where any form of gift would be expected though.
  3. If possible, get a feel for the touchpad/keyboard before you pull the trigger. Personally, I won't touch anything with a buttonless touchpad, but it's preference. 1080p screen resolution is a must, as is a SSD.
  4. I'll definitely be interested in trying some of these! Love skinnier ring gauges.
  5. Easy to say, harder to do when your heart isn't in it and you're risking permanent injury. Sucks he made the decision he did, but I understand where he was coming from.
  6. I kind of like them like that. I find it a classier look than covering half the stick with as many bands as possible.
  7. It's not a good look, but once he's made up his mind, there is no good outcome. The options were basically: Finish the game, knowing you've mentally checked out. This isn't fair to his teammates and is a danger to his own safety to play with that mindset. Leave the building, telling your teammates. More professional, but potentially causes a pretty big distraction. Stay on the sideline, with his teammates knowing why he isn't playing. Even more distracting to be sitting next to a quitter What he did. Incredibly unprofessional, but caused less of an in-game disturbance than him making the announcement to his teammates. Given his play in the first half, he wasn't going to give a solid effort in the second half anyway. Hopefully Buffalo's management takes this as a wake-up call and starts turning things around.
  8. I'd rather just buy here at that price and know they're the real deal.
  9. Congrats on the absolute dismantling of FSU. Super impressive performance from your defense.
  10. So sad what happened to Watt as he was such an amazing talent and is obviously a fantastic human being. He's pretty damn impossible to root against no matter who you cheer for. Watson's the real deal. His stats in college looked worse than they could have because he was relied on to win some close games when the running game wasn't working other than his own legs, and he got taken out pretty early into garbage time because that's how Dabo Swinney coaches. He picked up the pro game quickly and already has chemistry with Hopkins. Honestly think you guys are going to be this year's Eagles and are legit Superbowl contender. Unfortunatlely, I don't see my Broncos making much noise this year. We have a better QB, but the pass protection is still a serious problem and the running game is mediocre at best. Defense has skill, but we're still missing Wade Phillips and how he brought that group together as a cohesive unit. Time for my favourite time of year!
  11. I watch both, but the college game has the following benefits: Every regular season game is meaningful More offensive/defensive schemes to take advantage of available players Subjective, but I like the OT rules and clock stoppage for the moving of chains. Regarding the OP: Vancouver Canucks: Hometown team. Denver Broncos: Started following the NFL when the team was really good, with Elway and TD. Been a fan ever since Clemson Tigers: Friend who introduced me to the college game is a huge fan. Got fed a lot of games and the team was good.
  12. If you're in the minority, I'll join you. Interfering with someone's personal property is never ok.
  13. I really hope the TV adaptation will be of the Silmarillion, which includes a version of this story.

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