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  1. We do the same. Each is free to spend on whatever they like, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, with zero bickering about money other than an occasional joke. It works well.
  2. Most of the closest people to me are at high risk if they get the virus. Even if they're vaccinated, a 5% chance of it not working is too high for me to not get it as well. I also don't expect to be able to travel, watch live sports, or see a concert. until I take the vaccine, so it makes sense to get it over with.
  3. Helsinki through Russia, China, ending in Saigon overland. I expect to have a lot of vacation time banked before this is realistic, unfortunately.
  4. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when they get in gambling debt in prison.
  5. Definitely missing sports; we should be right in the middle of the hockey playoffs right now. Miss being able to drop over at friends' for a few drinks and conversation. Miss having some solitude at home while girlfriend is working or out with friends. Mostly, miss being able to visit my aging parents without fearing I'll kill them if I do so.
  6. I like letting them finish their pitch and say I'm going to go get my credit card. Then put phone down and see how long it takes them. The longer they stay on the phone with me, the fewer people they can scam.
  7. World Junior Hockey Championship. It's been an annual tradition for me since the 1994 lockout. Unfortunately us ice hockey fans don't get a reliable best on best tournament so this is as close as it gets. For a single game, NCAA football natty. I love seeing young, hungry guys playing for love of the game.
  8. Poisonous snakes. Needless to say, the thread of you missing home was quite alarming!
  9. Usually an anonymous gag gift based on some inside joke. This year, my boss got stuck with an expensive tow job right outside the office due to unpaid tickets. Enter toy tow truck. Everyone gets to have a laugh and it has a personal touch to it. We're not the sort of office where any form of gift would be expected though.
  10. If possible, get a feel for the touchpad/keyboard before you pull the trigger. Personally, I won't touch anything with a buttonless touchpad, but it's preference. 1080p screen resolution is a must, as is a SSD.
  11. I'll definitely be interested in trying some of these! Love skinnier ring gauges.

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