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  1. How's the beer? Im a big fan of the Mad Tom and Twice as Mad Tom, but have never tried that one.
  2. A few years ago I was passing through the international terminal of Indira Gandhi airport and noticed a walk in humidor. At this point, I had never smoked a cigar before, but for some reason I was interested in them. The fellow working in the duty shop recommended that I pick up a 10 count box of Monte #2s and RyJ Short Churchills. The price seemed right so I took his recommendation. When I got home, I smoked one of the Monte #2s and was hooked on Cuban cigars from that point on. Today I had the pleasure of revisiting the box and they are definitely "on" right now. They are full o
  3. Enjoyed a young, but perfectly constructed, BRC this morning. Earthy and leathery with a slight hint of cocoa.
  4. Only had time for a quick post-work smoke today so I figured I'd give a Monte Media Corona that I picked up from a recent 24:24. Full of coffee, leather and woody notes throughout.
  5. Had the opportunity to smoke a few non-Cubans over the past couple of weeks and noticed two things. First, the ash on all of them appeared to be much more white when compared with Cubans. Second, the draws were all looser than the typical Cuban stick. I was wondering if these are correlated. Does a looser draw cause the cigar to burn hotter, which, in turn, causes the tobacco to come to a more complete burn and therefore the ash is whiter?
  6. What does it mean when someone describes a cigar as a "mongrel"? Does it mean that it is young and unrefined or a hodgepodge of different flavours without any particular note coming to the fore?
  7. Finished off a long day with a fresh Punch Punch (LGR DIC 17)
  8. Had the opportunity to smoke a cigar with my younger brother; nothing beats good company.
  9. Enjoying the sunny West Coast weather with a Partagas Presidente that is sweet, spicy and full of leather.
  10. Hello FOH, new member here from Vancouver wanting to introduce myself. I've been smoking CC and NC cigars infrequently for the past couple of years, but a recent trip to Cuba has reignited my interest in Cubans. After having the opportunity to try many different cigars on that trip I've found that I prefer medium/full-bodied cigars and thicker vitolas, and occasionally a 2+ hour smoke. I'm hoping to learn everything I can from this forum and maybe meet a few local smokers. Thanks for the open invite and warm regards, Nick

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