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  1. Socialism has always been a source of great suffering and evil. And it always will be.
  2. Forget that nonsense. If North Korea can normalize relations with the United States, then so can Cuba.
  3. Russian warships visiting Cuba isn't that unusual. As the Associated Press recently reported:
  4. I was being sarcastic. First they came for the torch lighters, but I don't fly with one so I said nothing. . . Flying in the USA requires an approach paraphrased from the last US Secretary of Defense: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to abandon every personal item you're carrying.
  5. The TSA - like all government agencies - is a bureaucracy. As a bureaucracy, it is staffed by bureaucrats. Bureaucrats follow procedure. Someone at a faraway headquarters (likely in DC, where such decisions are made) decided that torch lighters are a threat, and issued a policy to that effect. Whether an item is a torch lighter likely depends on some secret technical definition. Your lighter either met the definition or appeared to meet the definition well enough that the policy applied and so it was flagged for confiscation. Can't blame the agent for that; after all, nobody ever went wrong just following orders. The supervisor merely showed you how to bypass the system. Like all systems, bureaucracies have rules. Some rules can be bent; others can be broken. The hard part is knowing when you can do what.
  6. That's the backup plan. Avallo units are too much like display cases for my taste. I'm looking for something resembling furniture.
  7. About years ago I turned a chest into a humidor. It served me incredibly well, and helped me store, age, and enjoy many hundreds of cigars. Recent successes make it too small for my needs. Where does one go these days for a nice humidor to hold 20-50 boxes? Not a display case... a subtle piece of functional furniture (if not art).
  8. You don't give your age, which matters for my advice, but here goes. My wife doesn't exactly invite me into bed fresh from a cigar, but after a day of work on the farm (felling trees, building stone walls, turning manure, etc.) I'll relax with a cigar, hit the shower, and then face no resistance. It's a nice balance; I get a good workout followed by a great reqard, the work gets done, and everyone ends up smiling. Your doc sounds like a tightwad, which is bad for a doc. But for sure a cigar is allowed after a day of strenuous work, especially when it's motivation for the work. So assuming your heart can handle the work (and the rest of you can handle the wife), get out there and earn your tobacco.
  9. Good tobacco. Good construction. Good price. Great x3 even better.
  10. Not from El Presidente, I'm afraid. It's the SLB. Looks legit. Stamped TEO OCT 17. Seem to be well constructed and burned very nicely.
  11. There currently is, always has been, and always will be a shortage of good people in every industry.
  12. That's what got me. Off flavor maybe, but I really did not expect no flavor.
  13. I think that's good advice, El Presidente, and I really appreciate it. I'll try to remember to report back in the fall.

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