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  1. And, of course, cars are getting clear wrapped also with self healing characteristics. Mine has it all over the front half to prevent chips/dings. Can’t imagine not having it now.
  2. As did I... I wasn’t entirely certain how I felt about it, but opportunity presented itself and I could sell it easily enough if I didn’t like it. It grew on me quite quickly. I really like it a lot. A month ago I bought the car of my dreams and I wanted a watch with a bit of flash to go with it. The 43mm size is perfect for me. The DSSD is tad large for me. I wanted a bit of flash at 43mm. Perfect 😉
  3. Thank you! I love it. For me, the size at 43mm is perfect. The DSSD is beautiful also, but a tad big for me. 43mm is sweet spot.
  4. Got this a couple weeks ago. It’s an extremely divisive Rolex, but makes me love it more. 😉
  5. In 1999 I ordered a box of Cohibas. This was really pre internet. Here’s what I received (see photos). I kept one because it was hilarious, but was out like $600USD, a lot of money even then which wasn’t funny.

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