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  1. Last purchases directly from Cuba: RAG (ABO NOV 17) and 8-9-8 (LMB AGO 17)
  2. Thanks TheMonk ! Hope to learn & share a lot.
  3. Hi friends, Last purchases (from France both)
  4. Hey, Yo también soy de México mi estimado, (de Puebla exactamente), pero estamos bastante cerca para coincidir y fumar algo. Saludos y buen día.
  5. Hola Xavier, Yo también soy de México, (de Puebla para ser más exactos), pero a ver cuando coincidimos para fumar algo. Gracias y buen día.
  6. Welcome Pierre, I live in Mexico too, so greetings from Puebla. Nice day.
  7. Hi everybody My name is Pepe (36) and I'm very glad to be part of this forum. I started tasting some nicaraguans (Padrón, Oliva) then some dominicans (AF, E.P. Carrillo) and lately I'm stuck with cubans (Trinidad, Upmann, Bolívar) I just started with some "homemade experiments" for aging cuban cigars, so I'm sure that I will learn a lot from you guys. Also I just became father of a beautiful girl (almost 3 months ago) so that makes so f***** happy and proud. Hobbies: Fly fishing, chess, dominoes, mezcal & single malts, and cigars !! Thanks for reading.

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