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  1. Well, let's get one thing out of the way: White Chick's is pure comedy gold. All conversations start and end there when it comes to that movie. Don't drag that cinematic masterpiece into any argument other than the one pertaining to the Waynes Bros best movie.
  2. Looks like some black overspray on the breaks which brought me to the conclusion he sprayed the wheels while on the car. Good catch on the left. My eyes aren't what they used to be!
  3. Only a real pro's pro knows to refinish the wheel while it's on the vehicle. Also have to admire him going all-in with the break and wheel mods and leaving that rust on the back fender under the door alone. Don't want to do too much.
  4. Defund has one definition. If you mean something else, say something else.
  5. I love the enthusiasm and your desire to set the site record for most posts in your first week. Check out some of the prior posts on the site. They can be very instructive. There are some extremely knowledgeable members, particularly on the subject of humidity and humidors.This particular one is great for humidor setups. In general, the rule of thumb is go bigger than you think you need because it will fill up fast. I have an old broken wine fridge and several air/watertight 80 qt plastic containers. 75 cigar boveda will probably take care of what you buy in the first two weeks of discovering 24:24.
  6. Being the patriarch of a self-sustaining polygamous compound my life hasn't been altered much. I guess the biggest issue has been how difficult it has been to source the OR scrubs I require all persons to wear who live with me.
  7. Bat and anteater are crazy delicious. If you're asking me to lay off the bat and anteater meat I just don't think I can do it. I'd rather live in a world with continuous pandemics then give up either dietary staple.
  8. Speak for yourself gents. I already got mine coming to me. Talked to the guy on the phone today, went over and picked up an iTunes gift card, then read him the numbers over the phone. The $50 iTunes gift card is for the government fees to get my check. Can't wait!
  9. If you have the time I would entertain the Three Matches method of lighting a cigar. CA posted a video on it a number of years ago. If you google it, you will find it. I've done it a handful of times. It is rather enjoyable and highly impractical.
  10. Travellers are great lighters at lower altitudes. When I lived in Denver I found myself constantly having to calibrate it just to get it to light, and a sustained light...forget about it. The few times I brought it up to the mountains (8500 ft) it wouldn't light for more than a few seconds. But when in the Florida Keys it worked flawlessly. My experience is anecdotal and might be a one off but not being able to keep a light excluded it from cold weather use. I have a Blazer CG-001 that I predominantly use now and that thing could light a candle in a rain storm. No issues in cold, wet, high altitude, humidity, or anything.
  11. @La_Tigre Have a look and see if this uploaded. I used @FatherOfPugs brilliant master list, and cross referenced box code and dates from the historical box code list on the reference site. This should give you a good idea of boxes that have pictures of the box codes and those codes fit the timeframe for being produced at EL. EL Vitolas.xlsx
  12. @Rabbi if you find your way up near Bentonville please let me know. Would love to have you over for a few cigars. Too few of us around these parts.
  13. See if this works. I'm crap at posting links. If not, just google "perfect grind science."
  14. Where are you guys at on the scientific study regarding the perfect espresso grind? It made pretty big news a few weeks back. Is it like the study "proving" curveballs don't curve, or is there real substance to it?

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