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  1. Bram Smoker

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Those Silvers looked great and I assumed that was the full box price, but I played out the scenario in my head where it was only a quarter box at that price. Couldn’t take that chance with the wife.
  2. Bram Smoker

    24:24 TUESDAY

    I figured it was an all-QdO lineup tonight when I couldn’t even get into the forum. Alas, I missed out on the RAGs. Another day.
  3. Bram Smoker

    Left or Right?

    That’s a great choice to have. Tough, but I go right.
  4. Down to 97 kg this morning. Started at 104.3 kg. Strictly following intermittent fasting has really helped cut down my calories. Now, if I could ever get my lazy butt up and workout.
  5. Little fat guy spaghetti squash recipe I have been making lately. It isn’t going to replace pasta but you can basically eat as much of this as you want and still not get the number of calories you would get in a bowl of pasta. Didn’t reinvent the wheel here but I do make a healthy tomato sauce. Start with diced beets, carrots, red onion, and sweet peppers (picture 1). Sauté until soft. Add garlic and tomato. I use multi-color cherry tomatoes because I like the way they cook down. I also add the beet stalks and leaves, which I ribbon before adding (picture 2). Add tomato paste and half cup of water, simmer and add water if it appears dry for your taste (picture 3). Split the spaghetti squash and scoop out the inside. Use half tablespoon olive oil on each and salt/pepper to liking. Bake at 450F for about 30min or until fork soft (picture 4). Fill the squash with the sauce and add some cheese (picture 5). Bake for another 5min or so. Remove and enjoy!
  6. I would think there could be a differentiation made for Habanos similar to that of champagne. Only sparkling wine from champagne can be labeled “champagne.” Likewise, all Cuban cigar brands are only able to be labeled “habanos” or something similar. Brand confusion could still be a real issue for the average consumer, and will ultimately result in lawsuits since money is on the table. I would think the real cost to the consumer would be each states tobacco tax. That is really the driving force for high cigar prices.
  7. Lost it about 4 hours ago on my end
  8. How’s the recipe aspect of this coming? I’ve only seen a few. Is everyone holding on to their best ones so other fatties like me don’t start making them and win the weight loss portion? If three fingers of scotch neat and a psp VR unicos counts as a dinner, that’s what I’ve been making the last few weeks. Low calorie and really great flavors.
  9. You are a little faster.
  10. Pretty good thread going on a similar topic from Thursday. Members giving their thoughts on what they would lay down for 21 years
  11. Bram Smoker

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    I didn’t have a dog in the fight so I would have been happy seeing a good game. What we got was a below average game with one good defense (Rams) shutting down a good offense, and an average defense (Pats) running roughshod over an overhyped QB. The moment was far too big for Goff. The game turned on a few phantom calls and bad FG kicking. Would have loved to see a single explosive play. Congrats to the Pats and their fans but the real star was Gladis Knight.
  12. Meteor is the ultimate terroir. Little know fact. Cabs from the 2019 will age six times longer with space dust in the soil. Can’t wait to taste that flavor!
  13. That is a nice dream to be sure. Just as an aside, while whisky doesn’t really go “bad” the flavor can be dramatically influenced with time exposed to air after opening. A good rule of thumb is to finish a bottle within a year or two after you get half way through it. I’d hate to see you come back on your 80th birthday and find a cloudy, crappy dram. As for the cigar, why not lay down a nice cab of Punch or HDM DCs. 50 untouched beauties sleeping for 21 years would be one hell of a birthday. I find myself partial to the DCs. Pair it with a nice 21 year single grain scotch.
  14. I’m in the same boat. My 3 year old son asks me every time I smoke a cigar if he is “big enough to smoke a cigar yet.” I have to say not yet pal. You are a big boy but not an adult. Maybe the few Sir David singles I have will be ready to smoke when he turns 18.
  15. My wife and I drove around Italy in our honeymoon. Down south of Bari on the Adriatic is a restaurant in cave over looking the sea. The food was great and the scenery was amazing. Love Puglia. Name of the place was Grotta Palazzese. If you are down that I would recommend looking into it.

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