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  1. That specific Rolex Daytona face is known as the "Paul Newman" Daytona. Simply put, that Daytona face, with the art deco numbers in the subs, is the single most desirable Daytona to collectors with examples going for millions at auction. So when Paul Newman's Paul Newman Daytona went to auction if fetched a high price. I also believe there was a charitable component to the sale which was by his ex-son in law after Newman's passed. Paul Newman's Paul Newman....quite a thing.
  2. Happy to have private discussions on how the movement of funds is orchestrated but hesitant to provide too much detail on public forms.
  3. Hawala runs everywhere. Full disclosure i was corp counsel for Western Union and did contract negotiations including some of their Caribbean dealings. I still work in the money remittance sector. There are many ways to move money and settle debts with one of the easiest being gift cards (iTunes, prepaid, and the like). Few limit use of funds to the countries in which they are loaded. The physical cards never move, only the information, where it is placed on a new physical card or used electronically. Settlement no longer requires physically meeting or providing cash.
  4. Money can still move to Cuba, likely via a traditional hawala system. This system is illegal in many countries but does result in more money in the hands of the friends and family because it prevents the government from collecting the ridiculous 10% remittance tax. I had no idea this tax was the second largest form of revenue for the Cuban government at $3B.
  5. The last time gold was below $1k/oz was like 2010, wasn't it? I mean it was $270/oz when I was in high school. Wish I skipped college and dumped all my money in gold then.
  6. Not entirely certain why dictatorship is in quotes. Oh, that's right, because Cuba is a true republic. My mistake ?
  7. Man, that is very difficult. Sending good thoughts the way of you and your family.
  8. Problem as in having someone confiscate them from you? No. Never heard of that or had it happen to me. My experience is they don't care if you have cigars, they are more interested in lighters and cutters on carry-ons. I've never had any comments made by security on the number of cigars in my carry-on. If you can squeeze 50 into your carry-on that is the route I would go. You know they are being handled a little more gently and not being exposed to the cold of the luggage hold. Plus they can't get lost.
  9. Well, let's get one thing out of the way: White Chick's is pure comedy gold. All conversations start and end there when it comes to that movie. Don't drag that cinematic masterpiece into any argument other than the one pertaining to the Waynes Bros best movie.
  10. Looks like some black overspray on the breaks which brought me to the conclusion he sprayed the wheels while on the car. Good catch on the left. My eyes aren't what they used to be!
  11. Only a real pro's pro knows to refinish the wheel while it's on the vehicle. Also have to admire him going all-in with the break and wheel mods and leaving that rust on the back fender under the door alone. Don't want to do too much.
  12. Defund has one definition. If you mean something else, say something else.

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