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  1. Bram Smoker

    For lovers of Baileys Irish Cream

    Stumbled into a bottle a few months back and picked it up more as a novelty for the bottle. Really is a top notch product. Stands out with the packaging and the taste. For what it's worth, I'd recommend picking one up as well.
  2. I keep the false hope alive in my mind that a few quality boxes of VR DAs will appear out of thin air. Old dreams die hard.
  3. I'm picking Bill in first class. I don't want to live in a world where I disappoint ScarJo in the sack. One woman (my wife) being burdened with that is enough. No reason to put that on ScarJo too.
  4. Bram Smoker

    Baby names help

    Not cigar related but we had a similar quandary late in 2018 and went with Isla Birdie.
  5. Bram Smoker

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Finally cracked this PSP box. Dynamic smoke. Great burn. Can’t wait to smoke the rest of the box...slowly if I can. UER DIC 17.
  6. Bram Smoker

    CNN. The secret world of cigars

    Based on the rings on their fingers they don't have an issue with dry cleaning those suits every single time they wear them while smoking. Since I'm not made of money, I'll keep my suits away from the smoke so I can wear them again without smelling like cigar smoke. Word of advice gents, take the suit off prior to smoking, then take the money you save on dry cleaning and spend it on 24:24 boxes.
  7. Bram Smoker

    1960's Punch Air France (PQRW)

    Great review! I was lucky enough to try one of these about ten years ago and the memory still sticks with me. It was a nicotine bomb even with that many years on it. Your comment one the smoke is dead-on. Super thick and delicious. All parties smoking with me that night had copious amounts of tar produced as further evidence of the power in these gems. Thank you for smoking and sharing.
  8. This is my first QdO, so I was very excited to try the much talked about relaunched brand. Nose: Slightly floral with stronger cinnamon and pepper. Cold draw: Floral and almost peachy. First 3rd: Initial impression is bready to start with easy retro. The peach from the cold draw is present but not prominent and a nice tingle of pepper. Draw is darn near perfect with plenty of thick smoke. The burn wants to be perfect, but it can't seem to get itself right. I'm smoking outside but it is perfect weather: 72, sunny, no wind, hasn't rained in almost a week. Second 3rd: Touch-up the burn but still having issues which remained for the entire cigar. Pepper and floral noting on retro, but not much progression overall. Steady thick smoke that is smooth cream, but nothing dynamic. Third 3rd: Tasting a light cinnamon now, the enjoyable pepper profile is still there and never came close to being overwhelming. Close to the end the wrapper splits wide open. Likely should have dry boxed and will in the future. Overall: Great expectations. As others have stated, the potential is there, but a year on it is still too young. I agree with the general consensus that 24-36mo is where this cigar will start to shine and will continue to age very well.
  9. Bram Smoker

    Odd mark inside RASS band

    Another member had a similar experience on a BFF. Should be just below your post: Bolivar BF - Signed Cigar Band
  10. VR Bolivar Partagas Juan Lopez HdM
  11. Bram Smoker

    Take 5

    I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I love the shots from the warehouse.
  12. I remember reading that drinking your water neat at room temp is better for absorption. I still like take mine on the rock after a long day of yard-work in the sun.
  13. Well, I guess I need to start stocking up on RAGs as well as Punch DCs. Don’t want to be left out in the cold when the rumors become reality.

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