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  1. It has been four years since I have been to the island, but Doctor Cafe was amazing. I would strongly suggest heading there unless others have visited recently and indicate it has gone downhill dramatically.
  2. This cigar is like cilantro - some people taste soap, others love the flavors it brings. I haven't smoked one in about a year but noted then that I thought it could become a gem. I was impressed with the make up and taste when young, knowing the Asia Pacific regionals usually need 5 years. But that said, some people I respect on this site do not care for these at all. Cilantro.
  3. Forgetting about daylight saving and missing 24:24! Happened once and all the VRDAs were gone - back when such things could be found. I am still terrified of it happening again.
  4. I'm not sure why the 1973 reference is important in relation to cigars. Eterna released a Super KonTiki watch in 1973 and a subsequent homage watch called the Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 in reference to the year the original was released. Maybe someone googled KonTiki and saw that, figured it sounded cool, and named the cigar that. Maybe the LCDH in the region first opened in 1973 and this is a coincidence? I'm really interested in the 1973 as well so if anyone knows, please let us know.
  5. Great looking cigars. Time to see who at the office is heading to Bolivia, Peru, or Ecuador, maybe Chile and Argentina, in the next few months! If I get a lead on any I'll be sure to check back in because my pockets aren't deep enough for the full cab.
  6. What countries are included on this regional? I was bumping around trying to get an answer.
  7. First time I picked up lavender. Dont know that I can nail the beeswax lavender furniture polish but I'm going to try
  8. This is my first time smoking one of these and I'm very excited. Raisin on the draw. What I would call the VR hallmark. Solid sun drenched raisins. First few puffs were flinty, nice and earthy mineral. Opened up into some strong VR raisin with some almost lavender undertones. Really loving this smoke. Second third moved away from the floral and pushed a wonderful semi-sweet chocolate to the front. The dry bitterness of the chocolate developed beautifully and complimented the ever-present raisin. Last third was great. Razor burn the whole way, never had to touch up or correct the burn. Chocolate and raisin dissipated into a black licorice and flint as the tar built on the v-cut. These are on-point right now and don't think any more time will be needed. I'm hard pressed to think the remaining nine will make it to the start college football season. Huge thank you to @HarveyBoulevardfor trading with me and allowing me to sample these discontinued VRs. This cigar is a 94 in my mind.
  9. Best 50/50 yet. I dearly love them both. Cash would have to go because my wife isn't a fan, and thus my wife listening time of Cash has diminished over the years. She can hate Papa all she wants, but she cant tell me what I can read....yet
  10. I haven't seen 1999 yet. I think all the previous seasons are great. Hell, my dog is named Archer (pictured). Eventually, work and kids will slow down enough for me to watch 1999. Might be 6 or 7 years, but I'll get to it.
  11. Here's to hoping the Chinese made trains run better than the Chinese made cars I had the "pleasure" of renting in Havana.
  12. Ask him to look out for the scene from the City and County of Denver flag.

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