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  1. @busdriver I think you hit all the reasons why I prefer robustos. Plus, the size is just right for my typically allotted smoking time Like others have mentioned - there are some really good regular production cigars in that size. I can't get enough Epi 2's right now
  2. OrdinarySmoke

    College Football 2018

    Ha! I'm expecting much better results this year! (checks calendar...yep, usually the time of year I make that statement!)
  3. NHL - do not let a skills competition (shootout) decide the outcome of the game. Increase the 3v3 overtime from 5 mins to 10. If the game is still tied after that - so be it!
  4. I have a couple of shows coming up. Pearl Jam at Fenway Park Labor day weekend, and Ozzy later that month I'll make an effort to see Pearl Jam whenever they're somewhat close to home. Iron Maiden too. Both bands are great to see live
  5. OrdinarySmoke

    College Football 2018

    UM alum... nice to see some B1G blood here. IU Hoosier fan here. I'm expecting another disappointing 5-7 season while we wait for basketball to return
  6. OrdinarySmoke

    FOH Weekend Playlist.

    Running through some Pearl Jam since I recently received my tickets for one of their fall shows
  7. OrdinarySmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Can't get enough of these Epi #2's
  8. OrdinarySmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Finally a break from the heat and humidity. Watching the grill with an Epicure Especial. Nov 17
  9. OrdinarySmoke

    Perfect Draw

    This one? Folding Cigar Stand
  10. OrdinarySmoke

    Winner of Cohiba Talisman comp

    Congrats, MT1!
  11. OrdinarySmoke

    Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    Hanging with Cooper on the deck
  12. OrdinarySmoke

    Best Sports Books?

    Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand Seabiscuit was one of the most electrifying and popular attractions in sports history and the single biggest newsmaker in the world in 1938, receiving more coverage than FDR, Hitler, or Mussolini. But his success was a surprise to the racing establishment, which had written off the crooked-legged racehorse with the sad tail.
  13. OrdinarySmoke


    Read something earlier that said he's retiring. Smart decision. CM Punk should do the same
  14. OrdinarySmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Double IPA with local honey from one of the breweries in Richmond, Va. Hardywood

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