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  1. I am considering it. As lame as it is, it's going to depend on the backseat/legroom. Sad to think a rear-facing car seat is basically the deciding factor on my next vehicle.
  2. Been listening to a solid mix of Waylon Jennings, Sturgill Simpson and this guy.
  3. Here you are, Ken. She lost her case and it sounds like she could more than afford the debt. An “unimaginably rich” Saudi heiress who lost £2 million ($3.3m) in one night of gambling at a London casino has been ridiculed by a high court judge and ordered to pay everything she owed, according to British media. Noora Abdullah Mahawish Al Daher, the daughter of a wealthy Saudi and married to Omani Foreign Minister Sayyid Badr bin Hamad bin Hamood Al Busaidi, was sued by The Ritz hotel’s Piccadilly casino after cheques that she used as credit while playing a card game, totalling £1 million ($1.66 million), bounced. Al Daher, 47, launched a counter-claim, arguing that staff wrongly allowed her to gamble on credit. She claimed she was a gambling addict and should be given back the £1 million ($1.66 million) she had already paid. But UK High Court Judge Anthony Seys Llewellyn threw out her case, saying she was fully responsible for her actions, the Daily Mail has reported. Judge Llewellyn said the loss was no catastrophe for “Princess Nora”, as she is known. He said her wealth was so extreme she had once had £6 million transferred into her account over a period of 10 days after claiming she “needed it to pay for the kids”. Two months after her losses in London, she and her family lost another £3 million in Las Vegas, the court heard. “Mrs Al Daher is a person of wealth unimaginable to the ordinary person and, I suspect, to many of moderate or substantial wealth,” Judge Llewellyn reportedly said. “The enormous sums she gambled and the enormous losses she sustained were within her means.” It took Al Daher just hours to reach her £1.7 million cheque limit playing the card game punto banco – a type of baccarat at the Piccadilly casino on April 3, 2012. At her request, the limit was then extended to £2 million. She also lost the addition amount, while also giving out £14,000 in tips to the dealer and other staff, the Daily Mail said. During the case, Al Daher argued she had been a “vulnerable” gambling addict since 1999, and casino staff were at fault because they had “positively encouraged” her to keep playing when she reached her limit. “I refused to deal with the thought that I was a gambler and, for that matter, a high roller,” she told the court. “I always felt that I was in control and could stop whenever I wanted to... I needed someone that night to tell me to stop playing and bring me to my senses.” But Judge Llewellyn said she had given no sign that her gambling was out of control and she did not present any medical or psychiatric evidence to show she was a gambling addict. She had been a regular at the casino and often spent “outrageously”. “She exhibited no signs of distress, irritation, anger or loss of control that evening,” Judge Llewellyn said in his verdict. “It is striking that she and her family gambled away five million US dollars in Las Vegas in June, some two to three months later. “The scale of her wealth... is an inescapable feature of this case, as is the fact that, for those with the means to do so, it may be acceptable, or even enjoyable, to ride the roller coaster of losses.” He rejected claims that Mrs Al Daher had been given credit in breach of gaming rules. Al Daher, who lives in Muscat, was ordered to pay the £1 million she owed, plus interest.
  4. From way back in 2014. Either way, here was the outcome of the lawsuit for those interested. https://www.arabianbusiness.com/saudi-heiress-ridiculed-by-judge-in-3m-ritz-gambling-case-561909.html
  5. She didn't get millions, $640k for third degree burns in probably the worst spot possible. A lot of misconceptions around that case.
  6. Best - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, the blind spots and seats are the worst parts. The reliability and capability have been great. I've wheeled it in east Texas river bottoms, beaches on the gulf coast, Sierra Nevada, and in the Rockies. Unfortunately rear facing car seats are a pain to use in it and the need for more legroom in the back is going to force me to sell it and move to something with 4 doors. Worst - 2002 Honda Civic, I was commuting to college 45 miles each way, and needed something with good gas mileage. The ac barely worked, you felt every bump in the road, and it was boring to drive.
  7. A lot of cigar people are saying these are the best. Believe me, aged to perfection. I'd pay $50 just to watch this person smoke one of these.
  8. Really cool that they honored him like that. Gotta love Austin.
  9. I had two outstanding cigars in June.The first one was a Jul 19 Sir Winston. I didn't want this one to end. It was nutty, slightly sweet, with a hint of leather. The second one was a Partagas D4. I've had these before, but this one really stood out. It was sourdough, pepper, and wood. Both of these made me regret only buying a 1/4 box of one and a 10 box of the other.
  10. If trout did this every time I spilt some beer, I would be a fishing legend.
  11. eldude

    Aging Humidor

    It's not a newair or anything like that, it's literally a cooler turned into a humidor. This is what I did. I bought a 36qt Coleman cooler, blocked off the spout at the bottom with tape, and added foam tape to create a gasket on the lid. That's it. It holds humidity well, better regulates temperature, and holds a lot more than my multiple sistema containers.
  12. eldude

    Aging Humidor

    I have one coolidor for everything. I don't have a lot of cigars and most of my boxes are 10ct, so no issues with room yet. All the boxes for aging go on the bottom. I have a few trays for collecting 1/4 boxes and singles on top. Whatever you get to use for your humidor make sure you have room to grow. I went through 3 sistema containers before I went with the cooler.
  13. Thank you! We might be a bit stir crazy these days, but having him around means we are never bored.
  14. My wife and I are getting along well. The only major changes we are experiencing is cooking more often and not having child care. The lack of child care is driving us both a little crazy, but saving us a lot of $$$ too.
  15. I was at about 1-2 a week before my son was born. Now I am lucky to get 1 a month. On a plus note, it is way easier to let them age now.
  16. Time for a robo vacuum, Ken. Maybe you can set up a feeding time during a virtual herf.
  17. Has anyone mentioned the Big Lebowski? Ok, other than that, this is my list. Waiting for Guffman A Fish Called Wanda Ed Wood
  18. I am not 100% sure what this is, but I could use all the motivation I can get.
  19. Nice review. I scored a quarter box of these on one of the last 24:24s and I can't wait till they get here.
  20. Tree House and Winnies, you are living the life this Thanksgiving. Enjoy, friend.
  21. The weather isn't cooperating, but I brought a few smokes with me to the bay for Thanksgiving. The monstrosity on the left is my father-in-laws pick. He has a strange love for Macanudos.
  22. Get a handful of singles and see what all you like. I recommend you try a Partagas, Montecristo, Ramon Allones, and an HdM or two.

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