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  1. But can we use Snipper Software on the FOH Auctions, since Ive only seen Auctionstealer for Ebay, but don't know of any other software that would work on other Auction Sites.
  2. QDO 54's 2018 Very good, from start to finish, can't wait to order more Didn't care for the Por Larrañaga Gran Robusto Paises Bajos, 2017. Started off Good, but gave me the worst stomach ache since it ended bitter and way to strong.
  3. I Store them at 65% Humidity and 68 Temperature. I really think either they are going through a Sick Period, since the rest of my Habanos smoke great. But these are just Harsh to the point where you have to stop smoking them.
  4. For the past 2 years I have been smoking the Partagas Serie D #5 EL 2008, each time I think they still need more time. I smoked one 2 days ago and I really had to leave it alone, way to harsh and strong. Maybe it's going through a very bad Sick Period, but then again after 11 years ?? Any other smokers had this same issue with this Habano, since this is my second Box and they have all been like this, just way to harsh and bitter.
  5. I remember the first RE that came out in Switzerland, I remember I bought a couple of them, I thought it would be a marketing one time thing, then I saw them each year in more and more countries. To the point when one can't keep up with them. Some Good, Some Bad and some non smokeable. To the point where brands that no one really cared about 10 years ago, are now collectors items. My question is that if all these RE new blends, real blends or do they just put the Edicion Regional Band and all of a Sudden they are worth double. For instance I just recently ordered the new Punch RE for Mexico, at the Mexico City LCDH, the price for a box of 10 is 360 dlls, this is 36 dlls a Stick and they just came out. So where will this end. I have no idea, but I personally think this is a very good Marketing idea from Habanos SA, and they are milking it for all they can. Reminds me when I used to buy Macallan 18 for 50 dlls a Bottle at Duty Free's and now its 200 dlls. One last thing I want to add. a couple of months ago, some friends smoked a Por Larranaga PC from a 50 Cabinet 2017, and at the same time we smoked some Por Larranaga RE Coronas Germany 5ta Avenida from 2018. And I will be very honest, the PC from the 50 Cabinet was much much better and they cost a quarter of the price. I understand that as a collector we will keep on buying Regional ane Limited Editions, but as for the cost per value goes in my honest opinion more of a I have to have it and please take my money thing.
  6. I have the Coffins still, but they took to much space in my Humidor.
  7. The ones I have from 2015 have a very nice caramel color oily wrapper. But I recently traded 2 Edmundo Dantes 109 ER 2007 for 2 Behikes 56 from 2017 and I have to be honest the wrappers were pale and dry, I saw the box it was not fake, he even showed me the invoice, since he bought them at Hunters and Frank. But they just look like mediocre cigars, I have not smoked them. But Imagine paying $1,200 for a this Box and you open them up and the cigars just look so so. Ive smoke at least 30 Behikes in the past, I mean they are good, but I don't know if they are 120 dlls a Cigar Good.
  8. So these Cohibas I bought in a Cigar Shop that is no longer open"Tabac du Rhone" on Rue de Rhone, they had the best selection of rare Habanos, and also kept some Diplomatic Selections since the UN is based in Geneva. So I bought everything you see here except the Monte A. I figure these were specially made for some Diplomat and when they get transfered they would sell their collection at Tabac du Rhone. I picked up so many rare cigars here. Best deal I ever had was a Box of Quintero Churchills (Lonsdales) form 1988 for 120 CHF. The Hoyo Particulares were good, but not wow the Draw is not the best, the taste is good, but the main problem is the draw is tight and one has to relight this Habanos at least 5 times. I smoke them on special occasions.
  9. For Aged Behikes only UK Auction Sites, if not there are some Vendors our ther with the 1K Price Tag mostly from 2017, on the last 5 Cuban Trips last year, not one sign of Behikes anywhere, they had some at the Cohiba Melia but in Singles and only the 52.
  10. I bought this box in Geneva Switzerland 1997, stamped 1988, the Flor de Cano Corona that is indeed a Petit Corona, smoke 24 of the cigars over the time, always a good cigar. I smoked the last one yesterday, I do think certain cigars age for years, this one on the other hand is not one of them, Good, light, mellow, creamy, but that's about it. Nothing wow, nothing to write about. Just an OK Cigar. La Flor de Cano Coronas Marevas 42 x 129 (5.1") Petit Corona Cigars: Handmade. Bands: Standard band A. Packaging: Semi Boite Nature Box of 25 cigars Status: A 1987 release. Discontinued c2002.
  11. Almost all gone and only Left with the Monte A Regular Production
  12. My good friend goes each 2 months to La Habana, since he exports loves, at least that is what he says, since he has several girlfriends over there. And each time I give him my impossible list, sometimes I am Lucky, sometimes he comes back empty. Last times he brought me a Cabinet of Punch DC and some QDO 54s. But for the last couple of times there has been a suggestion that if he is looking to what they call "Especialidades" it's $100 dlls per Box, and this is directly at the Oficial LCDH Stores in La Habana. outside of the Cohiba Behikes or the Book Series it's not worth it. Since in that case I can buy at FOH 24:24 at the cheaper price if you include the $100 Tip/Donation. Now Behikes would be the best scenario to pay this extra tip/donation, but guess what, they can't get Behikes, but guess what, they have a cousin that knows a guy that knows a guy that works at the factory that can get Behikes, the answer should always be "Thanks but no Thanks' A shame it's gone down to this. 5 Years ago Behikes were all around La Habana, but Supply and Demand and maybe a little bit of a Monopoly has certainly changed this scenario. I do hope to see some Behikes on the 24:24 Soon, we can always dream.
  13. Just smoked a Flor de Cano Corona from 1988, I think it was past its prime since it did not do that much for me, a non event Habano. Second I would say are the Punch Ninfas I have from 1998 and some SLR Churchills also from 1998. Rarest Cigars I have are 2 I bought at Raffi in Geneva Switzerland, they are from a Collectible 10:45 humidors., one is a Churchill the other one a Salomone. This Cigar Shop already closed, but these are my rarest pieces.

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