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  1. So I am jumping on the Bonds Robert Auctions to start to sell some of my Vintage Habanos. And I wanted to see if anyone here had a good recommendation for a Plastic Sealer, so I can pack the cigars well when shipping them. I went to Amazon and saw so many options, so I decided to ask the FOH Board for HELP.
  2. Last night I wanted a quick Smoke, had a nice dinner with the family, I was between a LGC Serie D #5 and this Bolivar Short ER Andorra 2017. I decided on the Bolivar, I had smoked one from the box before, I remembered it was not very good, so I thought to give it one more try. The draw was mediocre, it went out at least 20 times, because of the constant Relighting the Cigar smoked really hot. It tasted like Acid, Tanic, Bad Coffee, Metallic, and just very very hot. Woke up with a very bad Throat. I had some Ardbeg Uigeadail with this Cigar and well the Scotch was very good, but the combi
  3. I had asked in a previous post about smoking to many Habanos, a lot of suggestions mostly to keep the quantities low and not abuse our smoking privileges. So I did not listen, I kept on Smoking 1 to 2 Cigars a day. Last Saturday I went all the way and smoked 3 cigars in 1 day. Sunday I woke up with the worst Sore Throat. Of course one gets all nervous, and starts asking and googling symptoms. Always the first symptom is "Sore Throat" After Panic Mode steeped in and then out. I remembered in the past having this same Throat Discomfort in the past when I over smoked in Las Vegas for those
  4. I remember a while ago Mitchell Orchant mentioned he never smoked Custom Rolled outside of La Habana. And I had no idea about Customs and yes how they could care less and leave the Tabaco for months untreated. I remember Taboada looking tired, he was in his last years. When the owner of LCDH in TJ I think his name was David, said it's $50 dlls per Cigar, I first thought he was crazy, but in that time you could not get normal production Salomones, and for some reason I thought Taboada would get a cut of this. Just felt bad for this Older Roller that was a Legend. I am posting a pict
  5. It was 2004 when a friend told me about Taboada rolling cigars at LCDH in Tijuana. I went and talked to the man himself, asked him if we would roll some Salomones II, the owner of the shop said it would be $50 dlls per Cigar (expensive for a Custom Rolled) but I figured what the hell, I bought 5 Cigars. Since then I put them away, I smoked the first one the same year, I remember very unforgettable. So now 16 years later, while bored out of my mind, I started to clean out my Humidor and found the remaining 4 Custom Rolled that I had put in some Cuaba Diademas Box. So I light one up last n
  6. My neighbour is a well recognized Doctor at UCSD Medical Center, he mentioned that buying a Smoke Filter would be something to consider since smoking inside leaves you're-inhaling the smoke. He is not a Cigar Smoker so I guess he just suggested this as to lower the damage, since of course his first option was that I stop smoking Cigars and Drinking Scotch, but this is not an option. Any recommendations on Good Smoke Filter ??
  7. Thank you for the comments and replies, I agree that all in Moderation. I am keeping my Habanos Consumption to 1 every two days. LIke this I give my lungs 1 day to recover. Also limiting to smaller size cigars Coronas, Robustos, Belicosos. I also agree with Duxnutz that Cigars calm me down, sitting in front of the Chimney, listening to Sinatra, sipping a nice Single Malt and Smoking a vintage Habano, while the world is crumbing down as we know it. Just relaxes me and I try to put things into prospective.
  8. It's been awhile since I've written anything on these boards. But today with the California Quarantine Lockdown, everyone at home, kind of bored but at the same time, tired of being tired. A lot of news, most of it bad, seeing that it will get worse before it gets better. This song keeps popping in my Head "What a difference a day makes" in this case 2 weeks make. Since 2 weeks ago, we were planning a trip, looking to buy a new car and I wanted to buy way too many Cubans that I did not need, especially the Regionals that are the equivalent of my Kids Label Lover Clothing (they are the same jea
  9. But can we use Snipper Software on the FOH Auctions, since Ive only seen Auctionstealer for Ebay, but don't know of any other software that would work on other Auction Sites.
  10. QDO 54's 2018 Very good, from start to finish, can't wait to order more Didn't care for the Por Larrañaga Gran Robusto Paises Bajos, 2017. Started off Good, but gave me the worst stomach ache since it ended bitter and way to strong.

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