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  1. toledo1969

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Review: Vintage Cohiba Siglo V Lonsdale AGED OSU JUN 2005. VH Rating 94, great cigar, great taste, a little tight draw, did not have to relight at all.
  2. Each Friday our Cigar Club gets together, we know each other now for a couple of years, and we all know our cigar preferences (mostly Habanos) So this past Friday one of the new members who is the father of a good friend. Since this was the second time this new member was joining us and he had no idea that most of us are Cigar Snobs and in my case I mostly smoke Vintage Habanos. He was kind enough to gift me a 5 Vegas Double Corona. He meant it very well and this is not the first time someone gives me a Cheap NC cigar. I mostly say thank you, since I always appreciate the gesture, but I never smoke them, I mostly re-gift them. This time it was different, since he wanted to smoke this Double Corona with me. He insisted, even do I had brought a Vintage Bolivar Corona Gigante from 2007. So not much I could do, I did not know the proper cigar etiquette to say NO to this situation. So I had to smoke this well Harsh, Bitter, Acidic and just mainly bad smell double corona. I don't know if im spoiled or what, but I almost got sick, started getting headache, stomach ache. I have been smoking habanos for 25 years and I used to smoke NC here and there. But I think this is my first time where I had to smoke such a bad Cheap NC Cigar. They say one should never make less of a gift, no matter what it is, and I really felt bad when this person was insisting that we smoke this $3 dlls Stick together. I ask FOH Forum members, what do you do in this situation, I am that bad of a person, that much of a Cigar Snob. How can you tell a person, no I don't want your cheap cigar, I only smoke aged vintage habanos. Since I really don't want to go through this situation again, after finishing this stogie, I had to take Pepto tablets and my wife asked me "What did you smoke" you smell like a cheap bar. And yes I am spoiled, and yes you can judge me, but I ask you in my position what would you have done, and what would be the proper diplomatic response next time someone ask you to smoke a cheap NC cigar with them.
  3. toledo1969

    Cigar Stock in La Habana

    Thanks Guys, I have never heard of Habana Libre. mostly I asked him to go either to the Partagas Factory or Cohiba Melia Store.
  4. toledo1969

    Cigar Stock in La Habana

    What is SW ??
  5. My good friend from Mexico City that goes every 2 months since in his words: He is exporting Love, since he has a Girlfriend in La Habana. So last time he came back blank since nothing from my list was in stock, so I do hope I am luckier this time. I've read that some lucky guys have found Punch DC in 50 Cabinet. others say QDO 54's. Has anyone seen the new HDM LCDH Escogidos ?? Here is my almost impossible list: En orden de importancia 2 Caja Cohiba Behike BHK 52 C/10 2 Caja Cohiba Behike BHK 54 C/10 2 Caja Behike BHK 56 C/10 1 Cabinet Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas C/50 1 Cabinet Punch Double Coronas C/50 2 Caja Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017 2 Caja Montecristo 80 aniversario 2 Caja Partagas Series No 1 EL 2017 2 Caja Romeo y Julieta Tacos Edicion Limitada 2018 4 Cajas Bolívar Soberanes Edición Limitada 2018 1 Caja Montecristo Gran Pirámides (Libro) Habanos Collection Series 4 Cajas Hoyo de Monterrey LCDH Escogidos C/10
  6. So basically the Price does not include 16% Sales Tax so the Grand Total would be $348 USD per Box of 10, or $35 USD per Cigar. They way I look at it, it's getting more difficult to buy these ER for Collecting and Investments, since each time fewer potential buyers will be able to spend this type of coin. I remember when I bought the first ER Dates109 back in 2007 for $400 for a box of 25. We can actually state that ER have doubled or even tripled in price on direct sales to consumers.
  7. El precio sugerido por caja de 10 a cliente final es de $300.00 USD o bien, $30.00 USD por puro
  8. Punch PUROS/PUNCH DUKE-2018 C/10 10 DUKE 54 Medio 140 mm Punch-Duke_Comp.mp4
  9. My good friend just went last week, I gave him this list and 1K USD, he did not bring back anything, and he visited every Cigar Shop in La Habana. It's incredible, they basically have nothing outside what you would find at the Duty Free Airports. This is the list I gave him: 1 Caja Cohiba Behike BHK 52 1 Caja Cohiba Behike BHK 54 1 Caja Behike BHK 56 1 Caja Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017 1 Caja Montecristo 80 aniversario 1 Caja Partagas Series No 1 EL 2017 2 Cajas QUAI D'ORSAY No 54 1 Caja Romeo y Julieta Tacos Edicion Limitada 2018 2 Cajas Bolivar Soberanes Edición Limitada 2018 1 Caja Montecristo Gran Pirámides (Libro) Habanos Collection Series
  10. For me it's the last 4 Sticks of Quintero Churchills (they are actually Lonsdales) I bought these Cigars back in 1998 while living in Geneva. I still remember walking into my favorite Cigar Shop Tabac du Rhône, the owner showed me some vintage boxes that someone had brought in, in those times Habanos were still fairly priced. He had Cuban Davidoffs, Cuban Dunhills, and since my budget was good but not great, I had remembered that one of the best rated Cubans on CA was the Quintero Churchill. If I remember correctly I paid 150 CHF for a box of 18 Cigars. I also bought a couple of Cuban Dunhill Estupendos Tubos and 1 Davidoff Dom Perignon. I think the total was not more than 250 CHF, today you can't even get 1 Cuban Dunhill for that price. I smoked the Davidoff Dom Perignon that same day, I remember it was good but not great. I gave away one of the Dunhill Estupendos and latter smoked one myself, I do remember this was a great cigar, I had regretted given it away. And then there were the Quintero Churchills, I took incomplete 18 cigar box back to Mexico. And I still remember smoking the first one out of the box, pure heaven, the best Habano I have ever smoked till this date. Just pure pleasure, sweet, creamy, chocolate, great finish. Since then I smoked a couple more, each time it had to be a very special event, other times I was stupid and gave them away in a drunken range to people that never really enjoyed this vintage classic. I still have 4 left, I will probably smoke the next one on my son's first communion, then again I am afraid that they will not be as good as before, since the oils have gone away. Also I don't remember the Box Code, since I threw away the box, just remember that it was the old HECHO EN CUBA stamp. I figure they were from the 80's. So these are my don't touch just look Habanos. I will post a review once I have the next one. Thanks for reading my post.
  11. toledo1969

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    La Flor de Cano Grandiosos Edición Regional Asia Pacifico (2013) (5 3/8 x 52). Rating 91, underfilled some soft spots and still needs another 5 Years of aging
  12. toledo1969

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Vintage 2007 Edmundo Dantes Conde 109 Edición Regional México. Rating 99, Best Habano of the Year, Puro Perfection
  13. toledo1969

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas 2001 Edición Limitad Serie D #3 Length: 5 1/2" X 46 Factory Code AGO 02 2002. VH Rating 96, excellent in every way.
  14. toledo1969

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Trinidad Fundadores 7 1/2” x 40 Vintage: 1998 Code EL OSSU. Rating 93, excellent taste, great draw, had to relight 4 times.
  15. I like the size and I am a big Sancho Panza fan, but the last Regional Editions releases have just been so so, nothing wow. not worth the extra price and hassle of getting them. Then again I know I have to be more patient and just let them rest for 5-10 Years. Would like to read anyones recommendations.

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