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  1. I've had Nicaraguan wrappers with Cuban binder/filler that were amazing. I've be curious as to a Brazilian wrapper with Cuban binder and filler. Ideally, I would love some kind of ErdM mixed with the Davidoff Orchant Lancero.
  2. Recently tried a Cuban-Nicaraguan blend custom roll and it was fantastic. I bet these are going to be insanely good, can't wait.
  3. Can someone give us a little more background/pictures on the "guardian"? I am interested in getting this but everyone has been saying the protection factor is lacking.
  4. Toss in a bunch of 60-70% bovedas (depending on your preference), let them sit for a while and start smoking them! To be honest, your storage conditions are probably better than most retailers who "age" stock and most certainly better than the "aging stock" in Cuba. I wouldn't hesitate to smoke your sticks right away either.
  5. And there's another cigar I'll probably never try...
  6. Have these not hit the market yet or are they all sold? Would like to grab a couple boxes...anyone know the rough price per box?
  7. I think I picked mine up for 80-90 Euros a box in France where pricing is fixed. What I mean is, they now retail for closer to $150-200 a box which is nuts. But given the size, I think they were still pricey to start with.
  8. I confirm they behave like M&Ms...melts in your mouth not in your hands.
  9. If I recall correctly, each humidor holds 100 cigars, so I expect the entire humidors will be very pricey. Would love to get my hands on a few sticks.
  10. @nKostyanintroduced me to these when I met him. I have since stocked up on a few boxes, they are really good!
  11. Recently (this past May), I know a friend who went direct from Miami with a non-US passport and somehow got through (he has a Chinese passport so maybe they welcome comrades).
  12. What's the latest on getting there from the US? Are we routing through Canada/Mexico now?
  13. Aren't some ICT cigarillos made in the EU as well?

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