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  1. Mmm will these be up for 24:24 this week? I need to set my alarm to wake up in time...
  2. I dig the new packaging and picked up a box recently!
  3. Media Corona for sure because of the chocolatey goodness. I have to say, I really dislike the HUHC, but I dislike H.Upmanns in general.
  4. No doubt about that grey market, hell I would venture to say China invented the grey market as we know it today. I just didn't think it was right to say Chinese people are numerous but cannot afford cigars (not that you said that). Sadly, China in my experience is also plagued with fakes (like a lot of places) many Behikes in China 🤣
  5. I think the average French person buys more cigars than the average Chinese person. There is a lot of tourists to France but I've never really seen too many tourists stroll into cigar shops in Paris just to buy cigars. Yes, there are the occasional tourists who arrive and buy a ton of stuff, but for the most part, it is local French people buying a few singles for a night out at the shop. The other thing to remember is that France has cigars everywhere. I mean, every little convenience store + "tabac" will sell a decent Habanos selection of the usual suspects. On top of this, there are the specialty cigar shops, but Cuban cigars are generally available wherever cigarettes are available in France (and that's a lot of places). The cigar culture is undeniably existent in France, but it is very quickly growing in China as well. I think China will eventually overtake to become #1 just by sheer population. I don't think you can say that China is too poor as a generalization to afford cigars, because China is already the #1 market for many other things just by sheer population, for example, luxury vehicles. Then again, it depends what the metric is. I don't know exactly what the "biggest" market is being calculated on. In any case, this is just what I've observed. France is very much a market for consumption by the average Joe, whereas China is still a market where cigars are seen as gift items for the most part or a status symbol. I don't know what China's tobacco tax is, but official Habanos sold in China are very very expensive and even the local Chinese cigars are not cheap--it is a premium product after all. I would say cigarettes are cheaper in China than most other places, but when you take into account cigar lounge / bar pricing, Habanos in China are much more expensive than in Europe.
  6. I've smoked quite a few Chinese cigars (typically rolled with Dominican/Honduran/Nicaraguan tobacco and some Chinese-grown filler). For example, Great Wall cigar, Mount Tai, and a few others. They are not the best in terms of flavor (to me), but I've had a few that were decent to good. The thing that was striking to me is how beautiful they were. Every single premium Chinese cigar I've seen has been immaculately rolled and the wrapper is perfect, very few veins, almost smooth, and the draw and construction are always 100% spot on. If I could get whoever is making these to roll with some Cuban tobacco, I think that would be my go to.
  7. My bank account is ready for this...I hope...
  8. They have a pretty pungent herbal/medicinal smell that isn't the best, but I find it easily bearable since you swallow them with water.
  9. Not at all (I'm no poet lol), there's even a whole sub-reddit about it:
  10. This is excellent. Malicious compliance at its best lol.
  11. There is a quick fix for this, especially when you are travelling. It is this chinese medicine called "Po Chai Pills". I've used them since I was young and I swear by them and don't travel without them. I mean, just look at that guy's face, he must be right.
  12. mt1

    Why is it so?

    I was pretty confused too because the boxes say Coronas and I've seen different bands now. I recently was in Europe and I purchased some with "Corona Claro" on the band (I was just a surprised as you to learn it was a thing)...
  13. mt1

    Why is it so?

    Is the Coronas Claro gone? I swear I just saw some in a shop, the band says "Coronas Claro".
  14. I just tried and wasn't impressed with the selections, I ended up smoking outside at the cafes and brasseries, under heated lamps and it was fine. It was cheaper, I brought my own, and nobody complained or batted an eye that I was smoking a cigar.
  15. Anyone seen them Trinidad shorts, à la Cohiba Shorts style? I want to try them!

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