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  1. Wow amazing de long ash for such a de short cigar!!!
  2. Decided to jump on the trend here but I went for a side-by-side comparison. Here are two Monte No.5 that I had put away for a bit due to really liking the wrappers. I admit I've done a similar comparison before since the FOH video about dipping cigars in water. So here we go. I started with the dry cigar, which gave me the expected chocolate notes from this cigar. In the meantime, I dipped the second stick into the water, let it rest for a bit and then pat it dry gently. The first third of the dry cigar: chocolate, some woodiness but still mostly c
  3. Oh I meant smoking in general (I recall you can't smoke outside on the streets in Santa Monica anymore?). There's definitely tons of cigar bars and lounges in CA.
  4. I like dress boxes. The reality for me is half of my SLBs are a total pain to open and that's enough for me to prefer dress boxes.
  5. @El Presidente Rob, here's one of your Nudies N1 at Casa Casco ? Thanks for the recommendation! Excuse the potato quality pic.
  6. My favorite cut of beef is the beef rib--plenty of fat, relatively affordable cut, and tons of beef flavor. The only downside for me is you can't have it too rare and need to make sure the fat is rendered (medium-rare, which is similar to how I like Wagyu). Second to that would be a nice grilled ribeye, tons of flavor, some fat--I firmly believe the beef flavor is all in the fat and you need some amount of fat for the best steak. The key to good steak is fear. You have to make sure the steak knows you're in charge and scare it into submission. You have the cigar and you're master of t
  7. If this happened in HK, it doesn't surprise me. We've had people sit down next to us (large group with probably 6-8 cigars going on at once), at 11:30pm, at outdoor bar, with blasting music, and they asked us to put out our smokes because they had a baby with them...... Next time, you should start loudly complaining that YOU CANT SMOKE WHEN THERE'S SOMEONE BEING A LITTLE *****
  8. Amazing, thanks guys! Will definitely check out those spots!
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for local Panamanian cigars and/or cool lounges, smoke spots, etc...? I'm headed there soon and was wondering if there are any places not to be missed for cigar people.
  10. At one point, I was seeing so many of these I thought it'd be funny to get a couple sticks just to show people...but at 8USD a pop, no thanks... I was also saddened that Graycliff Cigars, a supposedly reputable cigar company/hotel/restaurant that makes their own non-Cubans, were selling fake Cubans in their 78usd a piece...

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