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  1. That's possible, in which case they're probably in worse condition than if they had never left the island...
  2. I read that the Anejados are rolled and boxed, and later they are taken out of the box, banded, and reboxed along with the "REVISADO" stamp added. I agree with you though, like, where are they putting these things to store in "ideal conditions". They can't even store regular production stuff correctly, I bet they found a bunch of left over sticks long forgotten and are now pushing these out at a premium.
  3. They are awful--the worst cigar. Please leave them be when they come up on 24 24.
  4. mt1

    Box of the Day

    I sense some great 24:24s coming up!
  5. mt1

    LCDH Dubai

    Look at date codes, they tend to have some quite old stuff sitting on the shelves. They do have a great selection, there are multiple walk-in humidors in the airport, some in different terminals. If you have time to check them all out, some have things the others don't. Pricing is OK. Somewhere between storefront retail and grey market. You won't be FOH prices. Be warned, the staff is not knowledgeable.
  6. Nice break at the end of the week. I decided to revisit the Byblos after smoking the Lusiadas earlier this week. I really enjoyed the Lusiada so I wanted to do a quick comparison. The Byblos started with sweet hay flavors, some white pepper that might fade with more time down, and a toasty/bitterness to it. About an inch in, the cigar does settle down a bit and there's no more pepper by the middle. It grows in sweetness as you smoke it, but you have to be careful not to puff to often and it took me back quickly to bitter notes if I went too fast. The finish was sweet, nutty, with the same dry hay notes that we started with. The very end tasted more of burnt toast, but remained sweet. Overall, this wasn't bad but I wouldn't say it's worth spending the extra coin. To me, this tasted like a bitter/harsher Lusiada.
  7. For me it's cigars of the world and traveling the globe. Here's an RyJ Wide Churchill while on a camping trip in Southern Africa and a Hawaiian cigar that made its way (in my bag) to an abandoned oil rig off the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.
  8. mt1

    Cigars : made in Asia

    I've tried a good handful of cigars from each of these countries/brands and I doubt anyone on here will be bringing home a box 🤣
  9. I was there less than a month ago. Prices were higher than here of course, but the regionals were very competitively priced.
  10. So what's the general rule of thumb if you want to bring maybe 2-3 boxes of Cubans into the US as gifts/to smoke but you are not a US resident or citizen? Do you just stick to 100 cigars max?
  11. You should pretend you don't know any better and then casually mention next time you see him that you smoked the cigar he gave you and it tasted great but it was strange how it unravelled and fell apart about 15 minutes in. Ask him if it's normal for Cuban cigars to do that.
  12. It's technically a box...does this count?

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