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  1. Well you know, obesity rates are quite high in the Middle East so they very well might be the biggest distributor.
  2. The squares look like graphing paper 🤣
  3. I woke up 😎
  4. I hear ya. I would settle for anything long and around 40RG (or even sub 50RG) to be honest. I don't find so much enjoyment or variety in sizing, but I'm more interested in the blend/flavor. I realize they are related, but I'd almost always pick a Montecristo Especiales No.2 over a No.2.
  5. I agree with your viewpoint, just not the vitola. I don't know how other people feel, but I have generally concluded that I prefer certain sizes over others and if I could have it my way, I would have every brand's blend in a Laguito No.2 or No. 1 as I like that size. But I think for most cigar smokers (I believe we on here are in the minority), size is more important than brand (I'm talking your average person who might smoke a cigar now and then, they tend to choose by size alone as they may not know the brands/profiles well enough). From a marketing standpoint, using one vitola is a sure way to confuse your consumer base and basically compete against yourself I think.
  6. I think there's an infinite number of ways to blend tobacco for an infinite number of flavors/profiles, the better question is which ones of those will actually have mass appeal for a viable business.
  7. I still like the look of the darker wrappers but I don't know that I could tell the difference in taste, if any. More importantly, which day do I need to wake up early to get a box or two of these?
  8. I had commented in the chatbox but I might as well here. I usually stay at the Pen, the bar is the designated smoking area per law and while it used to be a cigar lounge, it is now a general smoking area and full of cigarette smokers mostly. Still an enjoyable place, really nice decor (old school), and they have a store attached too with very expensive pricing, as expected--but you can smoke your own in the bar. I wouldn't bother if you have a spot with family but if you need a hotel to stay at, the Pen is not bad.
  9. HdM Epicure 2 Reserva 😍
  10. I prefer the Trinidad, I think it's creamier than the CoSho but I am not sure I could tell the difference on a blind test. The Partagas Chicos is milder in my view, with more woody flavors and less earthy notes.
  11. They're definitely consistent in each box. Thanks! Gotcha, none of these are tubos.
  12. Does anyone know why these two bands are different? Was there a change in the band design or is this just some crappy printing? They are both Punch Churchills but from different boxes. The one on the right seems larger in size. Thanks!
  13. mt1

    Saturday Hong Kong

    Great time meeting Rob and the gang!! Truly a great time. Now I understand what Di is dealing with.....🤣 Hope to catch you (and Di) next time soon!
  14. Definitely no shortage of places to smoke here and I've never run into any complaints about cigar smoking. Anyone passing through HK, please hit us up!
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