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  1. use to be worse when they first came out they were around $480
  2. only QdO i liked enough to jump trough hoops for is the corona
  3. Cigar that I get shrink wrapped feel and smoke like that just came out of the humidor, but it never takes more then a week .... I could see a mold problem if it’s in the mail for a month or more, so speed is a factor I’ve seen it work with my own eyes maybe I’ve been lucky but try it before you knock it. also the shrink wrapped cigars come with heavy packaging witch would help regulate the temperature, and if that didn't work how could you order milk or beef online but places that do that kind of shipping charge for it unlike FOH being free and coming from Australia I doubt they could speed it up much more even if they gave you the option
  4. Yeah I felt the same, by smell I couldn’t tell them apart... might be a good idea to totally separate them out of the 5 possible suspects the comments narrow it down to a few .. unless people are trying to throw out false leads 😉
  5. there have been so many rumors about this whole Anejado program, are they cigars that didn't sell rebanded or cigars not good enough laying around. ether way aging a poor cigar wont make it a great one you are better off buying a cigar you know is of quality then aged like on fohauction. im sure HSA will make money on the Anejado but if they are worse then fresh cigars thats a loser maybe not for HSA but for the customers and not worth paying a premium price to boot
  6. another loser for the Anejado program ... and for the price ugh ☹️
  7. is there a list of what will become available yet?
  8. any chance one day we might see shrink-wrapped shipments cuts down on the necessary downtime
  9. well if they are fake i hope they keep making more, since it came shrink wrapped i tried one sweet rich toasted almonds amazing smoke. if there is a price drop they will make it into my regular rotation for sure
  10. might of been my fault i took them out of the box then put them back in for the picture lol
  11. in the 4th pic top shelf in the back are those maduros?
  12. Bolivar RyJ Cohiba Trinidad Punch all listed here and some of my favorites even monte (can be very hit or miss, most likely do to over production 2018 was a great year for 2's ) ive yet to find one i just outright dislike, with some age anything can become smokable if not enjoyed ... there are some id never buy again but ive yet to give a box away in fear of no hope, its happened with NC though ive yet to try Cuaba and that one seems to come up the most
  13. all this thread tells me is people have different tastes

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