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  1. still 2 not sold out night isn't done yet! 😉
  2. "You have yourself a box" only other cigars in their reviews in that range are cohiba GR and 1966 LE now compared to the price of those if they 'are' that good $25 cigar id pay np
  3. and at that price if they are that good np stocking up on them
  4. punch QC can be all over the road but as with any new or limited product HSA steps up their game, even cohiba best year or cig VI and behike were both the first year, just saying this is probably as good as they will ever get
  5. that scene reminds me of a typical night of 24:24 when QdOs showup 😂
  6. look on the positive side! maybe them calling it 8-9-8 is because they have plans to turn these into regular production, and this RR is just them testing the waters 🤔😉
  7. “ when did you get a cow?” LMAO Can’t wait to give these a shot
  8. its a very bad morning women's talk show where they just sit around a table yell over each-other about todays 'hot topics' pure nightmare fuel, aimed at stay at home moms not even smart enough to watch soap operas 🥴
  9. punch is on a roll first the punch short was amazing ( on my second box) a bit overpriced but not by a ton, if the price of the short is anything to go on the 898 shouldn't be to bad..... and kens review definitely has me interested 10 per box shorts were 130 at launch maybe 250-300 usd
  10. still doesn't change the fact last years winner went 4/5, the fact that 20%? got it right (idk how you got the official numbers but ok..) just goes to my point they were bad examples of up2's hell i made a post saying "mine lasted nothing like a uppmann" and got a ton of likes others said it was the worst up2 they ever had, i very much doubt any of those would make the PSP cut i don't even know what your arguing about other then just to do so, and as for the "mass produced" being random bait and switch more likely they make so many the quality control is lacking
  11. you said "burn better and are more flavourful" lol but ok sorry for the misunderstanding 😙 what i was saying was NC need higher humility then cubans so dont store them in the same humidor, i could see a fan of cubans write off NCs if they did
  12. when i said PSP i just mean they all tasted the same, ive had very few true lifeless tasteless PSP duds in my time buying here so it was my best and only example i could use.... but just read the first few posts in this thread or the first cigar witch i got a dud that tasted NOTHING like a upmann some ppl did receive duds, it would be hard (probably impossible with cubans) to go 5/5 but if you got no duds you would see people do it ....hell last years winner went 4/5 i also REALLY doubt they just slap ep2 and D4 bands on the same cigar lol, i remember some guy said all cubans were the same and when dr.joe was doing his videos he did a 2 hour rant about it.... if that were the case it would invalidate the entire contest and cuban cigars would become a joke
  13. If that was the ‘OLIVA CONNECTICUT RESERVE PETIT CORONA’ ive not had it but it’s got a ton of bad reviews, Best oliva is the V line and V Melanio CA gave the petite corona an 84 and the V lancreo a 94
  14. Yeah you need to up the humidity for NC if you store them with Cubans at 60-65% they will burn hot and harsh 70% is good spot

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