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  1. pre cohiba price hike id go CoRo but now and how much d4's have picked up the d4 no question...... cohiba is one more price hike of making that 3 vs 1 lol
  2. well i tried the one on the far right and it was super mild it makes davidoff look like a opusx, i had a BBF later in the day and it blew it out of the water... for a $35 cigar i expected alot more hope the other 2 are a lot better middle one is a maduro and medium to full get a spicey cherry and chocolate, kinda like a partagas and ryj much better the far right seems to be the best of the 3 middle ground full on medium, they all have a similar flavor the only thing that really changes is the strength... honestly they are on par with a good cuban not a great one but much more consist
  3. i don't want to get banned so i won't link them but just use google, i see $ 458.00 CHF 395.00 CHF 427.00 £300.00 GBP, i paid €200,00 and this is hardly the best example but thats pretty close to 200% everyone knows cigars have become a investment ... i just mean people that get them directly from HSA can sell them cheaper then a site that is out of that region and have to look on the secondary market if they want any in stock
  4. yeah they were not new but were online, i was shocked because a site not necessarily known for its good deals but has alot of vintage/rare stuff was Sancho Panza Gran Quixote Exclusivo BELUX and DIPLOMATICOS EL DIPUTADO ER BELUX, dips are a little more common but ive seen the SP go for a hell of alot more.... i think i got their last box because they are sold out now, box date was 2019 i think wish i could of got more the common price seems to be 400-500 when i say 300% no i dont mean new because its rare to even find them out of region on close to launch window, but a year or two d
  5. never had a byron in my life so picked up this sampler.... bit pricey but looking for something different 😁
  6. https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/malaysia-gets-its-first-regional-cuban also https://halfwheel.com/san-cristobal-de-la-habana-harimau-malaya-is-first-edicion-regional-for-malaysia/392230/amp/ i know with the regional stuff you can get MUCH better prices if you buy them in that area aka you guys, i picked up some belgian RE at $250 a box from a site actually in belgium.... when they are around 700-800 at other sites outside that area forgot those were 25 good call NSXCIGAR lmao 🤯
  7. sorry for all the trouble ken but.... omg you have real internet!
  8. its funny i see some sites that sell legit aged stock and stuff comes and goes all the time but they are never short on stuff from that era lmao
  9. $475-$525 for 10 cigars isn't what id call cheap not that far off of the RA/SP Silver Jubilee
  10. wow so it probably was them if they had a site up back then (making me a member for 20 years!) , i didn't smoke as much back then and they had this big crack down on cuban cigars being shipped to the US.... i remember one site would send them nude and ship the bands separately and there was this huge story where they confiscated HUGE amount in chicago and this box of siglo vi came still in the box in fact i still have it 😄 now i never hear about boxes getting sized hell weed is legal in 95% of the states in the US now how times change lol https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/chica
  11. back when i got that box i was just starting to get into cubans and that box is when i made the switch to mostly cubans... i cant recall the place i got them from but ironic i remember they were based in australia before that i mostly bought them from a swiss site .... i dont think foh/czar was around back then were they?
  12. does anyone remember what the launch price of cohiba siglo vi in 2003 was? i remember buying a box the first year they came out and thought it was nuts.... today i wish i could get those prices
  13. i use to always have a box of coro on deck now i get maybe one a year if i can find a good deal there are way to many good robustos coming out of cuba, when you can get 2 boxes of D4's JL2 RASS...... the list goes on

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