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  1. juri

    24:24 TUESDAY

    100% agree cohiba has always been right on a razors edge with their prices and this last price increase broke the camels back when you can get a cab of 50 DC lucsi hoyo ect for the same price thats not good, i wonder how the esplendidos will do at $820 or whatever they will be now
  2. juri

    24:24 TUESDAY

    might be OT but did anyone see the new band on hoyo DC GR? seeing all these DC tonight reminded me of it, that should be really hard to counter-fit https://youtu.be/81YwBJI3yXQ?t=1393
  3. yep been since day one, i remember them hoping he would at least get the next book out before they caught up here we are the show is going to end and hes still not got the next book out lmao i heard amazon has a LOTR show coming out
  4. when i drink tequila i go for don julio, if you want the the OJ effect with the sweet acidic taste go with BLANCO it has a nice lemon, lime and grapefruit taste or a sweeter drink AÑEJO CLARO you have vanilla, honey and toasted oak, or if you want a real treat the REAL has vanilla flavors layered with caramel, chocolate and almond undertones it isn't cheap tho around $400 bottle for my money i go with the REPOSADO with dark chocolate, vanilla and light cinnamon
  5. crazy i always use to drink OJ with my cigars now its more of whatever is on hand but i always felt OJ went the best with cigars
  6. juri


    what if you fly from cuba to canada and drive home or ship the cigars from cuba home or to a mailbox in canada and have it shipped to you in the US, its not like your trying to bring drugs in lmao
  7. I was smoking a CoRo out of a box from 2010 and inside the band it said “call for help ASAP”........😱 JK
  8. what would really mess with someones head is to put a GPS location and a password
  9. yeah i see it and i just got a box if i had waited 2 days id of saved $65
  10. think you have your radar set to scan for space craft 😝
  11. Something sweet RyJ is nice QDO or cohiba aged I’d stay away from creamy or spicy and nothing flavor packed ether like a bolivar
  12. Bolivar has dropped under the radar as of late with all the hype around QDO Trinidad and living in the shadow of partagas upmann hoyo cohiba Monty ..... it’s becoming rarer to see talk about them, maybe people are taking them for granite witch is a bit of a shame because a good BFF blows the doors off P2 Monty 2 D4 ect imo
  13. i was in the hospital once and i said "guess i should quit smoking cigars" and he told me no dont do that! lmao
  14. what cigar do you love and is always in your rotation but doesn't seem to get the love or hype from the rest of the cigar world. for me its the RyJ petite churchill, i never have tasted a cigar that explodes like it with flavor it makes you wonder how you can get that defined of a sweet cherry taste out of a non artificially flavored stick!
  15. juri

    24:24 box splits.

    yeah trying to do things during 24:24 would be impossible since everything sellsout in 15-20 min lol
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