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  1. nice to see CoRo back under $400 mark
  2. i picked up a box of Bolívar Bonitas from 04 on the auction site
  3. being in cuba i can see how someone might forest gump into real cigars...mexico on the other had is an actual challenge, did she just bring back the 1 cig 6? thats with the rest in the picture?
  4. hahaha best outtakes should just leave those in the review
  5. Vector for butane but i had a $70 triple jet lighter of theirs thing would break all the time "free live time fixes" isnt worth a damn if you have to keep paying for shipping, so after the 8th time i said screw it and got another brand only cost $14 and not one issue
  6. yeah that seems to be the case, you would also lose half of their work ether way http://www.myrsten.nu/worldnet/beatlesongs.htm Main composer Singer All songs, total Lennon: 72 McCartney: 70 Harrison: 22 Starkey: 2 L/M: 18 Lennon: 72 McCartney: 66 Harrison: 28 Starr: 11 L/M: 24
  7. who cares about their solo stuff, better question would be who is more important to the band writing is much more important then vocals problem most songs give them both credit. would need to be a diehard Beatles fan know all the behind the scenes stuff also they are a little before my time
  8. ever think your dads friend knew it was a tranny and was into her/him and he was to embarrassed to admit it 😂
  9. hands down best new cigar of 2019 hoyo Río Seco, even FOT they are amazing total flavor powerhouse !!
  10. and my prize for winning the boot thx FoH
  11. i picked up a box of p2's with that perfect dark wrapper and they were total dogs, lacked in flavor and issues from staying lit to tunneling and almost a charcoal taste, its like that gorgeous wrapper was coated in burn retardant then on the other had ive had a boxes with the pale boring wrappers that smoking like a dream, rich partagas flavors no burn issue just perfect.... so like said above dont judge a book by its cover or cigar in this case
  12. for free sure who wouldn't 😉
  13. two boxes of the 1966 sold on the auction site one for $1250? other for $1500 so id say yes on those, a box of behike 54 went for $1500 i think so good deal on that one not sure about the trin
  14. yeah Gurkha are a bit of a joke but what they are doing is not any worse then GR.... pardon family reserve are aged for 10 years think even the 26 have 5 years yet you can buy a box under $300 GR are aged for what 5 years good luck finding one outside of cuba for under a grand its all hype and marketing
  15. i always play cigar doctor and try and save it, tunneling cut it down to where its at and relight plugged use a poker cant light it cut let it dry start over ive never lost a patient

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