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  1. I have used Scotch Whisky Auctions for both buying and selling. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them and find their sellers fee's quite reasonable. They are obviously more whisky focused but I have seen all sorts of spirits listed there. What fees do you charge? We have clear and fair fees for both our buyers and sellers. The sellers fees are: £5 per bottle including miniatures £10 reserve per lot (if required) All fees will attract VAT where applicable.
  2. Enjoying the weather in Denver the last few days. Got a chance to have more than one cigar this weekend! Had a great 898 relaxing on the patio listening to Buena Vista Social Club. Wish all my Sunday's were this nice - I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend
  3. Fantastic way to end my Friday - I hope everyone enjoys the weekend
  4. Rainy day in Denver, perfect occasion for this Monte #1. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend
  5. HUPC TUS NOV 2016. Beautiful little cigar, wish I had some more!
  6. This has been fun and I am closing out on one i finally know!
  7. Great review as always Ken. I'm a big fan of Glenfarclas, excellent distillery and very well priced for whats in the bottle. Their vintage bottles always deliver.

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