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  1. Monte Dantes SAT Dec 16 - Everything I thought it would be and more. Took it almost to the nub. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
  2. This is the stick that made me fall in love with Cubans. Needless to say it has been a slippery slope! Great review as always John
  3. I am not terribly concerned about the reported side effects now and will probably be more at ease by the time the vaccine is available to me. My guess is that won't be until late 2021.
  4. Congratulations on the engagement, here's to many years of happiness!
  5. Taking advantage of the great weather today in Denver. This Lusi did not disappoint! BUP SEP 17
  6. I really like this cigar and it is the perfect afternoon smoke on this crazy day! QDO Corona ETP NOV 15
  7. I would love to grab one of these but the pricing I have seen so far doesn't give me much hope...

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