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  1. I've been in Glasgow all week and I'm headed up to Dufftown tomorrow for the Glenfiddich Festival. Should be a great time with typical Scottish weather - cold and wet! Lots of great acts lined up (Im sure my children would know who they are)
  2. Thats the same way I see it - I ordered in April and I am still waiting. He was straight with me from the start and told me he was swamped. He said he would try but I should not expect the normal turn around time. I would love to have it tomorrow but I am ok waiting because I know it will be worth the wait
  3. I am blow away at how generous this forum is, it is truly amazing! If anyone has to back out from participating, I humbly offer to accept the box again!!
  4. “The ASA seems to be out of sync with society in general" After reading that article, I agree 100%.

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