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  1. Partagas Shorts San Cristobal El Principe
  2. I tried this last week and thought it was pretty good
  3. Cigars: Fonseca - I have tried and tried, but it ain't happening Other: how far we have taken political correctness
  4. Welcome to FOH!
  5. I will be amazed if I pick one correctly but I am in. Should be a lot of fun.
  6. I agree with @Markspring1978. I think there are some nice whiskies on this list but definitely not what I would call high roller
  7. mtd057


    I'll bring the single malts and rum!
  8. Good luck, it's a slippery slope my friend! Welcome from Colorado
  9. Long day today, my electric panel finally crapped out. Spent most of the day waiting for the electrician and this gem made it more bearable. R&J Churchill LEM OCT 11 from the summer box pass. Courtesy of @FatherOfPugs. 2 hours of bliss! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.
  10. Welcome to FOH! I reached the half century mark myself this month and it's not as terrible as I thought it would be. You have landed in a great place.

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