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  1. Great Sunday afternoon, started with an Arturo Fuente doing yard work- had some burn issues. Saved the day with a Monte #4 UEB May18 - redemption! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.
  2. looks very nice, well done!
  3. I haven't had Royal Salute in years - that is a very nice whisky indeed!
  4. Stunning day in Denver today, I love this time of year! Mid-morning walk, a little grilled chicken for lunch and a spectacular Lusi. BUP Sept 17. There is nothing about this cigar that I don't like, I am going to miss these when they are gone. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
  5. R&J Churchill and.a little grilled pork loin to close out a beautiful Sunday. Forecast is calling for snow tomorrow night! Tomorrows high is 92F (33C) and the low is 33F. Colorados weather is psychotic.
  6. Never tried this one so I thought why not? Meh, I think I will stick with Cubans
  7. Its only been here a few days but everything seems well built and solid including the doors and lock.
  8. Yes, a Triple D-took about 10 months
  9. My Avallo arrived two days ago and I just got it set up tonight. I asked a freind to give me a hand getting it to the basement - definitely more than the wife and I could handle. Matt is a really great guy and very easy to work with but he is really busy these days. I've been waiting a long time but I am very happy with my new humidor.
  10. A N/C to change things up and start out my Sunday. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor - lovely way to start my day. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

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