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    My children and family, Whisky, Whiskey, Motorcycles and Cigars.

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  1. Fantastic, good luck and keep us posted
  2. mtd057

    From NC, new here

    Welcome to FOH!
  3. I am the complete opposite of @Ken Gargett when it comes to peanut butter. I love it and will eat anything made with or flavored with peanut butter. I was such a picky eater as a child that I am convinced I would have died without it. If I have to pick, I take smooth. But I wouldn't turn down crunchy!
  4. mtd057

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I agree with the snow comment-enough is enough!
  5. @El Presidente I, like you, have a daughter who thinks rats are great pets. She can do whatever she wants at her house!
  6. mtd057

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Quai d'Orsay Coronas Claro ETO OCT 15.1st QDO and I loved it in spite of the weather. 38/3 and raining on May 20th!
  7. The Quai d'Orsay I'm smoking now. Coronas Claro ETP OCT 15. My 1st Quai d'Orsay ever, courtsey of @cfc1016. Magnificiant!
  8. This one brings back memories!
  9. This list gets better each week - well done everyone!
  10. mtd057

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Well done, congratulations!
  11. mtd057

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Checked out early this afternoon, got the grass cut and enjoyed this beauty from @cfc1016. Thank you my friend! PSD4 TOS DIC 2016. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I can't argue with my watch!
  12. mtd057

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    sorry to hear that!
  13. mtd057


    I placed an order about a month ago with Avallo. Matt is a great guy and was very resposive to all my questions-both by email and phone. And he is definitely much busier since Aristocrat stopped taking orders. He told me 10-12 weeks is about what I should expect.
  14. good luck but I suggest buying a bigger humidor!
  15. mtd057

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Rare two cigar day for me. It was a beautiful day in CO and finally felt enough like spring to do some yard work. I am praying that the snow is over! 1st up was a beautiful cigar courtsey of @cfc1016 SCDLH El Principe TOS MAY 2016. Spectacular! Beautiful from start to finish. Rich, full and very satisifying. Many,many, thanks! 2nd stick was good, but nowhere near the Principe. Partagas Short UBM FEB 2018. Decent with most of what I expect but still tasted a bit young. Maybe I was spoiled by my first cigar of the day! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

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