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  1. I could not agree more with this post - I hate moving! I'm in my 4th place in 2 years. It's been a combination of downsizing, rightsizing and a promotion to a new city. Hopefully I'll be in my current place for a bit!
  2. I have used Scotch Whisky Auctions for both buying and selling. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them and find their sellers fee's quite reasonable. They are obviously more whisky focused but I have seen all sorts of spirits listed there. What fees do you charge? We have clear and fair fees for both our buyers and sellers. The sellers fees are: £5 per bottle including miniatures £10 reserve per lot (if required) All fees will attract VAT where applicable.
  3. Enjoying the weather in Denver the last few days. Got a chance to have more than one cigar this weekend! Had a great 898 relaxing on the patio listening to Buena Vista Social Club. Wish all my Sunday's were this nice - I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend
  4. Fantastic way to end my Friday - I hope everyone enjoys the weekend
  5. Rainy day in Denver, perfect occasion for this Monte #1. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend
  6. HUPC TUS NOV 2016. Beautiful little cigar, wish I had some more!
  7. This has been fun and I am closing out on one i finally know!
  8. Great review as always Ken. I'm a big fan of Glenfarclas, excellent distillery and very well priced for whats in the bottle. Their vintage bottles always deliver.
  9. Monte Dantes SAT Dec 16 - Everything I thought it would be and more. Took it almost to the nub. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
  10. This is the stick that made me fall in love with Cubans. Needless to say it has been a slippery slope! Great review as always John
  11. I am not terribly concerned about the reported side effects now and will probably be more at ease by the time the vaccine is available to me. My guess is that won't be until late 2021.

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