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  1. It is amazing how people can reach that age and still look so happy and youthful. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Great find! I can't find any in California for under $24/bottle!
  3. You can find this gem for under $30 USD. It is Sassicaia's little sibling and hits above the $30 price point in my opinion.
  4. Such a shame being that there is so much great content on YT for us cigar smokers. I hope the content creators find another way to keep producing great reviews and videos! My foil hat self can't help but think that Big Brother is gaining more momentum to control how we choose to live our lives...
  5. Beautiful! I am tempted to pick up a box now...
  6. Such an amazing thing to see. It is a time capsule of our hobby!
  7. GM and Michelin will bring airless tires to passenger cars by 2024 They'll test the tires on Bolt EVs later in 2019. Jon Fingas, @jonfingas 06.04.19 in Transportation 125Comments 12003Shares
  8. I agree. All great marcas so just look for the best quality ones.
  9. To my palate aged cigars become exceptionally smooth and silky where young cigars have a bit of a roughness and power to their flavor/texture. I wouldn't necessarily say aged cigars turn flat but it is rather a different experience overall. The beauty of our hobby is we usually have access to both depending on our mood! I compare this a lot to drinking the same wine but different vintages. You can really tell a difference when you taste them side by side! I just tasted a 2014 and 2016 Cabernet Franc from a small vintner. The 2016 was very lean and light on the palate where th

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