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  1. I am a former WFT and NFL fan. The league is destroying itself and I've come to terms with it. The league is dead to me. College football might be following in its footsteps very soon if it's not careful. But for now, college football is a good substitute for the NFL, which I doubt I will ever watch again.
  2. Doomed from the beginning. He's just not an NFL coach. This incident just sped up his inevitable exit.
  3. It's that kind of morning. Getting ready for Notre Dame v Cincinnati this afternoon.
  4. Laugh if you want, but this is extraordinary with a cigar. Particularly like it along side an H Upmann. First tried it by chance when I took a sip of my wife's cup when I was smoking a HUHC. Now I've purposefully paired it with several other sticks. Outstanding.

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