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  1. If you played sports in high school around the time this movie came out, this probably resonates.
  2. Great topic @MoeFOH. I'm a huge fan of the John Wick movies and their soundtracks/scores. This is one of my favorite:
  3. Picked up a few special bottles on my trip to Kentucky this weekend. I'll pour some of your namesake rye tonight to help with your speedy recovery @BuzzArd.
  4. I highly recommend this place. Great friendly staff, outstanding selection of drinks, a well stocked humidor and very nice outdoor and indoor area. I wanted to snap photos of the seating areas but it was pretty busy and I didn't want to look like the weirdo taking pics of everyone. More photos can be found on their website and generally online. Excellent place all around. I'll definitely be back.
  5. This is an album I keep listening to. It's like a book of great simple short stories in music form. If you like western movies you might like this album.
  6. I have the exact same box code. My sticks are on the firm side but they smoke great and have excellent flavor.
  7. I had my first PG recently, the 25th anniversary stick. Blew me away. Outstanding smoke.
  8. In no particular order – actually, it is alphabetical: Bolivar PC ULA Aug 14 Cohiba Siglo II MUO May 15 H. Upmann PC LUB Abr 14 H. Upmann Royal Robusto UPE Sep 13 RA Club Allones TOR Oct 15 Honorable mention: Trinidad Fundadores MUP Jul 18
  9. I have noticed the same thing with my 2018 stock I have been revisiting over the past couple of months now that we're at the 3 year mark. Definite improvement based on my tasting notes from the 1 and 2 year mark.
  10. And here I thought I was the only one who couldn't get traction with the RASS.
  11. I have no idea what Fallout is but I'm enjoying the hell out of this Playlist! Thanks for posting.

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