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  1. Love everything Trinidad, including Vigia. I find my sticks generally burn better in the Midwest cold than they do in the heat and humidity of the Midwest summer. I also find the flavors crisper and cleaner in the cold compared to the hot summer.
  2. BCE circa 2000 from @NicPac. Damn, brother, if this is past prime you must have had a great time smoking these when they were younger. I'm enjoying the hell out of this one.
  3. Crazy at work right now but I'll try to meet up if you guys get together.
  4. I don't play in this pond too much but I'm a sucker for a lancero.
  5. Norsemen on Netflix. Basically Vikings bred with Monty Python, so damn good.
  6. UEB Oct 17 courtesy of @captaincaveman. Thanks, brother! I'm happy to report that the cigar is much better than the weather.
  7. Absolutely a special run of sticks! I wish I had more.
  8. Trying to not repeat the scene with grandpa and his cigar from Christmas Vacation with this Reynaldo shaggy foot petit corona. Thanks to @captaincavemanfor this custom!
  9. I noticed a BIG difference once mine hit the 2.5 year mark earlier this year. Prior to that, I would agree blah. But the two I've had most recently really surprised me and I'm glad I have more. I think they just needed time to come around.
  10. My first Oficios from @NicPacthis afternoon. Outstanding stick from beginning to end. I'm generally not a nubber but damn near burned my lips on this one!

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