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  1. Sticking with a theme today. Quick after dinner smoke.
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that most of these outraged people would have no complaints if Jonas was vaping instead of smoking cigars. Lowest common denominator.
  3. This Padron 50th anniversary was gifted to me roughly a year ago. Large stick. Had some time tonight so decided to fire it up. Gotta tell you, pretty damn good so far. Not worth the retail for sure, but I'm very happy to be smoking it. Tons of smoke output and perfect construction.
  4. Like many discussed above, I've damaged too many wrappers trying to remove bands too soon. The bands come off when they are ready, not at any other specific time. Maybe partly a problem of having mostly newer cigars in my stock. Aged ones seem to come off much easier.
  5. Both the Four Roses and the Russell's single barrel bottles were from private barrel picks selected by liquor stores down there. These types of bottles are my favorite right now because they are one offs and the stores usually have taster bottles so you can get a sample taste before pulling the trigger on a bottle to make sure you like it. I've had very good luck with private barrel picks from good liquor stores. Both of these bottles are excellent. The Willett was offered to me by a really good friend down there that had two bottles. Offered the second one to me at the retail price he paid. As you know, the 12 year was outstanding. It was my favorite bourbon I've ever tasted. It was very hard for me to turn down the 6.5 year but I just couldn't bring myself to pay double for the 6.5 what I paid for the 12 year just a few years ago.
  6. Willett 4 year Rye 110.8 proof. Had the option to buy a 6.5 year Willett bourbon but just couldn't justify the price. Four Roses OESV 9 years 9 months private barrel selection 114 proof.

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