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  1. No and no. Easiest poll I've ever answered. I concur with many of the members above who have explained their no no votes in detail.
  2. Feb 06 898. I don't have words to explain how good this cigar is. Took this photo at the start and I'm just getting into the final third as I post this. Extraordinary.
  3. Thanks to @lovethehaze for inspiring me to fire up a Petit Corona to finish off this blazing hot day.
  4. I would be very nervous if my stock would only last me until 2030. I'm shooting for @Markspring1978 level "problems." not quite there yet, but I'm confident that I can get there if I put my mind to it.
  5. MAG Mar 18. Been a while since I fired up a Vigia. Such great flavor, just not a fan of the size.

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