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  1. UPE Sep 13 Royal Robusto and Big Shoulders pour over. Crisp fall morning. Doesn't get much better.
  2. Sounds like I'm not the only one who quit singing along every time they play a Springsteen song 😂
  3. I love John Prine. This is a really great fun duet. Clay pigeons is my favorite song of his. div widget
  4. N3 are really singing a nice tune now. ULA Aug 14 BPC continues to be epic.
  5. Sorry to hear about this. Castle doctrine should be universal across all countries.
  6. Boxes from LAT and BOP both from Dic 17 were excellent. But I have heard of inconsistencies. Thankfully I did not experience that.
  7. Very cool. I hope you keep posting throughout this process.
  8. I've given up on CCE because of too many construction issues. I know I'm signing up for a certain amount of construction issues by smoking CC but I'm just not willing to accept the rate of bad construction at the CCE price point. Maybe I've just had an unusual amount of bad luck with them.
  9. Holiday sunshine just hits differently for some reason.
  10. Been a little over a year since I visited an N3. The time has done wonders. Smoking beautifully now.
  11. Switching it up today with an eye of the shark.
  12. If it was West Virginia I might be inclined to believe the Crab Racoon dip.
  13. Maybe it's just my weak palate talking but I would not find it enjoyable to smoke a DC or Churchie if it was strong and bold. Too much of a good thing often turns out to be not so good.

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