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  1. I just smoked one yesterday and got a ton of floral notes for the first time ever with that cigar. You ever get floral in them?
  2. I've seen that flight attendant magic act on AA many times unfortunately
  3. This one's for you @jakebarnes, sorry it's not as good as some of my prior shots 😂
  4. At the current prices I always had to debate with myself whether to drop the coin. At the new expected prices there will be no internal debate, it will be easy for me to not buy Cohiba anymore.
  5. Glad you fired it up and enjoyed it. Best horse race I've seen today. Outstanding!
  6. Pacificos from @Thirds. This was a wow stick from beginning to end. Truly stellar. Thanks, brother!
  7. Have the actual prices been released yet or we still debating theoretical numbers?
  8. I loved Commando when it came out and still love it. Rae Dawn Chong may have something to do with that. But Vernon Wells (sorry to my friends down under) as the villain always cracked me up. So out of shape and he was supposed to be some special forces badass. So bad it's good!
  9. No list is ever perfect, and there are several movies worthy of making this list. But let's remember this is a list of Action movies. I get that Action is open to some interpretation but c'mon, some of y'all throwing some movies into the mix here that aren't even close to any reasonable definition of Action.
  10. This is an outstanding stick! Many thanks to @jakebarnesfor gifting this to me at the Chicago herf yesterday. Now I need to find a box
  11. One of the best rock albums of all time, begining to end. So damn good. I got married in Valle de Guadalupe in Baja Mexico. We hired a local duo to play our cocktail hour. They played a lot of Beatles, Santana, other rock classics. They asked us when we booked them if we had a special request for when my bride and I walked into the cocktail hour. We asked them to play Back in Black. It was not in their repertoire but they promised us they would try to learn it but they said they would only play it if they felt good about it after learning it. Well they played it and knocked it out of the park! Our guests went crazy. Everyone loved it! Glad to see @Chibearsv great wedding story too!
  12. Outstanding stuff today! We were talking so much we didn't end up posting too many pictures. Anyone who has a chance to meet up with @canadianbeaver and husband during their world travels I highly recommend doing it. What a great couple to share a smoke and drink with and shoot the shit. For everyone in Chicagoland, we will try to put another herf together soon. I'm thinking mid-June might be good timing - - get one in before 4th of July. I'll reach out to everyone soon to try to get a date locked in. Hopefully with several weeks advanced notice we can get a good number of people together. Until next time...
  13. I picked up a couple Up Down Cigar exclusive Hamlet 25th coronas and a couple of the new batch N3 Carlota Nudies. A really nicely put together selection of sticks here at this shop!
  14. OK now we are less than 24 hours away. Math ain't my strong suit 😂See y'all tomorrow.

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