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  1. Derboesekoenig

    Cigar aficionado U.S. trade embargo

    Yup, been at it for years now. If it does happen, it won't happen without a fight. And the next president will be a factor in this as well. Hopefully all goes well. I think it would be good for Cuba...thought it would probably start off bad initially. These things take many years to see improvements.
  2. Derboesekoenig

    Green is usually good, but...

    Is there just one or two outliers? What exactly did it taste like? Lol inquiring minds want to know
  3. Derboesekoenig

    Trinidad 50th Anniversario cigar

    Curious to see how much each one will sell for. Bet the Cohiba humidor sells leaps and bounds above all of the others. Some great offerings there
  4. Derboesekoenig

    H.Upmann Noellas Jar LCHD MEG Mar 2017

    Your information is incorrect. Definitely not limited to 5000 jars. They've been "re-released" a couple of times. Definitely have to be well over 5k jars. Anyway, one of the best deals, in my opinion, that you can get in Cuba right now. Less than $5 USD per cigar. Can't beat that, and a great cigar to boot. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I love corona sized cigars too. It's win, win for me.
  5. Yup, this sparked a huge discussion and several threads a couple weeks back. Sad, but retirement is very much earned. If anyone deserves it, it's that guy. Glad I got one, and will continue to search for more used humidors.
  6. Derboesekoenig

    Future of the Double Corona Vitola?

    I am younger than you've been smoking?? Ha sorry, couldn't resist... Anyway, the Partagas Lusitania changed my whole outlook on smoking cigars. I learned that sometimes even when you're busy, to plan that 2-3 hours can be magical. Even if I'm sitting and working on the computer, or homework, etc. It's a great accompaniment and helps me to relax. I am going to hoard DCs for the next year or two, but hope that they never stop making them. But you're right, not many people can say they have 3 hours to set aside to just sit and enjoy a DC. Weather permitting, no access to lounge, no time, etc etc. Having said all this, my favorites list is also a mile long...can't help myself, I like 99% of what I smoke. (habanos only) I think they've discontinued enough DC/Churchill/etc. that they should keep what's left! Only hoping
  7. Derboesekoenig

    La Puntillas still available?

    No guarantee unless you email him and let him know when you'll be there. Otherwise, maybe 50/50, maybe get lucky.
  8. Derboesekoenig

    Blown budget but...

    They can't sell out in 3 months. It's impossible because it takes them awhile to make them. Unless only 500 boxes are produced. You see most ERs are 5000-12,000 box releases. You can't just unleash that many boxes at once. It takes awhile
  9. Everything you get here is minimum PE quality, which is to say, good quality. Clearance can be anything. PE, HQ, PSP, etc. Could just be too much stock in that cigar, held for longer than wanted, or no reason at all.
  10. I would tell him I would smoke it, but first, you smoke my *insert just about any Cuban cigar* and if you feel I would enjoy it after you partake in that...then I will. No problem. I am a very honest person, but i try to be nice when declining something. I don't want to go through pain just to appease someone or make them happy. Life is too short
  11. Derboesekoenig

    This is a first for me.....

    I switch off with RG Perlas and these. They're very different from each other. Sweet + Savory = perfect You'll thank me later. And once every 10 days, throw a wild card in there.
  12. Derboesekoenig

    This is a first for me.....

    Have never seen that. On another note....those look beautiful. Been smoking these for breakfast! It's like having pancakes, but without the calories
  13. Derboesekoenig

    USA / customs limits

    Didn't think about this. Even if I have 500 boxes...I'm going to declare them lol you never know what they decide to do, ya know? They might just let you go. I'm always as nice and cooperative as possible. Helps a ton
  14. Derboesekoenig

    Aristocrat Humidor Shopping

    What's the Cuban flag box?

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