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  1. I would never knowingly smoke fakes. You never know what they are made of. Might as well juat get some good cheap custom rolls
  2. I don't trust anyone else. Boveda has been around. I know for a fact that they will work no matter what. Not worth it to me to save a couple dollars or whatever it may be
  3. I've never noticed flavors change or different aromas. I've heard pops plenty of times, however.
  4. I've walked away from a cigar for the better part of 10 minutes and didn't have to relight. Granted, the ash was between 1 and 2 inches...but wow, was I impressed with that one. I don't usually have the problem of relighting. My issue is more mental where I have to touch up so that they keep burning perfectly. Anyone else do this methodically?
  5. I got one of those when I went to HLP finca recently. No shake and fries, but that thing is MASSIVE. The irony that exists is when I told them my favorite cigar was the corona and lancero formats, and they roll me this instead 😂
  6. Holy cow, how long did it take you to smoke that sucker?
  7. I would've written a very similar review of an early 2014 of the same stick. Very good cigar, but not past the 90 pts. A week after it, I tried a fresh (JUN 2019) Sir Winston, which was at least 92-93 pts for me. I guess I love them fresh
  8. What an awesome story. Congrats on the job! I quit my job back in May for a different opportunity. Which ended up not working out...and unfortunately, I'm going back to the old job. But it is what it is. Not happy about it, but I'm bound to find something better eventually. But after 5 months of technically being unemployed, it's time to at least get that regular $ back. It is what it is
  9. When you hear a pop when you smoke it SOLELY based on beetles inside?? Because I've had this happen before, and I was in denial about it at the time. Definitely crossed my mind though. I think I said it as a joke. And then explained it as a chemical reaction/flexing of the leaves/layers or something or other that I could articulate well enough at the time
  10. By the time we understand how the aging process has developed our cigars, it's almost too late. At least if you want more boxes of that particular cigar...unless you luck out or find at auction? I find I am enjoying lots of fresh cigars quite a bit but we also have to take into account that not only is everyone's taste preferences different, but our taste buds change every few years as well. This is a very loaded question, but fun to discuss ad nauseum.
  11. No idea which factory, but every MOL I've come across has always been on UAO/EL level at least.
  12. I thought the Part. Madura line transitioned into regular production as of last year, I believe?
  13. 55 x 155? Yikes. No thanks. Essentially a shorter version of the HdM. Which, I'd rather have the Hoyo than this if I'm going to indulge in something that massive.
  14. You picked the right place, welcome! Have fun going down the rabbit hole! Friendly tip: buy lots of samplers, singles, etc. to develop your tastes and to figure out what you enjoy. Everyone is different, after all. Good luck!

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