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  1. Derboesekoenig

    The worst gifts you have received....

    You guys get gifts?
  2. Derboesekoenig

    Going to Cuba in November, Question about Monsdales

    I thought he was the guy that moved to Brazil? Or somewhere else in South America. I don't recall which. It has been discussed before.
  3. Derboesekoenig

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I have not been impressed at all with the last few PL ERs released. So this is why....they need what....3.5-4.5 years? Hmmm good call.
  4. Derboesekoenig

    Greetings fellow cigar lovers!

    Welcome Derek! You have great taste it looks like. All of the information can be a little overwhelming at first, but you will learn a lot. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. The search function comes in handy as well, but if you don't find what you're looking for, just ask. What has been your favorite cigar thus far?
  5. Only reason I bought a box of these Salomones was the description on 24:24. Kinda hesitant to smoke one now...but they look absolutely gorgeous and perfect. I have never seen a Cuaba look this good. I'll let them rest some more before I try.
  6. Derboesekoenig

    Just in case you missed it

    I think the US will cease to exist before they ever allow Cuba to be even a territory
  7. But do they have enough people on the payroll to monitor all this connectivity? Hmm? Haha
  8. Derboesekoenig

    Just in case you missed it

    October 14? Huh. Interesting. Yeah, I missed that one.
  9. It just looks like you are torching the hell out of it. What kind of lighter are you using?
  10. Derboesekoenig

    Unethical Pricing

    I still don't understand how a USO can be selling something like this. I have 6 years in the army, and 3 years living in the middle east and working on U.S. military installations after all of that...and have never seen that before. They sell only goods coming from the U.S. Seems very fishy to me.
  11. You're missing out sir! Try the Lusitania when you get a chance. And one of my fav daily smokes, PSD4.
  12. Completely agree. I think 5-6 samples is needed to make a determination, in the very least. I've hated one, and loved the next. Too many variables in consideration.
  13. Derboesekoenig

    NewAir display

    Wow I hope not because I bought two refurb. units for really really cheap, and was thinking about getting two more...
  14. Derboesekoenig

    Unethical Pricing

    Yeah no kidding! I could've gotten rid of that problem for you...

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