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  1. Derboesekoenig

    Factory code REG?

    Yep I've got 2 boxes of those CCE that are REG, in my OLH. Also, Monte Esp No2, Part. Shorts 50 cab, and RASS 50 cab.
  2. Derboesekoenig

    What's your plugged cigar rate?

    Wow that is incredibly depressing
  3. Derboesekoenig

    Share your Cuban haul

    I see where your priorities lie lol...nice haul sir!
  4. Derboesekoenig

    New Partagas Maduro

    I think there are plenty. Partagas No1, no2, no3 Cohiba Maduro 5- Secretos, Genios, Magicos It seems the real quality maduros are NC. I think it's just easier and cheaper to go for regular production non maduros--quicker to churn out. No extra time required.
  5. Derboesekoenig

    What to buy blind

    You got black truffle out of it? Wow, I'm leaving all mine for 4-5 years then. Very interesting
  6. Derboesekoenig

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Which one out of those has the best selection?
  7. Not necessarily. I've heard time and time again, between the different maturation processes, cigars go from good to bad, back to good. Or from meh, to amazing, back to meh. Or anywhere in between. Very curious subject though. It's part of the fun of lying boxes down. And then finally when you find something mind blowing, it's a discontinued stick, nowhere to be found, and you just smoked your last one.
  8. There are at least 2 maturation processes. I'll have to go back to the legend, Mr. Min Ron Nee, but off the top of my head, the first maturation process is fairly quick, and the second one can take much, much longer (10-15+ yrs). I believe there is also a third maturation process, but no guarantee that a certain cigar/box will go through that. I will re-post more concrete information when I go back and read some excerpts about the aging process in the encyclopedia.
  9. Derboesekoenig

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    There's a dog underneath that??
  10. Derboesekoenig

    New cannibis rules in good ole Canada

    Well as tobacco goes, I usually have a drink and a snack. Bare minimum, one of those. As for alcohol, 1-2 drinks, I can get pretty tipsy. I don't drink a lot.
  11. Derboesekoenig

    New cannibis rules in good ole Canada

    Ah tolerance, never mind. That makes a lot of sense now. I don't tend to have much of a tolerance across the board.
  12. Derboesekoenig

    What to buy blind

    What are the PDR codes? I'm not familiar with these.
  13. So the boxes are attractive, which draws people to smoking? Wtf What about freaking marijuana? Everyone is legalizing that, which is much worse than cigars, in my opinion, at least if you are smoking it and holding that smoke in your lungs.
  14. Derboesekoenig

    What's your plugged cigar rate?

    Maybe it's a mental thing for me. For the most part, I don't cut much off. Right at the first layer of cap usually does it.

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