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  1. That is a good point. I guess I had always seen vaccuum sealing and not many people who shrink wrap. Space is very important...maybe i'll try the shrink wrap and see how I feel about it
  2. I've been waiting for reviews for these to trickle out, so thank you for that. I will definitely be on the lookout for some boxes now. I hear ya on the bands. Most of the time I'll remove them even before lighting, so I don't have to worry later on.
  3. I keep hearing about Hector's finca and custom rolls. I want to make the trip next time. How long does it take to get out there? And does he have plenty available or do I have to make an order ahead of time?
  4. How easy is it to learn how to pull shots? I know every method of coffee brewing, including the extremely difficult Japanese method of pourover via Hario Woodneck Drip Pot with the cloth filters? There was only one video on youtube at the time, and it took quite a bit of searching to find it.
  5. I'm making coffee for only me, so that makes sense. I go through a lot, I suppose. All pourovers though
  6. My god. The A53 with the custom wood options--wow! A fraction of the cost of a Slayer. Do you have a favorite roaster yet? I used 2, and had them deliver to my apartment about once a week.
  7. You go through 2 lbs of coffee per week???? It takes me 10-12 days at least to go through one 12 oz bag
  8. Ha I know most of the coffee roasters out of Kuwait. I lived there feb 2016- feb 2017 Lol there's plenty of booze there. You must not be Kuwaiti
  9. I don't think I can justify spending that much...I've been thinking about the Rancilio Silvia or Rocket Appartamento
  10. now the question presents itself: where is the best deal on a Slayer? You're is a piece of art, they won't know what to do with it. I'll be the only one to use it when I visit for 50 or 60 days out of the year. Unfortunately it's not the weighted version. But I think I've only used it for a month or two, and packaged it up, hasn't been touched since.
  11. I have a baratza vario sitting around that not good enough for espresso? And yup, I've had a love affair with Slayers since they came out. I go out of my way to find the coffee shops/roasters that have one, and always go in asking questions. I have baratza encore, vario, and preciso. And also a couple others. I don't think I can justify putting a Slayer in a house that'll be used for Airbnb 70% out of the year lol less than $2k is doable
  12. I taught myself how to roast, and highly recommend it. It's not as difficult as you'd think. Get a little sample roaster and you will be hooked! And yes please, I need to make a decision if I want to take the extra step and add an espresso machine...i was thinking about making the house coffee sub-themed. Over either a beach/tiki theme and add either a Cuban or Costa Rican flair. I just made a v60 pourover of a papua new guinea. Wow this is an excellent coffee. I want to experiment with espresso. I have little to no experience in that.
  13. I have made pourover every day for the last 3-4 years. I have multiple chemex, hario v60, aeropress, french press, several burr grinders, hand burr grinder, it is my first love before cigars. One thing that I haven't gotten into is espresso. I want an espresso machine but with all the choices out there...hard for me to pull the trigger. Also, I am putting a house on airbnb and I want to set up a coffee station. It will have grinder, scale, chemex, etc. I am thinking about an espresso machine there--yay or nay? I'm afraid someone will break it, but also this house will be on the pricier side to weed out all the kids/parties/etc.
  14. Interesting. Is this just as good as the food shrink-wrap devices? I imagine it's quicker/easier/cheaper?
  15. Ahhh yes. I have experienced and learned this as well. Took me awhile to realize that to get the most out of the long & skinnies you have to really slow it down. Makes all the difference!
  16. That is actually a great idea. I think I'm going to get a shrink wrap just to use for cabs. Any recommendations?
  17. I'll try it with 2 PCs or minutos that are vastly different and see how it goes
  18. Very well thought out and implemented, in my opinion. I also am of the notion that any reserves are unnecessary. The FoH community is large enough that I don't believe anyone will let a "steal" go, no matter the cigar. We will set the prices at market value or extremely close. It will be interesting to see the next few months! Also, when the auctions end, will it be similar to other auction sites where you can search and view completed and/or sold listings? That would be AMAZING if you could let that happen.
  19. Because buying aged cigars gets expensive. Would rather age them myself and smoke them along the way to see their progression. I guess everyone is going to have a different perspective on this, and I'm sure many of you make quite a lot of money and can afford whichever cigars you please without blinking twice. I'm not at that level yet! One day
  20. Sir Winston are in the same boat as the Monte Especial/2, limited run correct? So once or twice production run per year?
  21. That's pretty impressive stock, considering. I see plenty of Siglo VI and QD, and even Monte 80th.
  22. THIS. Forget about anything but food for a few weeks. Close your eyes and taste everything you possibly can, including new foods. Cleanse your palette between everything. Your memories should guide you when smoking cigars. Some people claim all they taste is tobacco, but I believe you can train someone to at least pick out the main groups: nuts, fruits, spices, earth, vegetal, and floral. Beyond that comes talent and experience to pick out more specific flavors. I am HUGE into coffee, and I've gotten to the point where I can taste/cup single origin and tell you if there are any defects, country of origin (usually), and basic flavors. That's about it. I'm much more confident in my coffee flavor descriptor abilities than cigar at this point. I think it's going to take a lot more time.
  23. HdM Palmas Extra....just not doing it for me. Maybe I got a bad box. P2s really? These were supposed to be cigar of the year for '18, right? What box code have you been smoking?
  24. I attempted to count how many different cigars (Cuban only) I've tried so far, and it's somewhere between 80 and 100. Most of the time I smoke only 1 per day, but have done 3 per day quite a bit, and 2 per day is very common. Sometimes I'll go without one for a few days. But that doesn't happen often. Also, 95% of the cigars that wowed me have been regular production. LGC Md4, Part. Lusi, E2, aged SD4, BBF, BCG, Monte Esps. The only "special" cigars that I recall that were really great to me were the LGC Platinos (Paises Bajos ER) and maybe a few discontinued sticks. Other than that, regular production is where I buy

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