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  1. It's not weed or THC, it's CBD. CBD has been infused with literally everything nowadays. You can go get a latte with CBD. Weird. I don't need to calm down, give me the
  2. Do you think that the hue of the wrappers changes that much over time?
  3. I thought all the fancy boxes came from Europe, or somewhere other than Cuba? I know the Behike boxes aren't from the island, but I thought more were outsourced as well.
  4. I'll always prefer that vitola over any piramides...guess I never gravitate towards piramides. And wow, 92 pts with less than 1.5 yrs on it?? You better get more of that box code
  5. I thought those "squiggles" as you call them denoted wrapper color. I believe I read it from MRN's book. I.e. three squiggles = "ccc" a.k.a. claro claro claro
  6. I've traveled all over the world with my Defi Extreme. The count so far is probably a dozen different countries over the last couple years? Never had an issue
  7. Wow. You must have the patience of a god, a large bank account, or both I've been enjoying most stuff with 3-5 yrs on it, but admittedly love some cigars fresher and some aged more than 5. I like variety honestly and I can get that through the aging process. It is quite a treat to have 10-15 year old cigars as well. I guess I just love them all with my ever changing palette (or it seems like it's always changing anyhow).
  8. Of all that is holy....whoaaaa! I think 2019 and 2020 box codes are going to be the years to completely stock my humidors up and forget about them for awhile
  9. I either have terrible food or fantastic food. Doesn't seem to be much middle ground. Same goes for service. At least this has been my experience
  10. I didn't bother to read all these posts, but why fret? It's in the past, let it go and they'll come up again
  11. Can't tell if they are covered in dust or if that's just wax paper...
  12. Since when do Res/GrRes go up in value? They seem to stay fairly consistent, it seems like
  13. I've been using one these almost daily for nearly 4 years, and it's still kicking! I have a soft flame lighter as well, but it only gets used when smoking indoors
  14. Oh they finally changed it? Nice. UAO seems like it's been used for forever now
  15. They aren't fake, but they aren't all UAO coded either.
  16. Smoke them and share them. That's what this hobby is all about. And who gives a flying.....about Michael Jordan? 😂 Lots of people smoke cigars. The better question to ask is, are GRs going to go for $4k on BR? Hmmmm I guess we'll find out
  17. I have only tried regular ETL and I loved it. Blantons is not worth secondary, in my opinion.
  18. Hey as long as they keep the Montecarlos, I'll be satisfied
  19. They did a flip-flop these last couple of years where the Noellas were available and SC were not. I guess they realized where the money is. While the SC jar is in deed beautiful and the cigars even better, the Noellas jar was probably the best deal as far as cigars go in Havana. Just my 2 cents, of course.
  20. No Supremos. This is a different cigar. I guess a Lonsdale or long corona?
  21. I'm having trouble doing the opposite! I'm trying to go from 70kg to 80kg. Damn high metabolism
  22. I have no idea, but between the Monte Esp. No.1 and 2, Sir Winston, Monte A, Esplendido (among other Cohiba...), they have been excellent! Also, MOL code has been used in 2017, 18, and 19 thus far.
  23. From what I understand, they don't have one, but do online sales only and store and operate out of a warehouse.

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