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  1. Was also fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Reynaldo.
  2. A Lusi, mojito and a couple boxes of QDO 54s on my last night in Havana Nov '18
  3. I've been revisiting a local Atlanta band lately: Drivin n Cryin. The were huge in the Southeast in the early to mid 90's. They now tour the bar scene all around the country. Very unique sound and genre... a little folksy, blues, country influences, Southern Rock, the Ramones, all rolled into a mash that doesn't really fit into any pigeon hole. Most everyone has likely heard 1 or 2 of their songs. Attached is one of their most recent, and loud rock songs.
  4. Atlanta (my hometown) or Tampa... my vote is Tampa.
  5. bmf30180

    Tactics for meetings

    I'm a developer and have many scheduled meetings daily. I've found 2 things work great in expediting the process. 1. Have a talented scrum master to keep everyone on track and anything outside of the meeting agenda is taken offline. 2. Make everyone at the meeting stand up, no sitting. These stand-up's are typically very fast paced and focused only on the topic at hand.
  6. bmf30180

    2019 PGA Championship Predictions

    Koepka in a runaway.
  7. bmf30180

    Travel restrictions?

    My plan is to book now, and hope to be grandfathered in. Delta is booking flights into late winter already.
  8. bmf30180

    Long & Skinny

    Cohiba Lanceros have been on my list to try for quite a while now. But, I've had zero luck in sourcing them.
  9. RTIC rocks. I have a ton of RTIC stuff. All seems 'military grade'. Well made and will likely outlive me.
  10. I may just try and buy a ticket for a future date, then plan. Hoping I am grandfathered in. Worst case, I get a refund on my plane ticket. Best case, nothing changes and I've convinced my wife I have to go again because I've already bought the ticket.
  11. This!!! And perhaps only this if the truth were told. Things will return to some sort of normalcy beginning in 2021, regardless of who wins.
  12. Im relatively new to this obsession. But, I have a box of Punch Punch, Q'Do 50 & 54's any haven't smoked any... Ever. Perhaps a newbie review is in order
  13. bmf30180

    Customs Response to Cigar Limit

    Yep, way more trouble getting them out than getting them in.
  14. A little town in west Alabama
  15. I bought a box of Sir Winston's in Havana last November. Haven't sampled one yet. But I love the Lusi's.

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