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  1. I'm relatively lucky in that I have a very low plug rate, so I haven't really had an interest in the perfect draw at that price point. I've heard only good things about them though. A month or so ago I did have a HLP Lancerco that was completely plugged about an inch down from the cap. I went over to my tool box and found a pack of new HSS 1/16" drill bits. I spun the bit with my fingers right through the plug and it opened it up perfectly. So for about $1 each, I keep one in all of my travel humidors and other places where I like to enjoy a cigar. Aside from that, if I did buy the perfect draw It would likely soon be lost with all of my cutters and torches 😀
  2. When you're dead, you don't know that you're dead, but it's hard for the people around you. Same thing if you're stupid.
  3. I smoked one last night that I had picked up in June '18. They are really hitting their stride. I get a lot of floral notes from these robustos. Always well constructed, maybe a tad under filled at times, but nothing that concerns me.
  4. For those with Amazon Music, just ask Alexa to play Cuban Music. The Cuban Classics playlist is perfect for most occasions. It's impossible to be in a bad mood listening to this.
  5. This is awesome. They were still a few weeks away from planting when I was there. Hector was there though and was the most gracious host, spending a few hours of his day with us. Can't wait to go back. My friend snapped this picture as Jorge was holding court.
  6. Ebags motherlode. Spacious, tough, great value and a lifetime warranty.
  7. MOL July 18 when I was at the Nacional this past November.
  8. I sampled my first N3 this past weekend. I'm suffering through a small cold, so my palate is a little muted at the moment. As many have observed, construction is excellent. The cold, damp and windy day on the lake had no effect on the burn. No touch ups or re lights needed. Perfect The cigar started out buttery, earthy, with a hint of oak and leather. My first inpression was that this stick reminded me of a smooth scotch. As I neared the half way point, the earthiness picked up, as well as the oak. The creamy butter flavor was still there , but the earth (peat perhaps) really took over. The flavor went from glenlivet to Laphroaig. Still very pleasant to me. The last third began to turn a bit tannic for me, so I finished it earlier than I normally would have. Likely from smoking too fast. Overall, pleased by this addition to my humidor. A definite change of pace. 88/100 Note: I went back and read the previous reviews after posting mine. I noticed someone else had referenced pairing this with Laphroaig, so I suppose I wasn't the only one to pick up on this.
  9. Rome and Florence in a couple of months. Going to try to make it to Havana for my birthday (June). Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in September. Then back to Havana for my yearly November pilgrimage. Maybe a trip or two to Vegas thrown in for good measure.
  10. I had a couple hundred customs in my checked bag on my return in early December with 5 bottles of rum and a couple bags of coffee. I made the last minute call in the airport to have my bag wrapped in that blue plastic just inside the airport, hoping they would scan the bag, but not want to have to re-wrap the bag (at their expense???) and let it slide. Not sure if it made a difference or not. But, I wasn't called and I was somewhat confident that my bag would not have been rummaged thru.
  11. That's pretty close to my brother's home in Calera, AL. I'll have to drop in when I over there the next time. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I'm in same boat. I've been lucky I suppose as I've been able to find most things I want in Havana. Aside from the Cola and few others.
  13. I'm also 2 into a box of 25. Same experience for me (and my Sir Winston's). I did grab a cab of Lusi's on my last trip to the island, so I can sample them a bit more often. Glad the hear they are beginning to open up a bit, and so soon. Can't wait to explore the evolution.

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