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  1. bmf30180

    Tobacco Plantation/ Farm Tours

    Just know a 'day trip' makes for a very long day. It took us 3-3.5 hours each way (Viñales). Try reaching out to Jorge. I know he makes that trip a good bit and has some recommendations for places to stay if considering an overnight trip. I had already arranged something when I was there ,otherwise I certainly would have preferred to go with him.
  2. Easy. Travel to Cuba and grab every box of QDO's you can find. Sell them on FB as soon as you return for 150% profit easily. Those forums are insane.
  3. bmf30180

    100 Euro Note

    I saw people exchanging the 500 euro note at the national with no issues a couple weeks ago .
  4. The Netherlands would have been cool. Very cool place, and those Dutch women!
  5. bmf30180

    Recommended Rollers, Drivers, etc...

    Jorge is the best! Any cigar lover owes it to themselves to spend a day with him in Havana.
  6. bmf30180

    Havana Airport - Terminal 2 Scam Alert

    Probably the same guy. I can't imagine anyone helping to cover his losses though. There are obviously better ways to get your hands on Cuban cigars. I was banned from a certain group (CC) for referring followers to this forum.
  7. bmf30180

    Recommended Rollers, Drivers, etc...

    That sounds like my time with him 2 weeks ago. But, I was far from drunk. Perhaps someone slipped in between our trips.
  8. Partagas! Glad to see my favs making your list.
  9. bmf30180

    Share your Cuban haul

    I can loan you my dad. Just keep him fed, with a cold beer in his hand. He's a great mule.
  10. bmf30180

    Share your Cuban haul

    Lucky for me, I had a non smoking travel partner.
  11. bmf30180

    Havana Airport - Terminal 2 Scam Alert

    Yeah, I've read everything I could about going through the airport. I thought I had a good grasp of what to expect. I was confused and beginning to get a bit nervous. My dad was right behind me, they just asked for facturas, he said yes, and they just waved him on through. As for my haul, they are chilling in the freezer at the moment. I'll post them up this weekend. I think the total was close to 600 including the customs, and I was able to grab a few ashtrays from the Nationale.
  12. bmf30180

    Havana Airport - Terminal 2 Scam Alert

    I came through Jose Marti this morning, terminal 3. Between me and my father, I had several boxes, split between carry-on and checked bags. My carry-on was selected by customs for 'further inspection'. The young man asked I had facturas, and I did, matching the exact contents of my bag (10 of so boxes). I said yes and pulled them out. He called a young lady over and she told me to come with her. I followed her around while she carried my passport and facturas. She tried several doors, but none we unlocked. She tried 4 or 5 different ways to take me out of the terminal, but the other Aduana did not let her for some reason. She left me with a couple of other agents, standing against the wall and finally re-appeared after about 20 minutes, gave me my passport and facturas and told he to have a nice flight, even smiled. She never opened my bag to verify anything. I kept waiting for the 'export tax', but it never came. Lucky me I suppose.
  13. The Nacionale had a dozen or so boxes of Q'Do 54's last night.
  14. bmf30180

    I have a list….

    I'll be in Havana tomorrow. I'll try my best to leave you a box.
  15. bmf30180

    Havana Airport - Terminal 2 Scam Alert

    I had considered that. Or even the probability that he is being singled out, which is a much more pleasing thought.

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