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  1. I used a company called Havana Journeys on my cruise in June. They picked us up at the cruise terminal. We had a small walking tour of old Havana, then met the driver. We went to a few LCDH's, then a broader tour of the main sites in Havana. Including a stop at The Nacional. The tour lasted about 6 hours and we were dropped at the rum museum, a few blocks down from the terminal. Very reasonable ($100 CUC for 2 people) compared to the cruise excursions, meets the OFAC rules and our guide (Amanda) was beyond exceptional. If interested, message me and I can get you the link, but it's an easy search on Google.
  2. bmf30180

    Quote of the day

    'Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear'. My daily advice for my 13 year old son.
  3. bmf30180

    Cuban Cigar Prices?

    I booked Jorge yesterday for my trip in late November based on the forum's recommendation.
  4. bmf30180

    Traveling soon need help!!

    The cruise terminal (customs) in Havana checked nothing on our way back to the ship in June. So, you should be able to get all the customs you desire. I believe it is only at the airport where you may run into any issues.
  5. Another from Churchill, and my personal favorite: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
  6. bmf30180

    NFL Week 1 Review

    Some things in Atlanta never change.
  7. While this may be true, there is way too much talent on the offensive side of the ball. And the defense 'should' be sniffing the top 5 in the league this year. My only concerns are on the D-line. I think (obviously as a fan) that the Falcons will return to their glory of 2 years ago and make it back to the big game ( I predicted an Houston v. Atlanta Superbowl in an earlier thread). Can't wait for Thursday night! FWIW, the Bucs look like a mess from the outside looking in. I'm thinking closer to 6 wins this season. Falcons go 11-5. Take the OVER on the 9 total wins the wise guys are predicting. Easy money there.
  8. bmf30180

    Buying rum in Havana

    Those are on my radar. I'm trying to convince my non-smoking, non-drinking brother to join us. Between him and my non-smoking dad, I'll have plenty of strong backs to split the load.
  9. bmf30180

    Buying rum in Havana

    Fortunately, flying home to Atlanta non-stop.
  10. bmf30180

    Buying rum in Havana

    I'll secure a couple of nicer bottles for myself to pack in my checked bag. Was more concerned about those sovunier bottles to pass out when I return.
  11. bmf30180

    Buying rum in Havana

    In the forum's opinion, is it better to by rum while in town, or wait and buy in the airport after going through security? I ask because I realize I'll have to put any rum in my checked bags if I buy in town. That leads to concerns about the weight of the bag and breakage (I hope to have an ashtray or 2 packed in there as well). If I buy in the airport, I can carry it on in my carryon bag. At least that is my thought process. Any concerns with my logic?
  12. Some info here . I have seen a few others mentioned in other threads. My casa hostess has a friend with a classic American car that we'll probably use for a day and he's also the one taking us to Viñales.
  13. I have 4 days coming up, but one days is in Viñales so that doesn't really count for this exercise. Day 1 my flight lands at 1:35 pm, so by the time I change some cash, grab my bags and find my driver, we should have enough time to stop at the LCDH 5th y 16 to buy a few boxes to get me going for the weekend before checking into the casa. After checking in and getting somewhat settled, take the stroll over to the National in search of the elusive ashtray, check out the humidor downstairs (hopefully say hello to Milagros). Venture out to the patio for a cigar and mojitos. Maybe hit a few bars, listen to some music to close out the first day. Day 2 quick breakfast at the casa, then arrange a car to visit all the LCDH's I/we can think of, checking off my list as we go and searching for my 'special occasion cigar' to set aside and enjoy for the next 25 years. That evening, hopefully get invited by my casa hostess to hang around with her and her friends for the evening (she's a party girl). If not, head out to La Rampa and the Malecon to mingle with the people. Probably end up at The National again. Day 3 Viñales Day 4 Walk around old town, have a few drinks, listen to the music, people watch and see if I can find any hidden gems in any of the LCDH's I may have missed. Day 5 head home and unpack my bags when the wife isn't around to see my stash. No real plans for dining as I don't have the experiences to draw from. Will likely rely of the recommendations of my hostess.
  14. I'm working thru a box of Partagas shorts. About every 4th one, I get the distinct taste of Gardenia blossoms. It is absolutely divine. I'm not sure if it is from the tobacco itself or perhaps some residual hand lotion from the roller/sorter/or boxer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I got the styrofoam cooler taste from young CoRo's.

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