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  1. Being from the South (US), everything is 'Coke'. Being from Atlanta, Coke is everything.
  2. It may surprise some to know that Atlanta is a very, very liberal city, especially inside the perimeter (I-285). It's only when you're outside the perimeter (OTP) that you'll find the conservative, stereotypical South.
  3. The man is brilliant, but also Bat S**t crazy. Check out the documentary on Netflix. 'Gringo: The dangerous life of John McAfee'
  4. How was it? My casa hostess mentioned she could really tell the impact of the absent cruise ships. Any thoughts on if it will have a 'positive' impact on the LCDH inventories, or will non-US, non-cruisers reap the benefits? I obviously have no idea what the consumer market for cigars was for the many cruise passengers. I have to imagine the selection will improve, but the impossible to find boxes will still be impossible to find.
  5. I booked flights last night from Atlanta to Havana. Also booked the casa and have gotten in touch with Jorge with my dates in late November. Just curious if anyone else is planning upcoming trips.
  6. Yep, same guy. I just didn't catch his name. I thought he was American at first because I couldn't detect an accent at all. Being from the South, it's hard not to focus on those things. Super nice guy. We chatted all the while people were in and out of the shop. Even broke out my phone and we were going thru pics of my last trip to Cuba and my haul. He was excited to see the 898's and Sir Winstons. If you have the time, try to make your way over to the LCDH Amsterdam. It's near the Van Gogh Museum, maybe a 5 minute walk They have a great selection. They have a pile of Behike Boxes on the top shelf (not for sale)... something tells me they are empty :). A lot of the hard to find stuff was not for sale for some reason. I did see 50 cabs of Hoyo DC, Punch DC and Lusitanias there. First place I have ever seen them. They were pricey, but for sale. Nice fellow working there as well. He answered my questions, but pretty much left me to gawk at everything. Have a good trip! I love the Netherlands, can't wait to get back.
  7. Is he the guy with the beard? That's who I dealt with. Sounds like it may have been the same guy. We chatted for quite a while, even though the shop was packed.
  8. That long of a flight, I wouldn't be able to move. So unless ScarJo was ready to go before we taxied out, I'd hang with Bill.
  9. I picked up a couple of '15 boxes of Perlas last November. I was very impressed with the ones I have smoked. Great value and great flavor.
  10. Had some friends leaving next Friday on a Royal Caribbean cruise. She got the email an hour ago that they were diverting to Nassau. I had arranged for Jorge to show them the city and to pick up some customs from Alex. I'm not sure who is more disappointed at the moment.
  11. My sister smokes cigars on occasion. She'll fight you for a Monte 4 or HUHC.
  12. I was in Ybor last week before flying to Amsterdam. I found it quite charming personally. I even had the kids with me. At night, I'm sure it could be a different story, but is definitely cigar friendly, if not cigar inviting.

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