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  1. SmokenWhisky

    For 2019

    Metal 🤘
  2. SmokenWhisky

    What's in your glass today?

    I would love to be able to find some Willett bourbon, heard great things, their 3 and 4 year ryes are great
  3. SmokenWhisky

    Bourbon in Las Vegas ?

    Thanks! Congrats to you too!
  4. SmokenWhisky

    Bourbon in Las Vegas ?

    My wife is pregnant so we won't be walking far from Wynn/Palazzo/Venetian... Have to sneak out to the cigar bars during her late afternoon naps lol
  5. SmokenWhisky

    high roller bourbons

    I would think that the majority of the people paying $90 US for a bottle of Weller 12 probably haven't had it before and will hopefully realize they overpaid. Weller 12 and Antique are underpriced bottles IMO and should retail for more than $35 US or whatever they go for. Same with the people paying crazy amounts for anything with Van Winkle in the name. People are buying a status symbol that they will often never open when overpaying. A lot of people just want to own that bottle to try and show off on instagram etc and say look what I got. I've heard of people paying $400 -$500 us for ORVW 10 year. Thats crazy. Plain crazy. Anyone paying that amount couldn't have tried it. Doesn't make sense to me.
  6. SmokenWhisky

    Bourbon in Las Vegas ?

    I did a lot of googling and came up with Delmonico Steakhouse as far as having the most extensive whisky list. Extensive but pretty pricey imo. Hopefully I can find a few cheaper hidden gems in their book of whisky. I've been to Vegas twice before but never planned too much ahead of time as far as what actual restaurants and bars carry. Last 2 times I went I hit up Total Wine which always has enormous selections of everything but perhaps I'll check out Lee's too. I'm staying at the Palazzo so I'm sure I'll come across that shop at some point.
  7. SmokenWhisky

    high roller bourbons

    Call me crazy but I would open it ASAP and try some. Just a generous pour for yourself. Save the rest for NYE or something else.
  8. SmokenWhisky

    Bourbon in Las Vegas ?

    Looking for some recommendations on where to shop while in Vegas next weekend for some bourbon. What are the best shops in Vegas to find some decent priced bourbons? I'm looking to find some stuff thats harder/impossible to find in Canada such as Elmer T Lee, Noahs Mill, Bookers and Rock Hill Farms. Also looking for recommendations for bars with good selections at good prices? THANKS !
  9. This first came out a few years back. It was sourced whiskey and apparently not very good. I'm guessing this is a kind of relaunch maybe? Different source, new label? Regardless, I would steer clear of this one. Save your money. I whole heartedly agree with the above statement too. Angels Envy also finishes off their straight bourbon in port barrels. It was bourbon, but now its something else.
  10. SmokenWhisky

    Any Modern Times fans? (beer)

    back in 2016 on a trip to So Cal I basically tried everything they had to offer. All beers were good but nothing really blew me away. I was quite surprised to see shortly after that their beer being available in Canada. That seems like some pretty quick expansion. I'm not sure if they got bought out by a bigger brewer like a lot of the other craft beers from the US that we end up seeing on the shelves here??
  11. SmokenWhisky


    Lagavulin 16 is my favourite peated whisky. Had some a few weeks ago and need to get more. I've been wanting to try the 12 year cask strength but didn't want to buy the bottle before trying. A friend just picked one up so hopefully I can grab a sample. I'm sure its good.
  12. SmokenWhisky

    high roller bourbons

    A lot of people in the know really hate Jeffersons haha I think they basically source all their juice don't they?
  13. SmokenWhisky

    high roller bourbons

    I just bought 3 bottles of weller 12 for $55 canadian each. I think I would pay up to $70 canadian each but above that no thanks. I really don't understand why anyone would pay near $170 US for weller 12. Its not that good as many have stated. Maybe people with money that just don't care and people whom haven't tried it and just really want it. Noahs Mill is great stuff. Love it. Wish I could find it here in Canada. I'm pretty sure this is sourced juice from one or various distillers. Someone told me that some of the barrels could be 15 years old? You would think this could run out one day. Willett pot still is good stuff. Never tried any of Willets aged stuff besides their rye which was great. I like the Jeffersons Ocean which had a slight salt caramel taste to it. Very cool. I'd like to try the cask strength version of this. I've always thought Blantons fancy bottle made it seem better than it is. Just thought it was good not great. They have a duty free retail exclusive that is Straight From the Barrel which i think I would enjoy far better if I could ever find one. Bookers is a great cask strength bourbon. We only get their regular production stuff here and not all the other offerings. Elmer T Lee is on my must find list and has been for sometime as well as George Stagg if I can buy it at MSRP not secondary. I've never tried any of the Orphan Barrels. Its all old stock that Diageo bought from different distilleries. The ones above are all distilled by Bernheim. They recently came out with Entrapment which retails for $200 canadian and is old crown royal whiskey. I don't understand why companies sell this stuff to another company sometimes. How much is Diageo paying crown royal to buy this whiskey? Why not sell it themselves? How much did that inflate the price of the whiskey before it hits retail? I'd really like to try that wild turkey 17 year as I love the flavour profile of all their bourbon except for maybe the 80 proof.
  14. SmokenWhisky

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Out and about at home in British Columbia Canada here all servers make minimum wage to start so I generally go with the following 15% - below average to average service 18% - good service 20% - great service The only times I've tipped over twenty percent would be when I've gone out with my wife and an ex coworker from her bar/restaurant days comps us some drinks etc. When not in Canada I generally tip more. In the US I usually start at 18%. I think the worst tip I ever left was when out with friends whom all worked in the bar industry and our service was so bad that they decided to make a point and only tip 10%. It was actually the worse service I'd probably ever experienced. It does seem crazy though that even if service is bad I always leave 15%. Maybe they're just having a bad day. I recall going for breakfast recently and everything was bad. Slow service. Ordered a coffee was brought a coke. Wife asked for hard poached eggs and they came runny. Food wasn't good. Asked for water twice, never got it. Still left 15% hahaha
  15. SmokenWhisky

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas aristocrat

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