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  1. Well, that was certainly a larger and more robust discussion than I thought I might be kicking off. I'm going to chose to not worry about these cigars going down to 60 F with 62% RH.
  2. So, my coolerdor operates perfectly in the basement over the summer -- 65 degrees F and 65% humidity. But as the temp drops here, it gets colder in my basement, and therefore in the cooler. It runs about 61-62 degrees in the winter. I am assuming that won't be a big deal, but wanted to ask the more experienced here if I should be trying to find a way to get it a little warmer.
  3. I was actually at the game for work -- I think there were a couple of striking things about it in the stadium: 1) Patriot fans in the stadium outnumbered Rams fans roughly 10 to 1. It was, for all intents and purposes, a Pats home game. 2) Very hard for even those fans to get excited, though. Game was so choppy and lacked any flow or interest for long stretches. 3) Edelman was essentially uncoverable for the Rams -- he's a tough matchup for most teams, but Talib got absolutely torched by him all night. 4) McVay said after the game that he got outcoached, and that was apparent throughout. Good defensive gameplan by the Pats, but he didn't make any adjustments, and kept putting Goff in situations where he was more likely to fail. Contrast that to the Pats TD drive, where McDaniels got the matchups he wanted from the Rams defense by changing the personnel grouping. New England's flexibility, both over the course of a season and in a game, are really the key of their sustained success. 5) People were actively laughing at the halftime show.
  4. Mine was stuck in a similar purgatory, but arrived last night. Beautiful stuff.
  5. Mine tonight, and I'm not going to be home to intercept before the wife sees them. uh-oh.
  6. Thanks for this, was just trying to find this info as well. Can't wait to get to try these! @Elpresidente Any chance of posting the writeups you had done in the 24:24 thread for reference of noobs like me?
  7. Just out of curiosity @Isaac, what are you using for the paper? Is there a piece of tape in the back there where we can't see it? Looks great!
  8. Bought a very nice box of the QdO Secrectos at A La Civette on Saturday.
  9. Thank you @Ethernut, @Jal154, @Weaponiz'd1, and @Akela3rd! Appreciate it!
  10. Thank you for that -- appreciate the insight. Hydrometer is calibrated. What are your thoughts on the temp?
  11. I've gotten a coolador set up, and got 65% Heartfelt beads for it. I'm having two issues: * It's a little warm in my basement, and the temp is around 70 degrees F in the coolador. * The RH has settled in at 62%. I have wetted down the beads. Any real reason for concern for either of these? I'd really like it to be a little cooler and a little more humid, right?
  12. Not a lot of information, but when I was there at the start of the month, there were Siglo VI at Club Havana, Commodoro, and Conde de Villenueva.
  13. Ken, if you're generally enthusiastic about the Woodfords, you might like these, especially the "Batch Proof" version. I'm not the biggest fan of Woodford generally, especially when it comes to value. But the added punch of the barrel strength is nice on that one. But wow, spendy, at $130 a bottle here in New Jersey.

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