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  1. @FatherOfPugs thank you so much for taking on the organization of this. I cannot wait.
  2. Argh, have been offline. Hoping I can grab the final newbie spot? (fingers crossed)
  3. markmcc

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    I was actually at the game for work -- I think there were a couple of striking things about it in the stadium: 1) Patriot fans in the stadium outnumbered Rams fans roughly 10 to 1. It was, for all intents and purposes, a Pats home game. 2) Very hard for even those fans to get excited, though. Game was so choppy and lacked any flow or interest for long stretches. 3) Edelman was essentially uncoverable for the Rams -- he's a tough matchup for most teams, but Talib got absolutely torched by him all night. 4) McVay said after the game that he got outcoached, and that was apparent throughout. Good defensive gameplan by the Pats, but he didn't make any adjustments, and kept putting Goff in situations where he was more likely to fail. Contrast that to the Pats TD drive, where McDaniels got the matchups he wanted from the Rams defense by changing the personnel grouping. New England's flexibility, both over the course of a season and in a game, are really the key of their sustained success. 5) People were actively laughing at the halftime show.
  4. Mine was stuck in a similar purgatory, but arrived last night. Beautiful stuff.
  5. Mine tonight, and I'm not going to be home to intercept before the wife sees them. uh-oh.
  6. Thanks for this, was just trying to find this info as well. Can't wait to get to try these! @Elpresidente Any chance of posting the writeups you had done in the 24:24 thread for reference of noobs like me?
  7. markmcc

    Labeling customs

    Just out of curiosity @Isaac, what are you using for the paper? Is there a piece of tape in the back there where we can't see it? Looks great!
  8. Bought a very nice box of the QdO Secrectos at A La Civette on Saturday.
  9. Thank you @Ethernut, @Jal154, @Weaponiz'd1, and @Akela3rd! Appreciate it!
  10. Thank you for that -- appreciate the insight. Hydrometer is calibrated. What are your thoughts on the temp?
  11. I've gotten a coolador set up, and got 65% Heartfelt beads for it. I'm having two issues: * It's a little warm in my basement, and the temp is around 70 degrees F in the coolador. * The RH has settled in at 62%. I have wetted down the beads. Any real reason for concern for either of these? I'd really like it to be a little cooler and a little more humid, right?
  12. All: Sorry for the newbie question -- did try to search the forums to see if this had been addressed. When you're bringing back cigars from Cuba, what's the best practice on packing them? Carry-on? Checked bag? Split between the two? I'm guessing that I'll likely have 200 or so, split between customs and others. My wife will be with me as well to count against the various limits. I'd appreciate any advise to help smooth the journey, both through customs on either end, as well as making sure everything gets home in one piece.
  13. I'm sorry, I didn't. Now realizing the folly of my ways.
  14. Not a lot of information, but when I was there at the start of the month, there were Siglo VI at Club Havana, Commodoro, and Conde de Villenueva.
  15. markmcc

    Bourbon query

    Ken, if you're generally enthusiastic about the Woodfords, you might like these, especially the "Batch Proof" version. I'm not the biggest fan of Woodford generally, especially when it comes to value. But the added punch of the barrel strength is nice on that one. But wow, spendy, at $130 a bottle here in New Jersey.
  16. markmcc


    Classic use for applejack is in cocktails rather than straight -- it's not quite as elegant as a calvados or a straight apple brandy. Jack Rose is the most canonical. Basically, a sour with applejack. My ratio: 2 oz. Applejack .75 oz. grenadine .75 oz. lemon juice I like a dash of bitters as well, prefer Peychaud.
  17. Thanks all. They have been frozen, so feeling good about that. Appreciate the info.
  18. I've done some searching on the forums around temp and rH for storage, and there are obviously a lot of thoughts out there. I guess I'm just looking for a sanity check -- set up a coolerdor and it's at 68 F and 64% rH. Should I feel OK with that? I guess my thought is that the temp is maybe a touch high.
  19. Just wanted to add to the chorus thanking @Smoker for this awesome guide, which answered all my questions, and set me up for success in my first 24:24 purchase, which I made last night.
  20. Just back after a three night trip to Havana with my wife...first time in Cuba, and as I said in the introductions forum, this board was an amazing resource to plan the trip, and some cigar shopping. Below, a few notes on particular favorite meals and drinks, and some shopping reports, and one thing I learned about dealing with customs. Eating/Drinking: Had a couple of awesome meals -- O'Reilly 304 was a particular favorite, especially due to some of the truly insane drinks they are serving there. I write about food and bars, and they're doing some of the weirdest stuff I've ever seen there, but it works somehow. They have a drink they call the Habana Londres, which is a gin and tonic topped with a blue frozen daiquiri. I know this sounds insane, but it somehow completely works. I will be replicating this at home, but without the intricate garnishes. Also had great meals at Cafe Laurent, and El Cocinero. We loved the Fabrica del Arte Cubano next door to El Cocinero as well -- a cool cultural experience. Probably our favorite spot ended up being El Chanchullero for the tapas, the mojitos (the best we had in our stay), and the cool vibe that felt like it could be plunked down in a hipster neighborhood in Brooklyn. Cigar Shopping: My wife had no interest in dealing with me and cigar shopping, but I was able to convince her. First stop was Club Havana, where I was able to have her go sit on the beach while I went to the store. Bought 25 Monsdales, and smoked one in the store with a coffee. From there, went to visit Alex at the Commodoro. It turns out it was his day off, but he happened to be in the store after playing tennis. We had talked over Facebook before the trip, and he was a gracious host -- gave me one of his coronas to smoke as we chatted, and then we pawed through boxes together to pick out things for myself and friends as gifts. Got a beautiful box of H.Uppman Petit Coronas from Dec 16, and a box of HdM Epi 2s from Oct 17. Also bought 25 of his coronas, which I loved. Marital harmony kept me from doing much more shopping, but was so much fun getting to meet Alex and talk about his life and work. Random observations: No marble ashtrays at the Nacional, either on the patio itself, or for sale. In a conversation with the concierge, he said they "were waiting" for them, and despite my best efforts wasn't able to persuade him to find one in the back. Mentioned above that I'm a cocktail nerd, and I bought a case of various rums to bring back. I actually brought a special shipping box with me with cardboard inserts to protect the booze -- that was a very smart thing to do, as everything got home perfectly. The non-smart thing I did was write FRAGILE on the side of the box. That caused every customs agent to ask what was in the box, including the agent on our return to Newark. I told him it was 12 bottles of rum and that I was happy to pay the duty, and after being pulled aside in the customs area and having a short conversation with another agent, we were waved through without a duty being charged. Note to self -- next time, don't write FRAGILE on the box. Again, thanks to all here for all the ideas, help and suggestions that we took advantage of. Happy to answer any questions, obviously.
  21. markmcc

    Boxes of the week: Perfect.

    Saw the PLPC cabs at Hotel Commodoro last week, FYI.
  22. markmcc

    First timer Havana Trip report

    Pricing is same at the airport.
  23. markmcc

    First timer Havana Trip report

    It worked really, really well. Just don't write fragile on it!
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