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  1. I find the best method is simple math. Buy a box and smoke 10. Over time you’ll have a nice “stash”. The real good ones will hit you like a ton of bricks. Then lean toward replacing the ones that really please you. You’re buying different Brands and Sizes when you begin of course, but it will naturally self adjust. Before you know it you’ll have a great collection to leave to your son(s)! Everybody wins!,
  2. Already have a SensorPush, so the comparison should be interesting.
  3. Just ordered a tag manager with a wireless tag to test it out. It would be nice if they packaged up some sort of “kit” so you could so you can plug and play. It took me a while to figure out how to set myself up for the initial use. I’m still not sure if the power pack and internet cable will be included. Got free shipping with the trytag code. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know!
  4. Right now I’m smoking. A Monte Media Corona. I bought it just because I need to have a short smoke w/o interruption. It’s a very good smoke ROTT. We need to be dressed for all occasions. I’ve smoked relit on occasion, but only after a couple of hours at the very most.
  5. I think the “yield” is about 12.5 % Cheese to Milk. I use the whey for pancakes,waffles,breads, etc. I is freezable for later use. Freeze the whey in an ice cube trays for storage.
  6. I just enjoy the hunt. It seems to me that every Box is a crap shoot, and every Cigar is like picking Red or Black in Roulette, and every 1/3 of the smoke is double zeroes.
  7. On sale in my area. $39.99 per 1.75 liter. Includes tax. Just loaded up!
  8. Henry McKenna is a very nice drink. Give it a try. Also, not that expensive.
  9. How do you pronounce it. Has anyone tried it. Has anyone heard good or bad about these 69% RH packets?
  10. Shaving Bowl (Proraso) and Merkur Razor with Feather Blades.
  11. I roast my own and buy plenty of fresh beans from Sweet Maria’s. But if you want to try a good vacuum brick of ground coffee ready to go, ALDI has regular and mild. I love the regular. Red label brick.
  12. My feeling is ; The only way Communicate to the kitchen staff is through the server. When a server brings you a meal that he/she knows is not acceptable, then I have every right to “dock” them in the tip. The server is your advocate in the kitchen, and when I was in “the business” An experienced waiter/waitress would never bring a subpar plate to table. Sometimes they would even call management into the situation.
  13. In some parts of the World it's called High-Low-Jack. If we're talking about the same game. It may have even more names that I'm not familiar with.

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