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  1. I got sidetracked packing while putting some singles into my xikar plastic case. I think all I’ve got is a talisman, behike 54, la trova, and maybe a monte supremos and a 1966. Clearly spent time grabbing the nicer stuff I’ve never smoked. But forgot my box of regular production cigars. Anyone know of decent shops in Cannes, cap d’antibes, or Capri? Figure these are all terrible places. I know of one in Milan by the duomo which comes right after my wedding but kind of a bummer that I don’t have enough to share with the guys at the actual wedding.
  2. Good call. I was wary of someone ripping off others if I posted somewhere other than here. I’ll x over the bottom stickers with a sharpie
  3. I have a bunch of empty boxes and I feel like I should throw them up for free (just pay the shipping) if you want them for a project or something. Most of them are 25 count dress boxes and some SLB’s.
  4. Always epic is the Vigia. I don’t even like that size of cigar any other time. Fundadores is also very good. The La Trova’s are probably not worth the price though unless you want the pretty big size.
  5. I’ve had one and it was definitely a Trinidad flavor but stood out. It was most like a fundadores. It was one of the favorites I’ve ever had.
  6. Had a ryj fabulosos no 2 with my best friend tonight. Tasted like a more interesting and more robust and smoother Churchill. All in all a 9.7/10 smoke. Near perfect burn throughout.
  7. All of the above. There’s no benefit to smoking all 3 at once unless you want Instagram engagement. Would you cut a double corona into thirds and bundle them into a triple stick? Probably not.
  8. Sounds amazing. But yea, you’re in one of the worst states for smokers! Whenever I go to Hawaii I have to slink away like some druggie to go enjoy a cigar on a remote part of a beach.
  9. Awesome invictos I picked up in Milan before the world went to shit. These are amongst the best smelling and tasting cigars I’ve ever had. The box alone STINKS of glorious tobacco leaf.
  10. A perfect Cohiba Siglo VI to cap off an epic beach day at point dume in Malibu.
  11. Tubos all day for the sealed aspect. So easy to grab and go as well.
  12. Esplendido with my best friend the other night. Always delicious.
  13. Had this cigar up in the mountains last weekend. Really liked it.
  14. It’s my buddy’s place. He snagged the penthouse when it came up for sale and he is a recent avid smoker so we have all been going over a lot lately for cigars.
  15. Lusitania with friends. Then steak. Then an Avo one of them gave me. Great weather and a nice sunset in downtown Santa Monica.
  16. it would be handy to sticky this somewhere as a quick reference for size. And I have no idea. I’ve smoked a lot but a huge number of them were different makes but same vitola. Probably everyone newer to cigars wastes the first year alone on smoking mostly a rotation of the robusto like I did.
  17. https://www.cigaraficionado.com/video/e70nvwya/the-uncut-interview-with-michael-jordan Didn’t realize I only saw snippets of the cigar specific sections until now. Kind of felt like a more candid extension of The Last Dance.
  18. I had a Casilda and it was a top 10 cigar for me. La Trova is amazing with just a bit of age on them. Vigia is the most consistent flavor to me. Aside from a few tight draws, the fundadores is an all time classic. The only Trinidad I had a bunch of mediocre ones of it’s the overly rustic and simple Reyes. Kind of an undeserving vitola name for this one. Nothing king like about it.
  19. My two cigars during golf today. Novedoso and a Diplo 2 from 2015. Honestly, neither were all that good to me. This cohiba was the least cohiba-esque cigar I’ve had.
  20. I just walked 18 with friends in the heat while drinking beer, white claws and cognac with a Rio seco. Worked out nicely. I usually like the Churchill. It’s light, long, And not too special that I want to focus on it.
  21. I was just calculating what someone said that he thought he could get 10% total in 5 years. in any case, if you’re not investing or flipping or aging and selling in volume, it’s probably a better life to just smoke what you got. What’s the point of making $500 on a $500 box in years? It’s no different than hypebeasts flipping one single pair of yeezys.
  22. I haven’t ever flipped because I don’t speculate on cigars, but is there a generally negative attitude towards flippers?
  23. 10% total return in 5 years is what...around 1.92% compounded return over that period. At least it’s more fun than rolling CD’s at last year’s rates. it would be worth selling current boxes at a premium if you could get your hands on anything you could offload immediately at a profit - things such as retail Cuba priced behikes and other limited release cigars.
  24. Yea it never flies with me anymore. It was a gift to me by my fiancé and before I knew the rules I flew with it a few times, (once to Cuba) and got pretty lucky it never was confiscated. I just use matches now or buy a cheap lighter upon arrival.

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