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  1. Same. Haven't had any good Epi 2's from the past 3 years. Flavors not there, and also get the ashy taste. Very frustrating. Was my favorite for a long time too.
  2. I've been VERY satisfied with the quality of cigars I have purchased on several occasions from the store. I'd venture to guess HQ and higher on all.
  3. When does 2424 start up again for 2019? Thanks!
  4. Any chance of doing a regular production poll for 2018? Or was that nixed for some reason? Thanks!
  5. How does it work? Is it for the Shopping Cart singles and boxes? Thanks! Happy New Year!
  6. Hoping for a sampler to try these out. Love the sampler idea of getting 6 cigars I've never had before.
  7. I think I just happened to notice that Part 2 was just released, correct?
  8. Isn't "buying blind" not knowing the factory and date code? If so, everytime we purchase from the FOH store we buy blind, correct??
  9. If you were to buy a box now blind (not knowing box code), which do you prefer and why? Hearing lots of good things about the JL1, but the JL2 keeps getting rave reviews as well. I'm torn. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for putting together the spreadsheet. Awesome idea! Looks like it was last updated last night. Anyone run the totals numbers yet thus far?
  11. I was going to inquire about this. I had previously heard you don't want different singles touching.

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