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  1. A box of Illusione MJ12, i love the foil wrappers. Illusione is definitely one of my go to brands. Dion does such a great job with all his blends
  2. Not my bike, but probably my all time favourite bike to come out of West Coast Choppers
  3. check that the pass is open to go over while in yosemite. they have already received snow and if tioga pass closes then you have to circle back around the long way to get to vegas. as you drive by mammoth lakes stop in to robertos, a local mexican place. it does great food. eat upstairs in the bar. you'll be hard pressed for a better view on your trip. have a great trip
  4. probably still has better on time performance and fewer interupptions that sydney trains...
  5. Here are some of me and some of the things that matter most to me
  6. Any other winter olympic tragics? I love seeing them every 4 years. The skiing and snowboarding and by far and away the events I enjoy most. Probably because I get to see friends competing in some of the events. As bad as 7 is, I am glad I do not have to suffer through NBC's coverage anymore
  7. I went to University and partied on many occasions with Luke Walton(LA Lakers coach), Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, Andre Igudola,Gilbert Arenas and the former NFL player Lance Briggs. Also my next door neighbor growing up is now apparently dating Paris Jackson, Michael;s daughter...
  8. This has been an amazing read and I appreciate all of your efforts immensely. Thank you for helping to get to the bottom of this.
  9. Home in California, helping my parents in our ski shop
  10. There are lots of arizona connections on both teams. But i am going with the Warriors. I love what steve kerr has done with them

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