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  1. Here is my little smoker. 3 full racks or ribs, 2 pork butts, 4 chickens (two out of the shot), and a wet brown sugar cured loin for some bacon plus some scraps for sampling I am planning a 2nd rack, dedicated fire box and a shielded gas burner for better heat control, but it gets it done as it is. It is on a trailer with a gas burner on the back side.
  2. My son is a senior in HS and he says the exact same thing. He cannot walk into the bathroom without 20+ students saying, "Doood, Lemme hit your Juuul." No one he knows smokes either. It stinks, it is expensive, and not popular as @Mikeltee stated. While one is required to show ID to buy Vape juice and the apparatus (aka Mod devices) there are many convenience stores that do not care and only want to make a sale. Plus, they are not cigarettes or dip so the general public has no real concern. It is the whole mind set that the Govt needs to save one from themselves. Added it is a familiar drum to beat to help keep them in office. Most people know that tobacco in various forms is bad for oneself. Those who do not partake will lump all tobacco products into the same bin and say chuck it because it is bad we do not need it. Trying to change public opinion otherwise in regards to Cigars and Pipe tobacco will be a monumental feat.
  3. Try a dunk or quick pass through the water from the faucet foot first, avoiding the head. Shake dry, leave it sit for a few, then cut. That can help to solve my issues. Where I am at the humidity can be very low, mid 30 % to 60%. Lightly moistening the wrapper helps keep it flexible.
  4. My mother used to buy those Aydes candies. I used to sneak them on occasion 🙃This was in the early to mid 70s.
  5. I use a punch on most. It has a small 5mm and a larger 9mm cutter. I also have a double blade Guillotine cutter that I use from time to time. The punch keeps the cap from coming apart if you cut too deep with the guillotine. If the draw becomes too tight during the smoke due to moisture build up in the foot I can always resort to the guillotine to cut the offending bit and keep smoking. I have been wanting a V-cutter.
  6. I am a very slow smoker. I smoke with a friend who huffs down cigars like it is a race 😬 I like to taste and enjoy the flavors the cigar produces. I guess it comes from smoking a pipe. Smoke a pipe fast and you are rewarded with a burnt tongue, and maybe a mouthful of goop 🤢 Minutos for me last 45-50 minutes PC 1 hour- 1.25 hr Robusto- 1.25- 1.5
  7. Great news and great business idea! I love it. With the world going in the the other direction it is great to see those who are brave enough to cross the grain. I will gladly support it. I am excited to try some for sure.
  8. Ok, first time with the Quintero brand. I picked a 5 pack up locally, first pack was rough looking so the humidor attendant opened up another box for me and these were 100% better looking. Once I got them home I lit one up. The nose pre light was an earthy, rich tobacco note. I saw on all they looked to be a little underfilled in the center but felt firm but with a few spongy spots near the band. The bands on two were applied with too much glue. This one was no exception. So I just cut it off to avoid any problems. The wrapper is a dark brown with a very dark staining on the leaf towards the head. It was also quite wrinkled. I used a guillotine cut and the draw was very open. After torching I decided to go at this one slow to keep from over heating as the draw opened up even more. Nice rich tobacco flavor that really didn't evolve into much. On retrohale it was very Party Short like very peppery and spicy. The cigar really didnt change although I began to get a lot of spice and peppery notes after 1/2 way. The draw didnt tighten up any, and the cigar began to become very spongy after the 1/3 mark. It was a very rich, heavy tobacco and felt like it was carrying a decent nicotine punch. Burn was pretty even with some tunneling, it wanted to smoke hot due to the underfilling and light draw. They will need some down time out of the cardboard to maybe absorb some humidity with may alleviate the burning hot issue. Overall not a bad smoke for cheap. Definitely one to hand out to the new or not totally experienced smoker who just a Cuban. I could see buying more to burn up when I just want a cigar not concentrating so much on it.
  9. Nice review. I too purchased a 1/4 box and plan on buying more. I think this is a great cigar.
  10. My last shipment arrived to me here in Kuwait when it was 50*C (122*F) I brought the box in and unwrapped the paper packaging and left the still sealed plastic bundle on my kitchen counter and went to the bathroom. When I returned there was water vapor forming on the plastic 😲 I removed the plastic and set them in the very bottom of my humidor for a nap.
  11. Those look absolutely wonderful. I would think the aroma would be divine.
  12. I have been knocking about wanting to try a few of these and while perusing the fare at my local Habanos Atmosphere I saw these and picked up a few. After having some help by the attendant who tried to warn me off by stating there have been rolling deficiencies (plugs), I was presented with several that felt passed the grade and were free of hard spots. I took them home and smoked one the next day. I have to say I liked them. Not a super in depth flavor bomb but certainly one to take when you just want a quick smoke and don't need to pay attention to the cigar. No draw issues on the one I did smoke. Smooth, pleasant, with that dominant Partagas spice. Pretty good for a cheap smoke. I'll probably buy a box to keep around for that quick smoke.

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