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  1. Nice review. I too purchased a 1/4 box and plan on buying more. I think this is a great cigar.
  2. My last shipment arrived to me here in Kuwait when it was 50*C (122*F) I brought the box in and unwrapped the paper packaging and left the still sealed plastic bundle on my kitchen counter and went to the bathroom. When I returned there was water vapor forming on the plastic 😲 I removed the plastic and set them in the very bottom of my humidor for a nap.
  3. Those look absolutely wonderful. I would think the aroma would be divine.
  4. I have been knocking about wanting to try a few of these and while perusing the fare at my local Habanos Atmosphere I saw these and picked up a few. After having some help by the attendant who tried to warn me off by stating there have been rolling deficiencies (plugs), I was presented with several that felt passed the grade and were free of hard spots. I took them home and smoked one the next day. I have to say I liked them. Not a super in depth flavor bomb but certainly one to take when you just want a quick smoke and don't need to pay attention to the cigar. No draw issues on the one I did smoke. Smooth, pleasant, with that dominant Partagas spice. Pretty good for a cheap smoke. I'll probably buy a box to keep around for that quick smoke.
  5. Oof! That is hard to recover from. Happy Birthday btw!
  6. Great review. I have been wanting to try this marca but it eludes me when purchase time comes. I may have to make a concerted effort to have these make their way to the carts.
  7. Welcome Ruben. This is a great place, but hang on to your wallet!!!
  8. No box code I picked up a 6er off a recent 24/24. These have laid down for 3 months so I decided to fire one up for the weekend review. 1st third was creamy tobacco with hints of nuts and slight hints of cherry. 2nd third gave way to a amaretto flavor, roasted tobacco, some breadiness and spice. Final third was more amaretto, with graham cracker, finishing with leather and roasted tobacco. Great smoke lasting about 1hour 20 minutes. A few light burn issues including some slight tunneling. Over all a solid smoke I'd rate a 90-92.
  9. I had the opportunity to spend some time with a long time friend who was in town briefly. We trucked down to the Habanos Atmosphere cafe and picked out a few sticks and settled in for some catching up and enjoying some fine cigars. I chose a H. Upmann Royal Robusto Casa Del Habano not knowing anything about it. I just wanted a nice larger ring gauge cigar that I hadn't tried and these were tucked up under the shelf sharing the divided space with a shorter vitola which made it rather hard to see. What a find! I didn't get to spend much time focusing in on the different aspects of the cigar or taking photos. Wow! what a cigar. Nice creamy nuttiness with touch of sweet hay at the start, moving into chocolate, espresso, finally deep roasted tobacco, leather, espresso. I took it down until I couldn't hold it any longer. I would have used my Perfect Draw but I had lent it to my buddy who never saw one before. I need to get a cell phone with a better camera 😕 but you get the idea. A real great cigar that lent to the start to a fine evening catching up with a friend. He is a big cigar fan and has a lot of experience with non-Cuban varieties so it was good to impart my new found knowledge on Cuban cigars to help steer him toward choosing a fantastic cigars to take home and enjoy that evening. We came back after grabbing a nice dinner and burned a stick to round out the night. I chose a H.Upmann - Upmann No.2 for dessert but couldn't stop thinking about the Royal Robusto. I would say a solid 97-98 out of a 100.
  10. As long as it isn't cigarettes she is fine with it. She likes my pipe too!
  11. It is all about people wanting to control what other people do. To make/form the populous into whatever "they" feel is right or appropriate. They want you to feel like you are free and have the liberty to conduct yourself as you like as long as it suits them, anything else and the people need to conform. To save myself from myself. "It is for the children, think of the children!" Those who enjoy freedom and liberty do not like to rock the boat, they just do what they want. It is those whose wish to control others are the one's who are the most vocal and obnoxious. Do what I want because I want what is right (for me).
  12. Lifting weights 5 days with light cardio. Few carbs, zero bread, mostly meat and eggs.
  13. I have had that happen to 3-4 R&J Wide Churchhills and a numerous from a particular batch of Drew Estate cigars and Avo Classics. I could hear the wrappers cracking like rice crispies! I thought it had something to do with my storage temps 70-72F @ 65%RH then rushing outside where it is 105-107F and lighting up. The humidity has been very low here so I thought that may have had something to do with it too. Last night I prepared a RJWC and prior to stepping outside I moistened the entire cigar. Low and behold no wrapper issues! I did have some tracking problems due to them being slightly under-filled, which has been the standard with this batch <shrug> oh well. Decent cigar otherwise.

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