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  1. One show I always wanted to see was Jethro Tull. A buddy of mine got to see his Thick as a Brick tour in '79 and said it was one of the best shows he had seen. Ian Anderson is quite the showman.
  2. I missed the Stone's play Hampton Coliseum in 1983. Everyone skipped class to go buy tickets. I was broke I did manage to tape it as it was simalcast over our local FM Rock station. My father had a real nice Harmon Kardon system and I managed to record an awesome show. I have seen lots of great shows. Robert Plant several times in the late 80's. Smithereens, Psychedelic Furs (2x), Midnight Oil, Bobby Blue Bland, Chris Issac (2x), Yellowman, Third World (2x), Rita Marley, Ziggy Marley, The Romantics, Doobie Brothers, Van Halen (2x), Don Henley, Heart, Aerosmith (2x), so many others I cannot remember. 😎
  3. Not much dry heat in Dallas. Dallas can be less humid but currently: Location: Dallas Love Field 80 °F. Feels Like: 84 °F Forecast: 97 / 76 °F Current Time: Aug 5, 2020 at 11:49:33 pm Latest Report: Aug 5, 2020 at 10:53 pm Visibility: 10 mi Pressure: 29.94 "Hg Humidity: 76% Dew Point: 72 °F Location: Houston Hobby Airport 83 °F. Feels Like: 89 °F Forecast: 92 / 78 °F Current Time: Aug 5, 2020 at 11:50:55 pm Latest Report: Aug 5, 2020 at 10:53 pm Visibility: 10 mi Pressure: 29.97 "Hg Humidity: 72% Dew Point: 73 °F
  4. I can attest to this. I went from smoking 2-3 weekly to 7+. Since we were mandated to stay inside for 22 hours a day for an entire month distractions were needed. Things that normally filled time became mundane and tedious. One had to get creative to not go stir-crazy. Coffee and cigars were my go to, but that was only an hour or so out of very, very long days. 🙄 I began smoking my pipes more as I was burning down my CCs. When FOB informed me that no deliveries were available to my area I made a Hail Mary order for some pipe tobacco which made it in country, but due to lock-down initiatives/ measures it took nearly 2 months to pick up. 😬
  5. And tabs, tabs, a few more tabs, can have to dig it all to find the hidden goods. I never really found much of anything but clad coin. It is still fun
  6. When I visited my local Habanos it was open only for purchases and the patio and lounge were closed. All the chairs outside had been stacked and wrapped with plastic. Things will most likely open up after Eid, or so the .gov has been hinting.
  7. I have made dirty mojitos using a brown sugar simple syrup and dark spiced rum 😉
  8. When I am home I like a nice Manhattan or Old Fashioned 😀 Rye Sweet Vermouth Blood Orange Bitters Maraschino Cherry
  9. We have been on lockdown pretty much since March. Mandatory Curfew with 30k fines, imprisonment, and/or deportation as punishment. I spent a month in my apt getting fat(ter) and trying not to smoke my entire stash of Cubans. Shops, govt., well everything closed but pharmacy and grocery and then you had to make an appointment via the Ministry. The Gov't has been slowly opening up recently with curfews relaxed and some shops opened. Not too long ago Malls were allowed to open and I managed to get to the Habanos Store. Slim Pickens for sure, most shelves were bare. I spoke to one of the shop keepers and was told importation still not allowed so supplies will only go down. Very few boxes and mainly Cohiba. Singles, there were very few to choose from as well but I grabbed a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona and a Montecristo Open Master. I was told the HdM was a Churchill, but after comparing the Open Master which is a 50 ring the HdM was slightly smaller making it a 49 ring gauge and a DC. I am happy anyway. I got to visit the Habanos shop, and out of my apt for other than groceries and work. I plan on firing these up over the weekend 😉Just wanted to share.
  10. My shirts arrived and I was very surprised with the added hat! Awesome shirt, great deal.
  11. The most recent underfilled cigar I have had was an OdQ 50. prior to lighting one could see large gaps in the foot. I moistened the head of the wrapper as I knew the pinch was going to be required and I didn't want to have the wrapper cracking before it softened up. It still cracked and I tossed it early. It tunneled horribly burning hot, acrid and bitter. All the rest I have sampled have been very nice flavor wise, still a touch loose @ 65%Rh.
  12. I am not nearly as experienced as many here but I have encountered more problems by being impatient and not letting time do its job. A well acclimatized cigar will have far fewer draw problems, imho. Also too I have learned that if I do run across a stick that has too tight of a draw, I will place it in my dry box and revisit it at a later date. If it is still plugged after a few extra days then it goes back or I will use the PerfecDraw.
  13. I was 12 skateboarding, fishing, and mowing lawns for money to buy fishing tackle.

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