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  1. Str8BlkCoffee

    Some dark clouds in my horizon

    It is always darkest before the dawn. Keep your chin up. Time heals all. Good luck.
  2. Coolidor is the way to go for cost. I have a Tupperdor similar to the one posted but smaller. Mine only hold about 150. I am going to purchase another but they were out of stock the last time I was in the shops.
  3. Str8BlkCoffee

    RASS 50 cab - REG MAR 18 (RARW)

    Very nice review. They look wonderful.
  4. I was sitting on the patio of the Habanos Atmosphere a few weeks back enjoying the weather, a cappuccino and fine Cuban cigar. This family sits at the table behind me the woman begins to tell her children to cover their faces because of the nasty terrible smoke and that the people around were being rude. This kept up for nearly 30 minutes before they finally got up in a huff and left. There must have been 20+ people sitting in that area smoking cigars and cigarettes. It was the Habanos cafe! Granted there are only 25 or so shops and cafes in that area she just chose poorly. I try to be as accommodating as I can when choosing a place to smoke my cigar. If I am sitting at an outdoor facility and I paid for my right to use it with my purchase I will note the wind and try to choose the best place to sit to avoid any such problems, but sometimes you just cannot please everybody. So I just continue on doing my thing. I cant sweat the small stuff.
  5. I was smoking with a good friend of mine we each had the same cigar from the same box, lit at the same time. He finished his a good 15 minutes before me and we smoked down to the same size roughly. He drew much harder and deeper and more frequently and I did. I took my time allowed the cigar to smoke cooler, since I don't care for hotboxing so to speak. Either way we both enjoyed the smoke. I frequently get longer smoking times than what is "advertised" for the same above reasons. I am just a slow smoker. With Petite Coronas and the like, I get a good hour smoke out of. Robusto, an hour to hour and 1/2. Anything larger you can bank on close to 2 hours minimum.
  6. Str8BlkCoffee

    Worst Airports?

    Tashkent International was tough. The flight was full of chickens and goats and I thought the plane was going to fall apart upon landing. I cannot remember much of the airport other than it was full of smoke due people smoking despite the abundant multi-national signs prohibiting smoking. I was severely jet-lagged and needed to use the restroom which I decided not a good idea at the time. I rolled through Bagdad International at the height of the war 03, I think. Flying in was akin to performing a combat landing in a C-130. Nose straight down and pulling up just in time to pound onto the ramp. Nothing like being greeted by airport staff wearing plate carriers and telling you to move quickly while disembarking as incoming rounds do happen. The airport was under re-construction, busy, full of military personnel. I remember blue tarps everywhere. Taking off was just as interesting as landing since they controlled the airspace only around the airport in a given radius we had to get airborne and cut tight circles while gaining altitude. Once out of range of rockets we were free to adjust course and fly to our destination. All the European airports were very efficient and I never had any issues, London Gatwick was my least favorite only due to the large difference in currencies at the time I think it was 3.5 USD to the pound. I was hungry and didn't want to spent 18.00 for a crappy sandwich. I have hit most of all the large Eastern US airports at one time or another. I actually like ATL the international side is good. Since I live in AL I fly through there almost every flight. I can get around well and like the the rail system it can be entertaining. Last November I flew in and breezed through customs although they pulled me to search my bags due to a very large prosciutto ham I had purchased in Schiphol created a large mass on the xray machine. The TSA attendant and I got a good laugh out of it but that was my only problem. They didn't bat an eye at the Habanos I purchased. Boston I think was the worst. The last few times was completely confusing/ crazy. Construction had areas completely closed so you had to go outside get on a bus that drove towards I95 back down to the terminal. The first time I thought I was on the wrong bus and was heading into Boston proper. It was a long time ago and since I had always insisted I never traveled through there. Dulles was terrible in the winter I avoided it because they couldn't deal with the snow. Flights always were cancelled or delayed for something. If I was flying back to the States in the winter I always chose a northern airport like Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Detroit to connect through. Baltimore was ok.
  7. I used to pass through a lot back in 00-04 and had some real long layovers 6+ hours so I got to know the airport well. I purchased a few boxes and the prices weren't terrible, but limited selection. I rolled through Shiphol in Dec and I picked up a box of 10 RJ Wide Churchill for $145. I think. I only had about an hour between flights so I just sat at the Heineken Bar and knocked back a few then hustled to make my flight. When my wife and son flew through I told her to buy some good booze and a box of Cubans for me but she was stressed and with a short layover she didn't bother. I will have to look to the Exquisite shop next time through.
  8. Str8BlkCoffee

    Box of the Day

    Those look yummy!
  9. Str8BlkCoffee


    Watched that last night. 🤪
  10. Str8BlkCoffee

    What Size Freezer Bags?

    Vacuum bags, buy on the roll. Cut to size. Just stop and seal before they suck down too much or it may crush.
  11. Str8BlkCoffee

    The best box codes seen in 2018

    Those are some fantastic looking cigars! Wow!
  12. Str8BlkCoffee

    Pics of your Self-Rolled Sticks

    Pretty cool. I know that the Big Cigar site in the States sells wooden cigar press forms aka molds from time to time they are reasonably priced most of the time.
  13. As a past winner I say congratulations 😎
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