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  1. Haven’t seen any Cazadores in a while. Any on the horizon?
  2. Where are people finding these for even $10/stick?? I’m seeing them regularly on the secondary market for $20+ per cigar...
  3. That one is a little tougher but have to go with Bond. It just transcends too many generations to wipe it away.
  4. Very cool piece! I have a trunk that my great grandfather used when he came to the USA in the very early 1900’s that I’m planning to do something similar with. Thought it would be a nice addition to my office and a cool conversation piece.
  5. I’d love to taste a mashup of the original Liga Privada #9 robusto which is spicy with coffee and chocolate, and an Epi #2 that’s all cream and toast!
  6. I always enjoy these little guys. An especially good smoke with steaks on the grill when it’s 102 degrees outside. Full of flavor but quick enough that you don’t catch fire along with the cigar while trying to enjoy it. These things have great sweet spice and toasted tobacco flavor for a little, machine made stick. I always keep some around for days like this.
  7. This will be a fairly short review. I’ve smoked a number of JL2’s over the last year and can easily say they’re one of my favorite sticks. I reach for them regularly as they’ve always provided a consistently great experience and wonderful flavors. As I’m sure has happened to all of you at some point, I finally found a bad one. Not only was this stick completely one dimensional, it had the strongest nicotine hit I’ve experienced to date from a Cuban. Felt drunk when I I finally put it down and got up to go to bed.. Whatever..... The next one will be better.
  8. Rumors is one of the best albums ever made, across all genres.
  9. Just tried uploading a photo to this reply and got the same error message. For reference, I’m posting this from an iPhone through the website.
  10. This is only the second I’ve had from this box as the first one gave me absolutely nothing that I enjoyed. I decided to leave them alone for a while and after about a 4 month break, decided this was the right occasion to give them another try. I had to do a little surgery with the perfect draw right away to get the draw right but after a couple passes, i was able to clear the blockage. 1/3 - Good burn and nice flavors. Already better than last time.. Its a very clean cigar. Struggling to pull anything definitive out of it yet but it’s very smooth and friendly with a distinct sweetness. 2/3 - The sweetness is picking up with more defined grassy flavors. Still struggling to pin down the exact flavor of the sweetness. Just can’t put my finger on it. 3/3 - Boom! Creme Brûlée! It just hit like a ton of bricks! Very defined on the retro but even noticeable without. Unfortunately it only lasted for a couple minutes then faded back to the muddled sweetness and grass from before. Still good but if the creme brûlée was there the whole time, this would be killer. I’ll revisit after a few more months and see how they’re continuing to develop. Picture uploads are still failing..... Sorry..

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