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  1. Rumors is one of the best albums ever made, across all genres.
  2. Just tried uploading a photo to this reply and got the same error message. For reference, I’m posting this from an iPhone through the website.
  3. This is only the second I’ve had from this box as the first one gave me absolutely nothing that I enjoyed. I decided to leave them alone for a while and after about a 4 month break, decided this was the right occasion to give them another try. I had to do a little surgery with the perfect draw right away to get the draw right but after a couple passes, i was able to clear the blockage. 1/3 - Good burn and nice flavors. Already better than last time.. Its a very clean cigar. Struggling to pull anything definitive out of it yet but it’s very smooth and friendly with a distinct sweetness. 2/3 - The sweetness is picking up with more defined grassy flavors. Still struggling to pin down the exact flavor of the sweetness. Just can’t put my finger on it. 3/3 - Boom! Creme Brûlée! It just hit like a ton of bricks! Very defined on the retro but even noticeable without. Unfortunately it only lasted for a couple minutes then faded back to the muddled sweetness and grass from before. Still good but if the creme brûlée was there the whole time, this would be killer. I’ll revisit after a few more months and see how they’re continuing to develop. Picture uploads are still failing..... Sorry..
  4. RASS and JL2. They’re both consistently good and a struggle to pass over every time I open the cabinet.
  5. Not sure if this qualifies but it’s definitely under 42 ring so figured I’d throw it out there. I’ve been working on a cabinet project in my garage most of the day and wanted something as I wrapped things up for the night. I didn’t have a lot left to do so I wanted something quick. Chicos fit the bill. For anyone familiar, you know how quick of a smoke these are so I’m going to forego the standard thirds. Bottom line, these things deliver a nice little dose of familiar partagas flavors in a “fun size” profile. Great burn, free flowing draw, and lots of savory spice and tobacco flavor, all wrapping up in a little over 20 minutes. Paired with a nice glass of Codigo tequila and it’s a perfect ending to the evening. Sorry, pics aren’t uploading at the moment..
  6. Cool rainy morning which seemed like a perfect opportunity to have a breakfast cigar with a coffee. I’ve only had one other stick out of this box which was just ok but not as good as other Mag 46’s I’ve had. This one started with a decent burn but not much flavor. Really smooth, just not much going on beyond that. By the midpoint, the cigar is remaining smooth but the burn is getting a little rough. A little before crossing into the final third the flavors start to peek out and I get a little of the sour dough I’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately, the humidity has taken a real toll on the cigar and it’s become too much work to keep it lit. I put it down with a couple inches left.
  7. Breaking Bad. Not sure what direction they’d take it but I know it would be great!
  8. Got a nice box of 2016’s from our host and have enjoyed the couple I’ve had out of it so far. First 1/3 - Good start. Nice and creamy from the beginning. Small spice notes but nothing too pronounced. Second 1/3 - Creaminess is fading a bit with more pronounced spice. Perhaps some light sweet paprika. Burn is struggling a bit and a couple re-lights are required. Final 1/3 - Burn problems are getting worse. Flavor is deteriorating as well. Getting a bit harsh. It’s a pretty humid day so that is probably playing a factor. I gave up with a couple inches left. I’ll chalk this one up to the weather since the others I’ve had have been great.
  9. JL2 RASS Mag 46 BPC Lusi probably bringing some party shorts as well for a final, final after a larger smoke.
  10. Toss up between the burnt ends at Jack Stack in KC, MO or the beef rib at 10 Fifty in Richardson, TX. Both will get you to meat coma territory!
  11. Already all Apple in this house so a free upgrade across the board would be welcome! Especially since the kids hid my wife’s iPad and we’re coming up on 3 weeks without being able to find it..

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